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Tip: When you're about to release your hack, make a patch first, patch it to a clean ROM, and then test that. This way, you are testing both the hack AND the patch.
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I'm very new to SMW hacking, and I'm working on my first hack.

I would like to put the hack on some sort of flash cart once it's completed, but how will I be able to know if it's compatible with a real SNES?

I would test it on a SNES, but I don't have a flash cart now... or even an actual SNES. I tried higan but i can't run it, even on performance mode.

Works perfectly on SNES9x but as I said above I cannot run higan/bsnes at all.
I have been using AMK for music importing, so I'm glad I chose that.
I'm avoiding SA-1 because it seems too complicated for me, glad I never tried it.

Anyway, I'm having trouble with a patch, specifically this

I try importing it using xkas, and it does nothing in game I imported other patches that worked fine so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.

I would prefer just some simpler solution, like a hex edit to make you big when hit with a flower/feather.

Just tried again, I changed the freespace (Pretty sure I did bofore too) but still nothing.

As for the other patches, here's a list;
No title movement, Turn blocks > brick blocks and Classic piranha plant fix
Huh? What exactly makes a patch outdated?

I tried changing that part of code to what you posted, but it just wouldn't do anything after the Nintendo presents screen (An improvement over not starting I guess)

Could you possibly post a fixed code?
Thanks guys!

I will likely go with yours, MarioFanGamer, and I will tell you if I encounter any problems.

Thanks anyway, Kdeee!
Title says all, I already did some searching and I can't find one.

Guess I should have thought to search raccoon, I was trying with google and didn't see any.

I wish there was an actual search function for sprites, music, ect.
Woah, alright I know how to use the filters I just wish there was an actual name search, and also using only ever comes up with forum threads.

But anyway, it's not worth making a new thread so does anyone know where I can get a patch for classic Koopas?
Give it a bit of a texture, and try some different palettes on the different parts of the island.

I don't know if I posted this where it belongs, so sorry id I didn't, but I've got a simple request for a sprite;
-Uses tile CA (First bank)
-When touched, turns into custom sprite 11,

I hope this isn't too much, i really don't want to bug anyone with my problems but I just don't know how to do it myself.
Thank youuuuuuu!
Yeah, that's looking much better! I love what you did on the bottom, I'm definitely going to play it when it's out.
yes, hacking any game is possible.

The real question is how? Well, you need to figure that out.
Honestly, it seems dumb to group them in multiple worlds, let people make individual levels or this'll never get any activity.

Also, two words; double cherry.

I am using AddMusic K (Of course) to insert music into my ROM, I have added some more tracks (At the end of the list) that don't replace the originals, when I go in Lunar Magic the only ones I can see are the ones that do replace the originals.

What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: I should also mention that the Nintendo logo screen uses one of the Bowser battle SFX, rather than the usual coin sound.
Originally posted by KTBHacking
Are you sure you numbered them correctly in the addmusic_list.txt?

I didn't touch the file, but after looking at it, it all appears to be right.
Originally posted by MarkD
The number values of the original songs are different in AddMusicK.

Uh, ok? I don't understand what that has to do with the other ones showing up, though/
Hello Gamma V!

I just want to say, I started playing your hacks recently,(Mainly KKQ)and they're rally good so far. They have inspired me to return to working on my dream SMB4 SMW hack, so thank you for those!

This hack looks to be your best one yet! I always like hacks that make the game look like it's own thing and not just a hack, and I'm a big fan of your graphics!

Keep up the good work on this game!
My ROM is in the same folder as AMK, and the names of the custom songs replacing the original ones show up.
I really wanted to play this hack, but when I saw the penises in the walls, and then SEX written in the dirt, I don't think I feel like it anymore.
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Saturnyoshi's Profile - Posts by Saturnyoshi

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