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I would love to be in the compilation hack!

Spiral Volcano

Video: Watch
How can everyone expect to place well when no one added any thwomp bosses or flying homing koopas of death? 8>
Hack Moderation Log - Linkdeadx2

Moderated: 66

Accepted: 37
Storks and Apes and Crocodiles v1.11 by Morsel (03/21/2018)
Super DoDe World v1.1 by AaronBam (03/24/2018)
Super Sheffy World v1.3 by westslasher2 (03/27/2018)
Storks and Apes and Crocodiles v1.12 by Morsel (03/27/2018)

Super Hark Bros v1.21 by chrisg_games (04/03/2018)
Salty Sagan World v1.11 by Oskise (04/20/2018)

Super Sekai World v1.4 by ShadoWingx (05/2/2018)
Claustrophobia by NaroGugul (05/9/2018)

The Search For Salmon by GlitchCat7 (06/9/2018)
Super Mario OWMS by BanzaiChuck (06/9/2018)
Ultra Kaizo World by AaronBam (06/21/2018)
Backwards Mario World by westslasher2 (06/21/2018)
Princess Kaizo Land by ChaosComposer (06/23/2018)

Extreme One-Screen Puzzle by Rainbow Man (07/09/2018)
Super Machok World by Kurukururin (07/24/2018)

Jigoku Mario World by Nowieso (08/23/2018)

Super DGR World by Sweetdude (09/03/2018)
Super Conan World (demo) by Chosentw0 (09/07/2018)
Akogare Mario World by Mega (09/18/2018)
Jigoku Mario World v1.1 by Nowieso (09/19/2018)

The Joy of Kaizo by NaroGugul (10/01/2018)
Invictus by juzcook (10/02/2018)
Super Ryu World by Aguni_ (10/10/2018)
Super Denis World by Tony.Metcalfe (10/15/2018)

Super Stacey World by dylanofinsanity (11/05/2018)
Super Run World by 00frank (11/14/2018)
Kogarashi Mario World by HLXY (11/15/2018)
Eh by RussianMan (11/27/2018)
Mario's Training by RussianMan (11/29/2018)

The Sapphire by Atari2.0 (12/10/2018)
Super Sheffy World Deluxe by westslasher2 (12/12/2018)
Ultra Kaizo World by Arobam (12/12/2018)
Kogarashi Mario World by HLXY (12/12/2018)
Super Run World by 00frank (12/13/2018)
Chain Reaction by Sweetdude (12/18/2018)
Shell's Retriever by Cartesius (12/19/2018)
Mario Kick World by Yagami (12/25/2018)

Rejected: 29
Super Larissa World v1.2 by KillerPitissa (03/21/2018)

INFERNAL ABYSS by CosmicFox777 (04/07/2018)
Super Sonic_BR'S World BETA by Sonic_BR (04/08/2018)
Super Broke World by ThirdWall (04/08/2018)

Mario World Adventure by Milhao, adriak007 (05/12/2018)
Giant Castle by Milhao (05/12/2018)
Super Cheer World by HLXY (05/17/2018)

Super Facil - Easy (troll) by Filho Troll (06/20/2018)
Lord Pickle World by MiniMawile303 (06/30/2018)
Y.O.U.P.I [ demo 1.5 [ version corrigé ] by yygdrasil(06/30/2018)

onoob by a cow, huhCool (07/06/2018)
Carl and Poo's 13 Islands by MobbyAshPlayzYT (07/06/2018)
Super Butt World 2 by yogui (07/15/2018)
CreepyKaizo1 by Creepyman01(07/15/2018)
Maybe Mario World by Nitrocell Inc. (07/18/2018)
Super Mario World Alpha (v0.222) by crm0622 (07/18/2018)
Super Focused World by DigitalSine (07/18/2018)
Super Nap World by Scorpin0x (07/23/2018)
CreepyKaizo1 by Creepyman01 (07/23/2018)

Super Larissa World 2.0 by KillerPitissa (08/27/2018)

LEGATVM ALBATI by Sariel (09/08/2018)
The Key Challenge by Volpey (09/18/2018)

Super Wahnthac World by westslasher2(10/25/2018)
Super Curtezy World by megoleto (10/28/2018)
Shellz by Scorpin0x (10/28/2018)

Super Peggy World by smasken (11/20/2018)

Eazy by AbuseFreakHacker (12/13/2018)
Persona Non Grata by bluesaint (12/23/2018)
CreepyKaizo1 by Creepyman01 (12/31/2018)
File Name: Super Larissa World
Submitted: by KillerPitissa
Authors: KillerPitissa
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Essa é a minha primeira hack, e fiz ela em homenagem a minha namorada.

Ela é bastante curta,e seus obstáculos também não são tão dificil de serem feitas, portanto ela foi feita para se jogar sem save-state.
Status: Rejected

1. Casa Do Killerpizza-
Im not sure what is going on here? Some invisible blocks/ death tiles.

2. Parque Do Wieus-
First jump has some strange lag, but that is the smallest issue in this level.
The 1st chuck you need to traverse under is annoyingly tight, to the point where I was just hoping I would get lucky and not die to the death block. The second chuck jump is tight, but you can at least land on the right side of him consistently. Then it abruptly ends. This level was basically me trying to jump over 2 chucks for 30minutes, at least it was short. I would suggest loosening up the chuck jumps and adding other engaging content.

3.Rage Do Savegothic-
Most of this levels problems are aesthetics
Wrong corner tiles are being used on the ground and ceiling.
Some bad corner tiles here. Also inconsistent tile properties: The bones on the ground kill you, weird to get used to since they look like normal smw bones you could jump on, but the bones on the ceiling don't kill you. Kind of frustrating to figure out after you've been trying to avoid the bones on the ceiling the entire time.

4.Caldeirao Do Luca-
A few problems in this level. 1st being a softlock (maybe you deserve it) and wrong corner tiles/cut off again.
More examples of red corners and cut off.
Small break here resulting in a free mushroom and avoiding a shell jump(don't even need to grab the shell)

5.#7 Larry's Castle-
Someone needs to finish painting the castle red.
The main issue with this level is how confusing it can be to figure out the correct strategy. It actually looks pretty simple, but getting the shell to fall where you need it takes a strange amount of waiting and precision. It got the point where I couldn't even tell if I was executing the correct strategy.

6. Notice me Senpai-

Another example of inconsistent tile behavior. Some of the tape is solid, some of it isn't.

Overall - I'm not sure what skill level this hack is aiming for. The levels are extremely short (1 or 2 tricks per level or midway), but the tricks themselves are extremely tight or aggravating to achieve. This might be the first hack I've played where the levels actually feel like they are too short and don't have enough content. Add in the aesthetic mistakes and I feel like this hack does not match up to SMWCentral Standards.

Suggsestion: Loosen up some of the extremely tight jumps and expand on the level ideas to form interesting (and longer) sections.
Originally posted by Romano338

And this one, in Super Sheffy World, in the level Eternal Demise

When i played it people said it was from Super Meatboy
Mario maker has died down on twitch and everyone is moving into romhacks now. A lot of these are peoples first hacks... and yeah i am getting tired of all the "super <name> world" .... even though i probably helped start it....

Tool-less kaizo has exploded in popularity recently. Which is great. I think inspiration is fine but I always try to encourage people to try to come up with their own ideas and break free of the kaizo norm, because every hack i play doesnt need an ultra star or a 50 shell jump level.
Submitted: by CosmicFox777
Authors: CosmicFox777
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: this was my first smw ROM HACK.
you may have some errors.
this ROM is the easiest one I'll create, so get ready for the next ones


Hmmm.... where do I start?

1. Level design is lazy and uninspired. Floating/stacked munchers everywhere, cement blocks, and 1 tile spaces to squeeze through. I feel like I went back in time to the protonjon youtube level days.

2. 1 short level isn't a hack. Add some more content, 45seconds of gameplay isn't enough. If you need a place where you can submit a single level to players I would recommend Mario Maker.

3. Cutoff on the overworld surprising considering there isn't much of one.

4.You can skip a lot of the shell jumps with a normal jump, or carrying the key you get later.

5.You can skip the P-switch time sections by duplicating the P-switch off the bottom of the screen.

6. Using the bottom row in Lunar Magic makes it so you can't see the ground unless you are using emulator.

7. You can skip the end of the level by just jumping over the cement.

I feel the reasons above are sufficient for this hack's rejection.
File Name: Super Sonic_BR'S World BETA
Submitted: by Sonic_BR
Authors: Sonic_BR
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Hello guys,that's Super Sonic_BR's World,my first rom hack ever. Just a UNFINISHED BETA,okay? If you wanna to give me tips to upgrade ANYTHING in this hack,please do it.
Note: the finished hack probably will have between 3 and 5 exits.
Olá pessoal,essa é Super Sonic_BR's World,minha primeira rom hack. É só uma BETA INACABADA,tá bom? Se você quiser me dar alguma dica pra melhorar QUALQUER COISA nessa hack,por favor,faça isso.
Nota: a hack finalizada terá entre 3 e 5 saídas.

-Glitched sprites and blocks. Work on getting things looking better. Ex: Death blocks, cut off, don't use the bottom tiles in LM.

-Yoshi House softlocks you if you kill the koopas making you reset the console.

-The levels you can actually complete are short and repetitive.
Examples: 3 chuck gates is half the level. Same with spin jumping across the piranha plants for half a level.

Work on adding more variety and length.

The hack section is not a place to get your hack playtested. We have a forum dedicated to showing off your work and/or getting it playtested.

I would recommend making it look nicer before you show it off so people will give it a chance.
File Name: Super Broke World
Submitted: by ThirdWall
Authors: ThirdWall
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Mario hasn't been great with his money, and now he seeks revenge on the person who gave him bad advice.

This hack is inspired by Kaizo Mario world, Super Panga World, Super Dram World, Grand Poo World, and a number of other Kaizo hacks. It is meant to be Kaizo light, with a focus on tough platforming. I used custom music but the hack is mostly vanilla, no major ASM has been used.

Removed upon author's request. He has decided to update most of the hack making the difficulty more manageable.
File Name: Mario World Adventure
Submitted: by Milhao
Authors: Milhao, adriak007
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Another ROM Brazilian hack. (With the help of adriak007)
credits not required.
1. Please provide your own overworld. We don't want overworld/levels from the original game.

2. Levels are bad troll levels like you would find in old youtube videos or mario maker. Random enemies, generators, tiles thrown in everywhere with no thought. Kaizo levels have a clear thought and goal with each sprite/ ground placement.

3. Levels are unattractive with cement block spam, floating munchers, excessive cutoff and confusing sprites in the wrong tileset.

4. Midways are used as trolls which basically make you game over or reset the game which is very annoying.
File Name: Giant Castle
Submitted: by Milhao
Authors: Milhao
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 36 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: A Brazilian hack ROM about a castle that has 36 levels
1. The amount of exits is wrong. Its just 1 big level. No one wants to play through this without save states.

2. Level is a bad troll level like you would find in old youtube videos or mario maker. Random enemies, generators, tiles thrown in everywhere with no thought. Kaizo levels have a clear thought and goal with each sprite/ ground placement.

3. Levels are unattractive with cement block spam, offscreen/floating munchers, excessive cutoff and confusing sprites in the wrong tileset.

4. Mario and other sprites constantly disappear due to their being way to many sprites on screen.

5. Midways don't do anything.

6. You can fly over and skip half the obstacles with cape/yoshi/star.
File Name: Super Cheer World
Submitted: by HLXY
Authors: HLXY
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Super Cheer World is a kaizo rom-hack made for having

a good time. 25 levels (with two secret exits) full of

entertaining stuffs. This rom-hack have a lot of

inspirations, but I tried my best to make it the

more original possible!

I hope you enjoy it!

Cheer up!

Things you will find in this hack:


-Vertical Levels

-Water Level

-Two Castles

-Some custom graphics and palettes

-A "SHELL" Level

-Some blind jumps (I´m sorry...)

Things you wont:

-Random sprites generator

-Fishin' Boo

-Bowser Fight


If you want to prove your skills, then I hope this hack will satisfies you!






Please forgive me if there's a softblock! I tried to fix them, but maybe there's one more left. (>w<)/



-A few changes in "Dolphins Everywhere", "Let's run!" and "Dangerous Bridge"

-Nerfs in "Water Level?" and "Green Switch Palace"

-Removed a cut off in "The Dream is Over"

-A few changes in some palettes

-Nerfs in "Darkness"

-Mistake fixed in "White Day"
This hack has some good ideas, but unfortunately those good ideas are massively outweighed by bad level design choices. Most of the offenses by themselves aren't worth of rejection, but there are so many that they add up.

I played up to 17 Exits without savestates before I had enough and decided to give up on them. I was presented with overly extreme platforming that was accompanied by frame parity based luck that caused me to play sections over and over until I got "lucky" enough.

Early Mourning - You use munchers on the bottom row of Lunar Magic making them indistinguishable from pits. Using the bottom row should be avoided whenever possible.

Dolphins Everywhere - Wrong Tile used for mushroom platforms. Not just this level, but every level they appear in.

Let's Run - One of the many cases of off screen munchers in this hack -

Glaciers - If the camera scrolls up at the end. The bullet doesn't spawn making it impossible to complete. I tried my best to not let this happen but it still happening mulitple times anyways.

Softlock 1-
Softlock 2-
Softlock 3-

Always make sure to check your levels for softlocks. Vertical vine levels are notorius for having these.

Valentine's Day - While not being super impactful at first glance. You should always try to prevent players from leaving your levels with power ups. This one was in particular very easy to accomplish.

Water Level? This is where things really started getting rough for me. You have a fairly long room with difficult tricks, that room wasn't bad on its own, but the 2nd room before the midway was filled with nothing but cheap shots at the player, where when playing blind you basically have no chance to win.

1. Even moving as soon as you see Mario you can't make this shell jump. You basically have to know its coming. Back to the first room for the player.

2. Another cheap shot for the fact that there is no way you can know you would need to carry the torpedo from the left (which is offscreen when you are lining up the jump).

3. One final insult. I'm all for trolls and giving a big middle to the finger every once in a while, but a constant kick in the balls 3 or 4 times a level right before the midway/end while having to traverse the entire hard level again is just too much.

This isn't just a problem in this level a majority of levels midways and endings are impossible to pass on your first attempt which gets really old fast.

Red Switch Palace - Not a huge deal but you should make throwblocks and turnblocks distinguishable from another

Darkness- Another Softlock

Kindergarten - This is the level I quit on.

Spiny Frame Rules- I tried my best to manipulate yoshi's bouncing so he wouldnt eat the spiny when I was spinning on it. Unfornately it still happened... alot... and I have to do those riding sections every single time i play the level, in both halves. Meaning every attempt I had to get lucky with the spins.

This is a similar problem to why I stopped playing the hack the first time through in the glacier level. The spinning while throwing turnblocks 50% chance should've been caught with proper playtesting. If you notice something doesn't work every time you probably want to fix it.

The second half contained jumps that were overly tight for no reason. Even with savestates they were extremely hard to pull off. Meaning you would need to do the riding spiny section again :(

I would avoid using tiles that look similar and do different things.
In the picture I can stand on the railing with an item, but all the other railing in the level I can't.

More inconsistent tiles-

Beautiful Night - Minor Cheese

--- No Rest --

Well if somehow I was still playing without savestates this level would've been the one I quit on.

Extremely demanding saw bounces in tight areas with perfectly timed bounces to hit switches multiple times.
Pretty much every single obstacle in this level you have to know the timing for and perform it perfectly. That wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have things like offscreen falling statues and this rock bounce.

Since the rock is bouncing up and down it falls at different times. I found a method that works (eventually) about 75% of the time, but if the rock bounces as I hit the switch it goes right over my head.

This shell doesn't always hit on/off block -

One more cheap shot- pretty much impossible to time until you try it a bunch or get lucky.

Starless Sky- This is where I stopped playing even with savestates because I was tired of getting screwed by this guy

Who never went into his disco shell.

Midair P switch jump... tedious for no reason.

While shell jumps are cool, they are overused way too much in this hack. I thought about counting them all but I didnt feel like it... im sure its well into the hundreds. They felt like filler and detracted from the levels overall theme and experience.
File Name: Super Duper World
Submitted: by crusher169
Authors: crusher169
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Super Duper World is a difficult mostly vanilla kaizo hack designed to test your skills and sometimes, your patience.
The overworld event after you beat Super Cool! is set incorrectly. Making it impossible to finish the game because you can't progress on the overworld. This alone was enough for rejection for obvious reasons. In the future make sure to completely play through the final product to insure everything is working correctly. I went ahead and fixed the overworld event so I could finish the game and give my feedback on the levels.

The hack should be labeled as 4 exits, which is the number shown on overworld after 100% completion.
Yoshi's House doesn't count because you cant beat it, and the final castle doesn't count because it doesn't save. (Same as in the normal Super Mario World)

--River of Tears-- Overall pretty good level. You can walljump over the 2nd half of the level at the midway, which is pretty easy to do because you get a free attempt every life since you have to hug the wall anyways. You can also just jump over the final obstacle in the level after bouncing on the chuck. (The Volcano Lotus part)

--Carnivorous Forest--
A few minor things to mention. Making the player wait at the start of the level is typically not fun for the player. You can take the mushroom out of the level by coming back in after you've beaten the exit and pressing Start-Select.

The ending blind jump is kind of hard to figure out since it doesn't look like a place you would need to build p-speed.


Same deal with the waiting at the start, its not the same kind of waiting as the last level but I found myself dying on the boo ring until it got into a favorable position that made it easy. (its really hard to jump through because it's position changes every death).

There is a lot of issues with sprites going invisible. Ive had the eeries, shells, and moving holes disappear. This is usually an issue with the sprite header, try using different settings to see if things get better.

The ending of the first room was really confusing. It was an easy trick once you knew what to do, but it probably took me a good 20minutes to figure out how to do it since I had to traverse through the beginning of the level every time.

The ending troll was beyond unfair since the screen fades to black and you can't see how to fix yourself from dying to the ending. Having the player hold jump the whole time with no indication is crossing the line when it comes to ending trolls.

--Super Cool--

No issues with this level.

--A castle--

The only issue I had with these level is the final jump which is extremely tight and confusing. Even just trying the ending with savestates over and over I cant really formulate a good strategy that works every time. Not really a good thing to have at the end of a level since the player is going to have to play the entire thing every time to try something different or get another attempt in.

No glaring cutoff which is good. I like the underwater munchers. Good job on those!

--Title Screen & Credits--
Both of these were unchanged. I recommend at least changing the title to the game's name. To make it feel more like your own game.
File Name: Facil - Easy (troll)
Submitted: by Filho Troll
Authors: Filho Troll
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: A Kaizo, Woops a EASY smw rom.

Uma Kaizo, OPA! uma Hack Rom FÁCIL
Try harder. For real though... Levels are 2 screens long and it took me 3minutes to beat the entire demo blind. Not enough gameplay to warrant being accepted. Also vanilla overworld is a nono
File Name: Lord Pickle World
Submitted: by MiniMawile303
Authors: MiniMawile303
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This hack is dedicated to LordPickleKing, an amazing mario maker kaizo player.

Levels have been designed to incorporate platforming, item abuse, and a touch of custom things, which

I do my best to teach the player how to use.

Difficulty would fit around Kaizo 1 for the normal game, but gets much more difficult in special world

and for the switch palaces.

You can find things:

3 Palaces not required to beat the game

A special world, but requires those palaces

Circular saws

Vertical saws

These weird beanie hats that give you some sort of power

23 Exits, plus a final castle

There are also things you won't find:

Invisible kaizo blocks

A fourth switch palace

A green yoshi

Screw the princess, you need to save the people so they have food to eat. But I guess the princess

is a part of the people too... whatever.

Do you wish to see the trailer? Yes? No? Maybe? Well if you want you can check it out here:

Here is Lord Pickle World. Enjoy!

1.0: Release!


Fixed many major errors with the hack that were not caught during testing.

Touched up many jumps that gave 1.0 players issues with playing.

Fixed the checkpoint in "X Buck Supreme" to give a propeller if you die after getting it.

Edited the credits a little.