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File Name: Super Samsara World
Submitted: by supermargot
Authors: supermargot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Super Samsara World is an "easier" kaizo hack inspired by hacks like Akogare Mario World, Quickie World 1 & 2, Super Gracie World, and Korosu Mario World.

This hack features:
23 exits
Mostly non-vanilla music
Retry system
3 optional switch palaces and a "special world"
2 ways to trigger credits

This 99% vanilla hack is a one-woman project. After almost a year of work, I'm very happy to finally be able to share it with the SMW Central community.

This hack is dedicated to my best friend, who is the person who first introduced me to Kaizo hacks, and inspired me to try my hand at making one of my own.
This was an awesome hack, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

MUST fix things for hack to be approved:

-Fungal Jungle overworld tile needs to be red. We discussed this already so I don't need to say anything more. Although I JUST now realized that one of the screenshots shows the secret exit revealed on the overworld.

-Firmament Ascent second half pipe needs a regular, non-exit-enabled pipe in its place. I'm not sure if any other pipes were like this so you might want to do a second check.

-Exit count should read 22 (100% file will show this).

Things I would prefer to be changed, but hack is still acceptable without these changes:

-The Laughing Glade ceiling above P-switch is made of 1F0 for some reason.

-First three rooms of Barbarous Keep have almost blending color palettes. The only one of these that bothered me was the second room, since the spikes look like the falling spikes. Colorblind folks may have issues with the first and third rooms. Additionally, the Thwomp + on/off room in the Samsara Citadel has gray stone on gray stone foreground/background, which is visually confusing.

-I thought it was interesting to use vanilla music for two levels in a row at the first castle and The Laughing Glade despite having custom music everywhere else. Vanilla music is fine but I think it'd be more aesthetically pleasing if at least the order of music were different.

-Difficulty curve gets pretty steep around the five room castle and beyond, and most of the difficulty is due to length, blindness, and tightness. It's fine as it is, but I think it will take a lot of players by surprise when they get there.

Great job, I look forward to the update! Very apparent a lot of time went into this despite the few hiccups it had.
File Name: HACK
Submitted: by JKS
Authors: JKS
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: My first hack. A mix of my favorite things from SMW and its hacks.

5 required exits

6 original songs

plus a mini side quest.
There's tons of issues with this hack:

-Title screen is a garbled mess of incorrect map16 tiles.
-Death in title screen still takes you to an infinite loop of sublevels, even if you do 255 glitch.
-There are 10 achievable exits, not 8.
-Vanilla overworld is a no-no.
-You can get the secret exit in the first level without the red switch, and pretty easily too.
-You can get both exits from the second level in the first level.
-The level on the VS2 overworld tile is actually impossible since you can't make the first jump due to the autoscroll being faster than the platform.
-The overworld events are glitchy.
-Vanilla ghost house gauntlet has two exits even though it looks like you prepared for one. Either way, a vanilla gauntlet of sorts is unacceptable, especially since you did absolutely nothing to them.
-There is already a hack titled "HACK" on the site, so you'll have to name yours something else.

Please do not update or resubmit this. If you want to submit another hack to the site, start from scratch and make something with no vanilla edits, broken levels, or a broken overworld.
File Name: Run With Turtles 1 (The search for Boo)
Submitted: by Beaser
Authors: Beaser
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Following a trail of clues you must guide Turtles (Mario) through a series of levels to find his missing sister LoveableBoo (Boo) after she disappeared one night. (the trail of clues is implicit, these are NOT puzzle levels) This hack was made for the Twitch streamer RunWithTurtles but I really enjoy playing it and hope you will too. I am uploading this as Kaizo Light but it is probably between normal and hard with a touch of Kaizo.
I'm not really sure what you were going for with this hack. Design is completely inconsistent and the placement of every obstacle seems highly arbitrary. It was stated before that you had way too many alternate paths and it seems like this issue went unaddressed.

The death air combined with blind drops and arbitrary paths made it feel like I was playing a randomly-generated sublevel much of the time. Enabling vertical scroll with two-screen high levels was a painful combination.

Perhaps worst of all, having 2(?) misleading/fake endings on top of having 12 actual exits when you only listed 10 is completely inappropriate.

Again, as stated before, there were tons of alternate solutions with plenty of spare powerups/items all over the place. This is not suitable for kaizo hacks.

Some of your ideas were neat, but they were completely overshadowed by making the hack more of a "search" than a platformer. I don't feel like you fully (or even mostly) addressed the issues laid out by Linkdead.
File Name: Super Slade World v0.1
Submitted: by LemonStir
Authors: LemonStir
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is a demo of an upcoming ROM Hack dedicated to the Twitch streamer Slade. It tells a fan fiction story of Slade and the downfall of his "society." Now he has to work his way back up the mountain and earn the respect he once had.
I like the idea of this hack, but it's not really suitable for the site in its current form. The biggest reason is that it's too short and not indicative enough, even for a demo. We got to see a relatively short level, vanilla Bowser fight, and credits. That said, here's some other things that need fixed:

Phallic/NSFW content isn't typically allowed. Maybe it's fine if it were one small instance in a giant hack, but there's basically 5 screens worth of levels and one of them has a phallus-shaped door. For what it's worth, this stuff happens all the time and doesn't really make your hack special.

The gimmick in the first level is rather silly. Abusing the sprite limit to create an obstacle (namely forcibly respawning the chuck) doesn't really add value to the design. It creates quite a bit of lag, and furthermore it will certainly confuse the player. The pseudo-blind drop into a 2-tile gap is also semi-luck-based and has background cutoff.

If you're going to use a graphic-edited Bowser fight, consider at least doing something to it to make it more difficult. Vanilla Bowser is Normal difficulty, and this is a Kaizo hack.

Some of your ideas were neat, the graphics were cute, and it's clear you learned quite a few things to make what you wanted. In the final version I'd like to see a lot more platforming and gameplay filling in the gaps.
File Name: super you are the best
Submitted: by thejhonny-ador
Authors: thejhonny-ador
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: no troll
no kaizo block
no auto-scroll
no lolis
no waifus
This hack needed a lot more testing and careful consideration before submitting (and resubmitting). It makes no sense to me that you submitted this hack again within 3 days of it being rejected.

The kickin' koopa in the first level will more often than not kick the yellow shell into the sprite-destroy blocks, thus making the next jump impossible. Even when you do make it, the collapsing bridge is prone to respawning.

The graphics and palettes used in this hack are awful, and you show us that you don't care immediately in the title screen.

The overworld is a mess, and flashes garbled graphics for one frame at a time in various locations. The text is hard to read and the paths are arbitrary and usually nonexistent.

Making a level where you can scroll into an autoscroller makes the level prone to crashing.

You have way too many different graphics used for tiles, it's hard to know which tile does what in a lot of cases. The gold triangle is a death block?

I stopped playing at the Bowsette boss. First of all, the vulgarity in the background images and foreground text are a no. When you say "no troll" and then put this crap in your romhack, there's no reason for anyone to continue playing. You have fake difficulty using pick-a-path. There are a plethora of blocks all resembling death, red ? blocks for no reason, death air, death red blocks, invisible Bowsette spawning hammers with seemingly no rhyme or reason.

There were some cool ideas. I liked the construction level. But on the contrary, some designs were just lazy and clearly didn't have much thought put into them. Lots of cheese and alternate solutions are present. Aside from some of the cool designs, you deliberately tainted the hack yourself aside from that. Work harder, make it look nice, take time if you actually want this approved, test your designs without savestates, and get rid of the vulgarity and blatant disrespect to the players who take their time to play your hack.
This looks spicy. Looking forward to giving it a shot!
File Name: RNG Castle Squared
Submitted: by Morsel
Authors: Morsel
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Let's make 2019 the year of zero exit RNG level hacks.

After a suggestion of Dode's, this level is all sixteen rooms of RNG Castle (from Storks), one after the other in a random order. It should take something more than six and a half minutes to beat.

For this level, I made it less easy to die in a couple of the sublevels (grass--47 speed off slopes is bumped up to 48; lava--spikes below green parakoopas are a tile lower).
While I do greatly appreciate you compiling this upon my request, the mods and I have determined that this doesn't really belong on the site as it is simply a rehashing of part of another hack already existing on the site (Storks). However, I would recommend uploading this to filebin as a resource. I must say it is an excellent tool for speedrun practice and a fun challenge, just not necessarily worthy of its own entry on the site.
File Name: Lethal Ejection
Submitted: by HLXY
Authors: HLXY
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is a "remake" of Lethal Ejection, a popular level of SMM2
made by Dan Salvato. I made this because that level uses a great
trick that only can be done in SMM2, and I thought it was kinda
unfair for the smw hacking community. So, this is my way to emulate
that trick in the original game. I hope you to enjoy it ^^
This mechanic is neat, and I absolutely wouldn't mind seeing it used a small handful of times in various levels with different setups. The makeshift setup works about as well as it's ever going to in SMW, and the graphics ported in were neat. In this particular case, the trick was pretty much repetitious tedium, and the setups in SMM2 don't translate to SMW very well. I also don't want to encourage porting SMM2 levels to SMW on a near 1:1 match. As a side opinion, the overworld theme as a music choice for the level makes it absolutely monotonous to grind. Overall a cool idea for one trick setup but not really necessary to appear on the site from a SMM2 level.
File Name: Super QBear World
Submitted: by qbear
Authors: qbear
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Enjoy a challenging island adventure filled with diverse level design, custom graphics, unique music, and tons of fun!
To be blunt, this hack has a ton of issues and is far from being in an approvable state. Most of the difficulty of this hack is due entirely to blindness. There isn't much consistent movement or flow, which is necessary for Kaizo style. Blind drops into spawn-dependent sections plague the hack with unnecessary tedium. Some Map16 edits don't clearly behave like they're indicated. There is cutoff on the overworld. The switch palace could be broken by bringing Yoshi to it and eating the disco shells. Coin/banana trails are often unintentionally misleading. Semi-solids have very awkward and senseless placement. Hiding the key in a hidden block with no indication is pretty unnecessary as it is used. The improper use of addmusicK led to the game crashing. It's clear you know a bit about Lunar Magic but a lot of things need cleaned up and properly tested if this is going to earn a spot as a Kaizo: Light hack. Furthermore, it's generally frowned upon to name a hack after yourself.
File Name: WAIFU$!!!
Submitted: by thejhonny-ador
Authors: thejhonny-ador
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: no cameo of keanu-sempai :(

more waifus :D

more crashes ;)

danger of epilepsy

no troll

+18 (parental permission is recommended)
I'm gonna be honest, I had a lot of fun playing this. It's pretty close to being approved, just needs a few more things touched up.

Must fix things:
-Bottom left of the overworld has a glitched tile.
-Change the linkinpark tag to "nsfw" or "mature"
-There is an exit-enabled pipe which takes you to Cheese Bridge Area after the checkpoint in "waifu chibi kawaii" (this causes levels to be skipped)
-While I personally had fun with the keyjump autoscroller, it probably doesn't have to be an autoscroller and definitely stands out as the hardest section of the hack. I'd recommend either removing autoscroll or just making it a bit easier.
-Epilepsy pipe *must* be removed. It's a danger to the player and there was not enough indication for the player to know which pipe was which. You can just make it a stagnant background if you wish.

Can fix but not mandatory:
-Difficulty curve is a bit rough. Some levels can be beaten in under 2 minutes, and some take over 30.
-"waifu of the future" definitely has some questionable backgrounds, particularly in the Dragon Coin room.
-The, uh... "censored" room with a website logo in "change jump" probably crosses the line. I think if you just take out the logo it will be fine.
-The graphics in level 1 are a bit rough to keep track of.

This hack was tons of fun and I enjoyed your sense of humor and platforming designs. Very unique style and implementation of tricks and obstacles. I really hope you're able to make the changes listed.

9/10 hack
10/10 humor
4/10 waifu choices

File Name: Super Swunsh World
Submitted: by ChrizStylez
Authors: ChrizStylez
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is my very first Hack for SMW dedicated to my Friend Swunsh_.

-Short Level (Between 6-9 Screens.)
-No CP because there is no need for them.
-Shell knowledge required.
-Make yourself ready for some fast Inputs.

Thanks to Nowieso and Swunsh_ for helping me out in Lunar Magic.

For all those out there, who have trouble with any section you can watch this Clearvideo. But keep in mind that you might see some Spoilers!
The main reason for rejection is that you've already expressed interest in submitting updates, but I'll try to be as detailed as I can so that the next submission can be the final approved version.

In your description, calling the levels short due to their length in number of screens is a bit deceptive, as pretty much every level uses two screens of height and involves some movement up and down the screens as well.

Remove the "No Kaizo Blocks" from the intro text, as there are plenty in the last cape level.

The very first jump in "Warm Up!" starts out a little blind, and you can actually hit the enemies in an unintended order.

Plumber Scroller - it doesn't seem like there's a reason for this level to be two screens high. This makes the camera constantly move up and down which hides some obstacles and increases blindness. The water tiles at the end also need to be either indicated or removed, as they are just as invisible as air. I'm also not sure of the level title here as the level isn't an autoscroller, unless it's referring to the timed platforms?

Sunset Disco - this is another level which can be reduced to one screen of height... it's not until about 5 screens deep where the top half is utilized. It could also use indication for the block juggle since indication is used so much everywhere else, otherwise you're subjecting the player to deal with clunky sprite interactions until they figure out a way around it, with no indication.

One Time P-Runner - again, doesn't need to be 2 screens high and some blindness exists because of that. This is just my opinion, but I think you need to allow more space between item grabs, especially since releasing the sprites will slow the player down when max speed is needed to clear most of the obstacles. Releasing the shell and still making the bounce off the kicked throwblock is *extremely* tight here.

The Great Wall - I actually really liked this one. I'm not sure if the spikes around the orb are death spikes, but if they are then they should match the graphical texture of other spikes used in the level.

Chase the Snake - Pretty solid level, could definitely be reduced to one screen and/or have vertical scroll disabled.

Swunsh Got A Friend - Cool idea here. It doesn't affect anything, but this level is also 2 screens high and doesn't need to be. Just seems silly that it is because of the screenwrapping. I would just say to be consistent if you're going to use indication because a number of obstacles had no indicators while other similar obstacles did.

Swunshy Star - Fine as is, just remove the diagonal ropes since they do not behave the same as the solid rope at the end and are pretty distracting. I would prefer a more transparent or dotted-line noteblock graphic for the platforms since they're not too far off vanilla, but you don't have to change this.

Skill improvement - The grey on grey palette here needs touched up so that either the background is darker than the foreground or vice versa. The behavior of the glass blocks isn't made clear to the player before they're used here. Also the indicators are a bit messed up and for some reason the chains are vines. I was able to grind out a strategy I later found out to be unintended for quite some time. With that said I would restructure the first two screens of the level to at least be more clear about what needs to be done.

Learn to Fly - I would honestly just delete this level. The entire basis is around a janky fluttering UberASM with zero explanation provided and inconsistent indicators. The player has to know things like the cooldown of the flutter to clear certain obstacles (which by the way, can be abused by pausing the game), the height of the flutter, how the flutter behaves when interrupted by a ceiling, off a sprite, etc. I see what you were going for but going in blind with no experience with the custom flutter patch is a nightmare.

Now Fly Away - This seems almost plagiarized from Fly Me To The Stars. While it's certainly okay to take inspiration from other hacks, it felt slightly excessive here. The #1 sin committed in this level is that tiles that grant you flight need indicated, as well as tiles that boost your speed. It's not indicated when you grab cape, when you come out of the pipe, and when you get launched at the end. You can sticky fly under part of the level to skip some of it. A blue coin indicator is needed at the intended spinfly. Kaizo blocks are entirely unmarked. Based on the design, I'm not sure you have an understanding of how some of the cape phases work and how they affect your dives (and that's fine, few people do), and as such I would recommend reducing some of the tightness, namely around the naked koopas and the tunnel towards the end.

Apologies for the late write-up but I hope you are able to take my words constructively and not degrading. It's quite impressive what you were able to whip up in such a short amount of time. I look forward to the final product.
Hack Moderation Log - Also Eevee

Moderated: 4

Accepted: 1
Precision86 Demo by Nowieso (03/02/2020)

Rejected: 3
Super Swunsh World by ChrizStylez (02/24/2020)
Bread World by MrBread (03/26/20)
RVXvt - Level: NightSwitch by rvx (03/26/2020)
File Name: Bread World
Submitted: by MrBread
Authors: MrBread
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Mario came back from his journey to... somewhere, and has to go back to work. But there is bread... however, someone stole it, and you have to get it back!

This is a beginner-friendly kaizo, with 7 exits (yoshi's house and credits don't count), custom music/BG, but mostly vanilla-platforming.

Includes infinite lives, instant retry, no status bar, no trolls.

Tested with bsnes and snes9x v1.6.

Hope you enjoy!


V1.1:now with less jank!

-No lives counter in OW (they glitched after a while)

-Level 1: added some obstacles

-Level 2: added some turn blocks above the p-switch after the cp

-Level 3: changed some obstacles after the CP, 3 tiles bucket -> 2 tiles bucket; assisted jump with the red triangle that looks like a quarter watermelon now less blind and de-chesseed

-Level 4: changed some obstacles, mainly deleted on/off switches, changed yoshi obstacle, deleted 1 orb (because dode), added a muncher cause possible softlock after CP

-Level 5: changed the last shell jump, because cheese, again. also, changed midway entrance because if you die after getting the cp, before going into the pipe, you would spawn below the floor.

-Level 6: changed shell jump after puntin' chuck, because cheese. the door still there.

-Level 7: changed midway entrance, because if you die after getting it, you would spawn below the level, gettin' softlocked. changed some obstacles in the 1st and 2nd section too.


-Reduced to 2mb, no SA-1 patch, but applied "No more sprites limits v1.2"

-Works with Zsnes (1.54) now too.

-Some little changes in level 3, to reduce lag and sprite limit.

This hack is dedicated and sponsored by barbBread. Part of a balanced breakfast.
Not too bad but here are some things that should be fixed:

- Level 1 goaltape despawn on various platforms.

- Visibility - a lot of the obstacles require the player to blindly jump out and memorize levels to beat them.

- Degrees of freedom - only give the player the tools and items they need to beat the level; any excess shells/sprites/etc. will cause confusion and possible level breaks.

- Life display - if you want it to display 99 lives instead of B0 lives, use 62 in hex instead of 63 (the game displays one more than the count so that you game over upon hitting 0).

- Not required, but you may want to clean up the overworld a bit; show a path as a different color if you can't advance yet, for example.

- The orb in level 4 "Night Walk" is usable with a properly timed platform. This must be fixed.

- There are two broken infinite-softlocking checkpoint in level 7 where Mario respawns in a forced death loop repeatedly. This also must be fixed.

Note: this moderation applies to the version I played on stream (I believe it still used SA-1) so if you've made updates, then they should be resubmitted rather than editing this submission.
File Name: RVXvt - Level: NightSwitch
Submitted: by rvx
Authors: rvx
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: I created this Kaizo for KLDC 2020, but I didn't realize that DeadLine was in UTC time, so I sent it as a standard hack.
I hope you have fun, high difficulty!
I'll be honest, I only made it to the first checkpoint and stopped there. There are plenty of flaws with this hack.

- Overworld life counter is glitched.
- Some graphics are in disagreement with each other. There are two different types of blocks that appear as a white X on red background, but they both switch to something different.
- Visually, this level is a nightmare. In addition to having to figure out every type of block's behavior on the fly, the player has to actually figure out where to go and what to do in an extremely counter-intuitive manner. You can get 40+ seconds into a section and then force a blind drop to figure out where to go.
- Forcing the player to wait while bouncing on rocks at the beginning is completely unnecessary.
- SA-1 is uncalled for here. All you've used it for is to spam upwards of 14(?) sprites on the screen at once so Mario can spinjump across paratroopas.
- From the clear video, I have a feeling this wasn't intended to be played without savestates? All it is is a playback of prerecorded inputs. If this was intended to be a KLDC submission, the judges aren't going to be using clear videos, and they aren't going to be using savestates either.
- Using two-rock platforms repeatedly without the spin-patch is a hassle.
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