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Thanks! Anyways, I'm almost done with World 1, (working on the fortress level) But, I've finished the ghost house level yesterday!

Screen Shots

I've also patched the "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch, and
the "Perfect Cape Disable" patch, so Mario can't fly over the levels when Mario grabs a feather.

Please give feedback!
Hi! I want to use the Thunder SFX found in 1DFC
for the "Nintendo Presents" screen. I've tried
to convert it to use in AddMusicK. But, it won't
work. I'm pretty new to custom music, and know pretty
much know nothing on how to make or port music.

Here's the code:
#optimzed 13 SMW Thunder.bak

$DA $11 $0C $46 $A4 $06 $30 $A3 $06 $18 $A1 $0C $2A $9D $12 $38 $9A $18 $3F $99 $0C $46 $9A $12 $54 $97 $18 $59 $95 $18 $54 $94 $24 $1C $93 $30 $0E $92

¤Rÿÿÿÿð¤/ûÏð "´C[. ð ¤ðý±6Rîî¤ï+ÍÏñ"¤"2"îluBœÐßL=‘3óŒô LBÕФ  ÛAS!
þà, ¨   ö°/ñt ðþþdÜË»¼ª¬ª‡dœÌ¬ÍÜíàÿH¼á¿¿ÿkH1Ô2"%õdL"2#äý”    𠏼
\ÕÐþ.[2Š«Ýð#Efgh„ãã HlÞ®–½ù¿L±¶ÓaN_R ‚gwf¤ï â@ªîŒ—§ Ò /ñlh>°ýýí
ïXÜùêþÎ½îLQ#pdf&`[email protected]"LJ Îþ®Hü-캡¬èT‹Ë›€ € °ÿÿÿÝÿ3BQ $h 
¿½Ëš½ˆ¶µÁò \	ëÝìÞÞL½¬ÑŒ;@ÿHýÍíø1¡"[email protected]!!œ  <LIe‘¤NÁ 
ïõý”j‚è "33l<2;Oðÿðî "îìÌè   à ®´ÃÅá!ó¬i/  ñ” "â®Îì¤àò¢h $à” 
À.R”ÙSDCD3”".À‚¤RÿîàÏêἤ[óó#D1t ˆ‰›¬Ìí˜ññ!+îBˆ`<L?
 /”ÿþ쮄bs„ȈŒŠ¼Ýþñ¤!C³”„â"23""¤  ÿñáÐ*ÿ¤ÆëÕÿ±±-à¤Aáñ
_¤$0&ôµþ¤ îû½ð „DDD È„” bn®ŽìΤààäõP¤&PNJ}”@}tÐ-àÀ ì»Úþí¾Ì„@DD#" 
ÿ„ýþ¡¤Ì¬î¤ßþþàWRt €ˆÌÌ  ”#OèLDâBŒÑÑ àá\ÛȽ‹¹Ú¹ë”ïþÿþï5”àð 
”Â0m%ˆÕ[ÿ> Œñï/Cœ™oôxð(h=ý ðH˜"í-±Ü„ïÿðð   	˜m5;î2#6^ï„ž 
DDGôä”[ÌÈ‚ŽÎ„ b&Œôl.7‡ú”ÿðà  \
|lw%3#ð”ßà”Ý߬ëîíÝ”Ñÿß$$¤#1Àãÿ„D„¨Hˆ@„Π‚b$F”@B$,O ¬”° ?ãþ-
;ß”P3ûÞî !”!"#s3à„ΨÊÊèΦÀ”ðäÂñ!ò[email protected]”4 "â(”¬®Ïß!”CA/
À”âÑAñö1”DÑÿ?N”üλîû „ä$BdBB î”ã3U íÜÍ݈"üù!1Œ " Ll |€ÌHÄ À 
@Œ*NÌBä!|â  .>ÿׄоû
èæ¤[email protected] ̺ËÍî| ]B&„q¬ªðDUD2œá†Ì>/”ŽìÀÎ,àĤN0âÑ!¤@ ä.,´0Õý#Ð>./”d¦® 
îîL¤î-ÔÆ‚à Ì´Òñ/@ ”@ $ 0Ñ"œð=7ƒÐâî”.Àëþÿ>”ãôZëN”/ ðàN´ððÿñïå¤à NP 
à¤Ñ@ñ”n`ÿãŸ+”ÛÒÍ
þòåå”á4@Ô°ûÿ”À ñ?1ŒNÑ¦,à¤œà  õÜnˆÞp¤ýïˆ ²]Д5!"â [Ñ”íþà(Nà”âBëó/
ý”óÁÝ"Æ´>0¤ò ò^¤ ¤-¢ðòß!”=QðDêD” ~*-ëÿî”Üñ°û? ”!o"/Qò”!ý=ò¾”!£
/° ä„ÀåÎðÎðœðá 0Åá” 2Ѱ ÂnB„$ÀàHìÀì.„Æ¥L!N.„Âdþ 
/tŒªFBFdxð5ÿ.ÿ 2|ÑÍxC‚yQ„4SC33„ÒÞ„êûÞŸÌÿì„ÓOADR4„&1SN" 
îtŠ¨ˆŠÌ¬Šì„ë !#4433tDBÐOix}Mû>.
˜  ñòÿ{ð taO0/>†@„ý1@ð„JÁ¯¿Ñ„ÝÞ”³Þ#ßtÆà`âü.`„" B3 „!Añ -ÿ0„¿ 
ðÐþþïtÎê€àÌ"F5láæâê@hmׄò ðÍÑû„¶ïóí}Є@Õâòâ,$”Å
@ó0ð”  Â
Ôà„*äâîn„¡n„ññMî>„ ûcï²ÿ¥„ãà0ÄLD” 'þì@ó”ëä Òþ!!
„è"äÀàâ:ÿ„ÿô ß„ß=Áò;ß_„;=SàÅá?„<ÓOQä²Cã„/-¾/
ÿ„òá>"ð3ð²„ÁÏìï¡ßtÐiqN6sLjãþ{µ\tžL Áp¢²
î-ÿÿ¿„À€DâÀÄ/#pG(  bˆù³t€$.  óÁtòæï:Çï´tÒb`% t  ÀèÂì„ûðÑ,ÑÐ 
tÐ/$õ#QBt"C"##1 t ­Î="#lÑÒàÏÎxtàèêÌ„ßå2#3„P0 
#t&õÏËêÊtªÌÌêÎâ*%tÿõ!"?!Æ„M ÿ=/í-ò„ þàâNÑ1t>ÀSÐ" „=?áðN tîïRÐ/ 
ïtÒàíëÍýX+F-;^lEtE0 Qÿ¼,îtŽ ÀÀà "ñ[email protected]B0þtßðÐÜOýt$"åðïþít¼¾ûò dE!Uð
d 5d?%25`5dâ%¦ ©*ˆtº¼ËÛÞïïñt d"621ˆ/ ð»gpe]Ññt Ž,Bà tô=àòþÞ à„àÑO 

Okay, but, now it's showing up with this.

Is there a way to get a unsampled version of the Thunder SFX?
Originally posted by ForthRightMC
Keep going then!#smw{:TUP:}

If it reaches 100%, I'll try to beta test it and play it.

It's going to get to 100%. Unlike my other hacks, I have faith in this one. Anyways, fortress level is done!

Please give feedback!
I like the SMB3 Mario better. The SMW Mario seems really out of the place. Anyways, I like the hack so far. Keep up the good work!
BTW, what's the name of the title screen music?
This looks great! I have a little bit of the original Sicari, but this one looks so much better than the original did. Also, how did you make the freezing water on layer 3 insta-kill? Just curious...

Keep up the good work!#smw{:TUP:}
Hi. I was wondering if there exists a block/sprite/patch of a coin that increase your time limit by 10 seconds for one level. I know it exists somewhere considering that it was used in Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown.
Yes. I used Erik557's code up that he posted.
I'm pretty sure it was a joke, considering the questions that ForthRightMC is most likely to ask. Anyways, nice work so far. Can't wait to see more from this.
I have played your hack. It was very fun, and I can't wait to see more! Anyways, I suggest making a custom overworld instead of using the original, and adding some custom music. It would sure help the hack a lot.
This layout is great! Thanks so much, RanAS!
So... judging from the video, in the special world, you're going to have remakes of SMB1 levels? That's all I can say really from the video.

Anyways, good luck this!#smw{:TUP:}
Hi. Sorry for the n00bish question, what is the code for a block that acts like coin that increase time by 10 seconds? Thanks!
Okay... Update!

I've finished Apocalyptic Lands 4!
This level revolves around acid, and
you won't have much time to survive!
So you'll end up having to collect
life coins (the blue coins) to stay
alive an extra 10 seconds!


Please give feedback!
Hi! What the name of the song that plays at 10:00 of the video. It's kinda hard to hear it over the guy talking, but it's still there! Thanks!
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Kyanite's Profile - Posts by Kyanite

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