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Tip: Avoid "item babysitting". Do not force the player to drag P-Switches or springboards all around the level. This is not fun, nor does it make for interesting "puzzles".Not logged in.
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Ruby Rose from RWBY playing SMW
My dogs (Westie and Scottish Terrier) ripping up a SNES cartridge.
Oh man, i cant wait.
Hello everyone! All of the art/music/asm request threads inspired me to do something as well. I can't draw or make music... but I do have a talent for speedrunning. So I thought it might be fun to speedrun some levels that you guys request. Don't worry if you haven't made a level or hack, submitting a level that you would like to see from someone elses game is completely fine.

OK, to make things easier on myself I have a few rules you must follow.


1. Everything must be submitted in .bps form (no roms)

2. I must have easy access to the level. Examples:
-Single Level .bps file
-Modified game to start me on the level
-100% SRAM file - level name and location
-Unlocked rom + Level Number

3. No ridiculously long levels or hard levels. Levels that will take me over 5minutes of game play are too long and levels that I can't beat... well I can't speedrun.

4. Must be console compatible (no SA-1)

5. One request per person.

An acceptable request would be something like this

Baseball mountain - normal exit, located in star world.


Feel free to include any stipulations like: collect all the dragon coins, small only, secret exit.

I will post all the videos on youtube on This Playlist and will also update this post with individual video links.

Bits and Pieces - Simple Sunset
Super Mario Yoshi Racing 2000 - Extreme Awesome
Not So Sadistic Mario - Chaingrab
Super Ping World - Thwomp Level
stick mice in my head and then beat my head in with a hammer and let them back out - Furcon
SMW DLC - Donut Secret

In Progress:
ASMT giant ice cubes (normal exit) (Magikoopa and rng fire oh boy)
Originally posted by Eevee

Its like you've come into my house and took a picture. Perfect! Thank you!

Bits and Pieces - Simple Sunset

I couldn't get P-speed anywhere that would help me in the long run. I mostly tried to optimize bouncing on enemies to stay out of the water as much as possible. I only really had to slow down in one section which is pretty good.

In the video I make one minor mistake at the end by not making it ontop of the canon, but its a really precise timing so I'm ok with it.

Overall really fun level to play. The music made it enjoyable to play and learn. :)
Originally posted by GlitchMr

Super Mario Yoshi Racing

Quite the fun level!

Magikoopa was a royal pain in the butt. I have no idea what that weird sound was during the 2nd room but its funny also... TRUE ENDING!

Originally posted by CourtlyHades296
I'd like to see a toolless speedrun of the first level of Sokoban's Mario Must Die. Is accessible at the start with the actual patch.

Sorry, but this too long and would take a lot of time to pull off. A little bit overboard for what I'm trying to do right now. Who knows, maybe one day when I have more time I can try it. :) Feel free to request anything a bit easier. I'm fine with *Most* Kaizo Lite and below.
Originally posted by ft029
Not so sadistic mario

level: CHAINGRAB, in world 2

Not So Sadistic Mario - Chaingrab

Awesome level to run... also really hard :O
Originally posted by NaroGugul

Ping Land

We came to an agreement to skip the autoscroller section :P
Originally posted by idol

stick mice in my head and then beat my head in with a hammer and let them back out - Furcon

Originally posted by idol

my stipulation is you have to listen to body count's institutionalized while running it

Version for Idol
If I ever catch up on kaizo-lite hack submissions I will check this out. Looks cool!
Cordelia - Fire Emblem
I have no idea what I just downloaded... but I already hate myself.
Originally posted by Rainbow Man
Donut Secret House. It's a level made for SMW DLC by me and Latios.

You can speedrun both exits if you want.

SMW DLC - Donut Secret

I decided to do both at once since it was short enough. :)

Sorry to the ones I didnt do, they wouldn't work on console. I even tried to download the single Hotel level from the VLDC thread but no go.

Thanks for all the submissions it was really fun playing all these cool levels. I hope at least a few people enjoyed seeing this. I only have 1 more submission to complete and ill try to get it finished by the weekend. See you next time!
File Name: Super Butt World 2
Submitted: by yogui
Authors: yogui
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 30 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: After the critically acclaimed [citation needed] butt.smc, a sequel was made.

This time however, following the recent trends, this is not a joke hack but a kaizo-light game. Feature things commonly see in kaizo-light games such as vanilla aesthetic and unoriginal name containing the word Super and World.

Despite the name this is a legit kaizo hack. The levels features various gimmicks and well crafted level design. Maybe. Jump, die a lot and enjoy yourself.

Current version : 1.0.2

I had a lot of fun (and agony) playing this hack. Unfortunately I'm choosing to reject it because some of the content within the hack viewable in Lunar Magic. It should be pretty obvious what I'm talking about. Derogatory comments towards the player should be avoided.

As for the levels themselves, most were good with just a couple instances of things I didn't enjoy.

--Moderation Notes--

The Mario Experienc:
Cutoff at the end of secret exit? Joke?

Pretty confusing section here . I'm not sure what the hole is for since I couldn't make the next jump without P-speed.

Night of Spikes:
Falling through the two spikey bois was pretty trial and error heavy and felt janky. This section is following a couple tough sections that were hard to get through, making this feel extremely unfair. The troll at the end seemed easy enough to pass though.

Super Drama World:
Layer 2 levels always feel a lot longer than they actually are. This one wasn't any different. Pretty long after learning every single timing jump in the level.

Kaizo... WITH WIND!:
One of the bigger offenders in the hack. Always try to avoid waiting at the start of a level, you have to do it every time and it gets old really fast. 2nd room was awesome, I liked the slow p-speed gimmick.
3rd room... The part where you fall through the 2 wide tunnel with the wind changing is insanely hard, and you have to work your way there every attempt. Luckily there was some cheese where you could despawn the disco and avoid that section.

My main problem with this level was that playing this on the SNES D-pad is pretty brutal since you get a lot of accidental UP inputs instantly killing you. The pace was good in this level and the 1-up checkpoint was awesome. Unless you can find a way to make kaizooie a little easier to control the only complaint I have is the ending drop. Its extremely tight (a little easier holding B) but still pretty hard.

Super Skyzo 2010:
Really weird level for a kaizo hack, the beginning was really empty and confusing, followed by a couple p speed blind jumps.
2nd half was cool, I think the platform you are trying to land on after the double pokey should be moved down one to account for jump height variation.

Icy Winds:
Another pretty long one, some of the blind jumps near the end are pretty brutal. (Where you drop with the fire onto the noteblock with cape)

Up and Down in my B:
Another long level. Even keeping a decent pace I found myself pressured by time a lot. The thwomps at the end are pretty easy with practice but are very brutal playing from the beginning every time.

Closer to Heaven:
This jump is way too tight to be at the end of a level IMO. I had multiple instances where I would spawn platforms differently making the cycles impossible unless I waited 4-5 cycles.

I didn't really enjoy having to find the last secret exit inside a "yellow" level. I basically had to use LM to find it. I think if you are going to do that you should at least have some kind of hint.

That being said. Removing the excessive stuff out of LM would be enough for me to accept, but it would be nice if you would consider some of these comments.
File Name: CreepyKaizo1
Submitted: by Creepyman01
Authors: Creepyman01
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Hard
Description: You just came back to your old iland to use yoshis and beat levels while bowser kidnapd your prince's
Cement spam, glitch graphics, cuttoff, huge level breaks.

Level 1:

Skipped 75% of it.


Level 2:

more skips
leaving with mushroom

That is way more than I need to see. I recommend playing through some kaizo hacks to help understand the basics of kaizo level creation. A lot of the obstacles in this were simply not needed. Glitched graphics and cement are lazy design and won't be accepted. Also make sure you submit to the right category next time. This is not even close to Kaizo:Hard.
File Name: Maybe Mario World
Submitted: by Nitrocell Inc.
Authors: Nitrocell Inc.
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Hard
Description: This is my first hack Maybe Mario World but demo.

The full version is in progress and will be published probobly soon, idk.

In every case, full game is in Progress

Munchers at the beginning were pretty annoying to navigate.

I found myself with extra items all the time: mushrooms and p switches.

You fixed yoshi's ability to dupe p-switches but I was still able to do it off the bottom of the levels.

I don't quite get the p switch waiting section. There is nothing hard or interesting you just wait for it to end.

From the midway you can skip the entire 2nd half with a little bit of flying skill shown Here. From there I can easily carry the cape from the level. Note: Flying under was easy because once you catch air against the ceiling you just need to hold left.

luckily the camera saves this from happening. This was a result of getting on top of the level with invisible yoshi. If yoshi was moved up 1 more block it would've worked.

Use caution when giving players yoshi and cape. Its very easy to break levels with these two items.
File Name: Super Mario World Alpha (v0.222)
Submitted: by crm0622
Authors: crm0622
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: (Reuploaded because I updated my hack.)

Hello! I am making kaizo hack with some custom stuffs.

This hack is not too much difficult if you familiar to other kaizo hacks. (except some stages like stage 4 and... maybe stage 8?)

This version include 13 exits total.

Also, this hack contains custom musics, custom sprites (ex. you can see custom sprites in stage 9) and some asm patches to prevent game breaking issues, and required small key jumps and small shell jumps if you want proceed.

Hope you enjoy my hack a lot, and don't give up too quickly! :)

(Warning : This hack may contains some frustrating moments...)

(Also, keep in mind you can't spinjump on some enemies and slide-kill to some enemies!)
Kaizo:light is meant to be played without savestates. There is a lot of content in this hack that makes me seriously doubt that this was playtested without saves.

On top of that its mostly item babysitting throughout the entire level. Most of the time you don't know you are supposed to be carrying something until you play the entire level up to that point.

Excessive amount of invisible and death blocks. Every single jump is littered with invisible blocks everywhere. The death block formations are very unpleasing aesthetically and are placed everywhere.

Kaizo is about placing items cleverly with a purpose not just spamming death every pixel.

Also the first level is a level 105 edit which we don't allow.
File Name: Super Focused World
Submitted: by DigitalSine
Authors: DigitalSine
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This hack was created as an entry level/introduction to kaizo. It contains 'tolls' at each world at which you need to clear a certain amount of levels before you are allowed to pass, which should make learning kaizo less frustrating and more entertaining. It was designed to be fun to play but also challenging.

Tested on Console (Super Famicom/SD2SNES)
Tested Savestateless


18 Beatable levels
3 Bosses
4 Tolls to pass
Multiple Paths that could affect your game
Semi free overworld travel
Custom EXGFX
Custom Blocks
Custom Sprites
Custom Music
Read me of Track Listing
Retry Patch
Companion Cube

Known Issues:-

There is a glitch with the overworld music, after 2/3 levels on world 1, 1/2 levels on world 3 and the credits roll are intermittently not there or distorted. I have no idea how to fix this. If you do please let me know and ill update it.
While there weren't many major issues in the level design. There was a bunch of minor stuff that eventually built up.

Below are some issues I found while playing the game. That should be the focus for resubmission.


Strange downward path from yoshi house that leads off screen

Overworld music stops once you beat a level. (I know it was in the description)

You should be able to leave the levels somehow without turning off your game. This makes more sense when you add in the fact that you can pick what levels you can skip since you dont have to play them all.

:::The Lesser Road:::
Required to jump on spiny with shell, results in chance of losing shell that is out of the players control.

:::After the Gold Rush:::
Football jump is stretched out and could be reduced by a tile or two without sacrificing much.

:::Beat of the Drum:::
Odd secret exit here, basically just making you play the level twice without much variation.

:::Treetop Glider:::
Excessive waiting at the beginning waiting on the Lakitu and the floating by the red koopas.

You can skip the entire 2nd half of the level by using one of the triple balloons to fly over everything.

:::Life Finds A Way:::
More Excessive waiting for the Dino Rhino to shoot twice everytime when you start the level.

Disco Shell Jump is very tight.

:::The B 'n' E Game:::
Blue Koopa doesn't spawn often when taking the top route.

Timing of the bullets at the end may be confusing to figure out since you don't have to hit the switches immediately.

:::The wall climbing level:::(Im too lazy to turn on my game to see what it was called again)
Funny that you explain everything... except the green coins.

2nd half after the mole jump, most players arent going to go right away when they get there making the camera lock down and preventing them from knowing what to do next.

Blind Drops the level, the coin trails currently don't help at all.

2nd half, disco shell jump is very very tough.

:::Brass Monkeys:::
Really confusing how the water works here. Maybe could use an explanation? Not sure how to handle this one.

:::Easy Come Easy Go:::
Great level, I think the beginning of the cape part should be a little easier/ faster to navigate.

:::Persistence of time:::
P switch music lasts literally forever....

Not sure why there were 2 p switches before the winged platform?

Most the problem comes from the camera scrolling up and down turning some jumps blind and making it hard to figure out where the warp boundaries are.

:::X-ray Glasses:::
3 platform section- shell jump switch is useless because the 2nd platform always turns around.

Could remove some of the gray platforms post midway to reduce some waiting.


Despite having a lot of minor things I disliked, I think this hack has great potential. I really did enjoy my play through and a lot of the cool tricks and sections. I look forward to a more polished version that I can recommend to people.
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