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File Name: New Super Mario Pants World
Submitted: by Romano338
Authors: Romano338
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: The not-awaited sequel to Super Mario Pants World!
Like its predecessor, New Super Mario Pants World is a Kaizo: Light romhack dedicated to SMW player/speedrunner/streamer/hacker/legend Linkdeadx2. No big asm gimmick but custom graphics, musics and, of course, some Ldad references left and right.
Final boss crashes the game on console.

I look forward to the update of course!
File Name: Dooooors
Submitted: by Stairkase
Authors: Stairkase
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Based on the toughest enemy in SMW, this is my first full-length hack. It heavily uses custom elements, to often ridiculous results. The goal was to make something just as fun to watch as it is to play.

Secret exits crank the bizarreness up to 11, so enter them at your own risk.

Most sections between checkpoints are relatively short, and it's light on trolls... unless you count all the doors.

I tried to make everything as fair as possible, but expect a serious challenge.

I hope you enjoy it.

Fun hack, but one of the levels is broken so I cannot progress. You sent me a message so you know which one. :)
File Name: Cawabanga Land
Submitted: by Pereira
Authors: Pereira
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: my first creation of mario hacks I hope you like it is not inspired by a specific theme but by entertainment.
has motor skill for help as well as L and R scroll.
I had a good time with this hack, but unfortunately I don't think it meets the quality of standard for smwcentral.

Things that should be improved.

Palettes: A large portion of this game has palettes that just don't look good at all. Examples include: Level 1, ghost house.

Obstacles: While this hack had some great ideas, I felt like some obstacles started getting overused. You had at least 2 full levels dedicated to sliding down slopes and jumping and anothing else. More examples: Jumping on multiple bullets to cross gaps, sections using the midair jump blocks that lasted way too long.

Difficulty: Difficulty was all over the place. Some levels i beat in 1minute... some took me over 30minutes and were excruciatingly painful to play (fishing boo). Pick a target audience and aim for a good difficulty for them.

Level creating: I noticed some edits of existing smw levels. The most obvious being forest ghost house. All levels should be made from scratch.

Comments from a player point of view.
Level 14. Pick a door isn't fun
Level 9. You don't need yoshi, you can just run up the triangle
Level 7. Coin guides didnt help at all
Level 6. Required midair shell jump for secret? Most people won't be able to do this.
File Name: super you are the best
Submitted: by thejhonny-ador
Authors: thejhonny-ador
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: lolis
no troll
Rejecting it for the seizure stage, No warning or anything. Levels like this don't belong on SMWC.
File Name: Shelljump and kaizo diabolic
Submitted: by Rodrigo
Authors: Rodrigo
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: PORTUGUÊS: nesta hack temos algumas fases, umas facil outras dificil. umas fases com shelljump outras com alguns graficos criados por mim mesmo, outros baixados e etc.
ENGLISH: In this hack we have some levels, some easy others difficult. some phases with shelljump others with some graphics created by myself, others downloaded and etc
No retry, no infinite lives in 2019?

The level design is extremely repetitive. Jumping on enemies on top of munchers or jumping between munchers for half the level is pretty boring.

There are also plenty of camera issues where I found myself dying to stuff off screen or not being able to see where im trying to land.
File Name: TheKink World
Submitted: by Brandon_Pitts
Authors: Brandon_Pitts
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is a demo for my kaizo hack "TheKink World." This demo contains 5 levels, each with the goal being the real levels midway/Checkpoint. There isn't any custom graphics (yet?) Mostly music. All music will be credited in the full release credits
Overworld is broken and should be fixed, There are also obvious edits of vanilla SMW levels which arent allowed. Levels shopuld be created from scratch. Other than those it was pretty fun and i look forward to playing it.
File Name: Small Monkey World
Submitted: by Monkeyfist
Authors: Monkeyfist
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Fairly short kaizo hack in the spirit of Quickie World. Short levels for the noob kaizo enthusiast.

I would estimate most experienced kaizo players could beat this in an hour or 2.

-No underwater levels
-Lots of shell jumps
-1 Kaizo block
-Fair Checkpoints
-A small amount of chocolate

This is my first hack which really started out with me trying to make something I had an idea for that I couldn't do in Mario Maker. It was as much a learning to use Lunar Magic exercise as it is of making a ROM Hack.
A few things I would fix before submitting to smwcentral again.

Level 2: You can swim under the entire first half of the level.

Castle Speedrun Level: Should fix the on/off blocks to not display a football.

Level 6: The first jumps on the koopas past the midway seems unnecessarily tight.

Level 5: P switch jump is annoying and doesn't add much to the level. Also weird long spiny section was pretty boring.

A lot of the cement and ropes could be replaced to make the hack look a lot better.

A lot of great ideas it just needs a little sprucing up.
File Name: Super Expert World
Submitted: by three
Authors: three
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Have you ever wished that SMW had 5% more hot garbage from the dumpster fire that is mario maker?

NO ?!?! well too bad, here it is anyways!

This is a short, hopefully fun, slightly trolley hack with a variety of levels each poking fun at MM. My hope is that a practiced kaizo player could beat it blind in an hour or two. There are pretty ok`ish coin indicators throughout the game to help indicate most tricks.

I hope you laugh as much playing through it as I did trying to make it. Thanks for checking it out.

Demo video at
I'm removing this hack solely for the message in the switch palace which I found to be unkind towards a certain streamer who is sensitive to his color blindness.

As for the rest of the hack.

I know this is a hack that is supposed to be parodying Super Expert in Mario Maker by recreating that kind of level design in this hack. The problem with parodying bad design is that your levels themselves become bad. I will say you did a decent job not letting the levels get too far out of hand, and there was a lot of funny troll moments. So I thought the level design was decent enough although borderline acceptable.

Graphics were pretty lacking, cement block spam in most of the levels should be replaced. It looks like lazy design even for a parody.

I found the Wendy boss to be very boring since you can just grab one of the springs and stand on the blocks.
File Name: super snow world
Submitted: by random_box
Authors: random_box
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is a very easy kaizo hack and its very vanilla because its my first hack.
This is a very short hack so minor problems are going to be a bigger deal since there is a lot less to judge.

Graphics need a lot of work.

Red: Wrong corner tiles used. Looks wrong and weird

White: Interior dirt being used when should use a pillar

Green: Unneeded block spam. You should attempt to reduce all types of block spam to make the hack look more clean.

Yellow: Should round off the corners of the goalpost so it doesn't abruptly end.

Fixed Example:

Looks a lot cleaner with way less block spam and while essentially the same. When you build like this you also enhance the theme of your hack which is supposed to be icy and cold. (Not red blocks)

Other Graphical errors that should be looked into.

Title Screen: The big W

Snow Island 1: Wrong corner tiles, Lava could look better, Bright blue archway

Snow Palace: Wrong Corner tiles

Snow Island 2: Wrong Corner tiles again, Some abrupt dirt cutoff near death blocks. I did like seeing upside down munchers to vary the type of death.

Snow Island 4: A lot of block spam and lava spam... also some slowdown caused by so much lava.


Vanilla overworld is lazy design, hacks should have a custom overworld.

6 exits is a little short, maybe think about extending the game a little to offer a little more playtime. It took me about 30min to beat the entire thing.
File Name: Super Beco World
Submitted: by Adriel_Isaque
Authors: Adriel_Isaque
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Dedicated for my followers and subscribers
Level 1: The saw ride and koopa ride are very repetitive and detract from the level. Shortening the sections or changing them to be more engaging would be benificial and match the pace of the rest of the level.

Level 2: This level is about 80% throwing the bomb through spinies or turn blocks. I would like to see some different enemies used or different tricks being used with the bomb. Also the 1f0 after the midway is not needed because you can just jump on the koopas.

Level 3: Post midway there is a super long spiny ride section that really slows down the pace of the level because you have to do it every time you die. Consider shortening the section.

Level 4: Good Level! No complaints.

Level 5: These jumps across the bullets are very blind and the coins dont help very much. This is one of my least favorite set-ups in the game. It felt like I was just guessing where to go the whole time.

Level 6: Good!

Level 7: Landing on the green shell is very blind and i found myself trying to guess where the shell was going to be. I recommend adding a bucket to catch the shell in or a coin to help determine where to throw the shell. (I recommend bucket). Bullet part is weird but will be OK if the shell part is fixed.

Level 8: I'm happy you fixed the ending to this level. It is much better than before.

Level 9: Good Level! I like the colors!

Level 10: No complaints

Level 11: These bullet jump are really hard to hit just like level 5. Maybe loosen the jumps up a bit and maybe add a coin where you are supposed to land to help the player?

Level 12: Kind of repetitive with the same enemies. You tend to choose 1 enemy and use it for the entire level. I don't think this is a bad level though. Just an observation.

Level 13: The green background here is very hard on the eyes. I think having the same background color as the foreground doesn't look good in a castle.

Level 14: No complaints

Level 15: Good fun level. Fix softlock!

Level 16: Like Level 13 the background color should be changed to be easier on the eyes. Also I think the player deserves a midway somewhere in the level. Either at 16B or16C. Photo Album

If you have any questions or need further advice let me know.
File Name: WAIFUS!!!!!
Submitted: by thejhonny-ador
Authors: thejhonny-ador, wrtoday
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: 120 anime images with background SMW levels
-cameo of keanu reeves
-no troll
-no kaizo block
-no normal images
I tried really hard to like this game... but there was just too many really bad mistakes made in this hack to where I cannot accept it on smwcentral in its current condition.

First of all let me say that I really love the sprite work in this game. Marissa, the heart coins, the sleepy moons, etc. were all very kawaii, and I enjoyed them a lot.

I don't agree with 95% of your choices for "Waifus". Most of them were children or "loli".. I feel like LOLI!!!!! would've been a more appropriate hack name. There were a couple good ones though.. Bowsette, Boosette, Corn.

Ok now to the reason why this hack isn't acceptable.

suerte aqui -
At the beginning you can hit a kaizo block with a coin above it which makes the coin turn into and invisible block.
The use of invisible one way gates to guide the shell is very confusing and bad level design.
I'm not sure what it is about your "shell bump" set ups but i tend to die about 75% of the time when i try them. Not sure if its me being bad or if the set up is flawed in some way... either way pretty annoying to die to these.
Wow this set up was really hard... I think it was supposed to be some kind of backdrop? but there is not a lot of room to manuever... I eventually just blindly threw the shell right and got a shell jump off the noteblock.

boku no pico-
You can cheese the pig jump by collecting both mushrooms then throwing bag up on top then shelljumping up and dropping the mushroom from your inventory. Also what is up with the non-indicated floating tiles that just begin and abruptly end?

the black foreground on black background makes things really hard to see and figure out what you are supposed to do... once again there are a lot of invisible blocks and one way gates that throw shells around in sporatic directions. Trying to grab the shells while bouncing on the blue koopas was nearly impossible (frame interaction patch?) Eventually i figured out you could stand on the up arrows and skip the entire section.

Massive slowdown at the end with the "sumo bros"

himouto umaru-chan- not much to say besides the random p-speed control jumps being fairly blind. Decent Level!

mi cara?- you can fly under the first part of the level. Random water tiles and floating tiles with no indication??

anoten los animes- finally the slowfall blocks have some sort of indication! Can skip the shell jump before the midway by just jumping with the B button fully pressed down on the controller.

ricardo milo es dio- GOOD

Epilepsia o no?- Thanks for providing an alternative to the epilepsy room. Also thanks for a good waifu (Corn). Overall good level imo.

una casa paranormal- Good waifu good level... well the goal post ending was not that good... it was after the midway and blindly dropped onto a rope after all those keyjumps.

1 nivel para el TIO - Good Level

Oh boy. This song gets annoying very quickly since it is on a 5second loop. Flashing foreground is disorienting.

Message block has no message. Is this another invisible oneway? I can't tell if this is supposed to be a troll but you can't get out... at least you can die on some invisible death tile.

On/off blocks serve zero purpose.

Half the level is blocked off with invisible cement.

I got stuck in this wonderful spot surrounded by invisible cement making me wait out the 300 second timer. (Post midway)

2nd half of the level is a blind drop pick-a-path where you are randomly dropping and hoping you go down the right tunnel or you die. The coins dont help at all.. in fact they are misleading most of the time.

p#to el que lo lea- Brown platform tiles transform into clouds, use the sprite header or No More Sprite Tile Limits patch.

un nivel cristiano-
Can skip this shell jump my scrolling the screen and jumping on the bullets

p#to hack mal hecho-
more invisible one ways
you can skip the ENTIRE level by riding on one of the fireballs at the beginning.

you can softlock in this room forcing reset if you accidently collide the enemies. there are more rooms you can softlock yourself in as well.

boss fight... invisible cement everywhere again.. Lemmy pops out behind the background 80% of the time so you can't see him. Also you use Wendy's set up so he is just floating in the air most of the time.
File Name: Ayashi Mario 2 : Lost in Hyrule
Submitted: by SquidMan_Raps
Authors: SquidMan_Raps
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: After Mario defeated The Thwomp King, are Mario And Jackie Chan now lost in Hyrule
This game is very short so any issues that come up have a larger impact overall.

Overall: The levels in this hack are very short, too short in some cases, ranging from 4-6 screens long. The hack also advertises 6 exits, but its actually 5 with one of them copy and pasting parts from previous levels. The difficulty is all over the place, pretty much all the hard difficulty comes from 1 or 2 precise jumps in every level.

Sherukaruseru -
[minor] Opening shell jumps can be confusing to figure out due to the spacing of the shells and how you are dropping from a high position blindly on top of them. I'm assuming the correct method is to "bump" both shells by no pressing Y when you pass through them. I don't think this set up needs to change, but I think it could be improved to become more consistent and easier to read.
[minor] The fifth grey platform does nothing in this level.
[minor] Yellow & pink background is hard on the eyes.

Kitsui mori -
[minor] These particular shell bounces are very very tight. Its very easy to hit early and hit the muncher or hit late and not grab the shell at all.

[Major] Waiting for the double boo ring at the beginning every time you die is just an un-needed time sink that isn't very challenging. It also amplifies any difficulty later in the level making deaths very punishing.
Room 2-
[minor] Small waiting for the koopa section. Not bad on its own, but already most of the level is waiting.
[major]- This jump is pretty much the only difficulty in the level... and it is a very very tight jump. Time to go wait at the boo rings some more until we finally get it. Also you have to make this jump AT LEAST twice since you will likely die to just falling randomly through the ground.

Do umu-jo (ENTER)-
Overall I think the level is fine, waiting at the start again was slightly annoying and the invisible wall probably wasn't needed (instead of just a normal wall)

Do umu-jo ! -
[Major]I think the concept of this room could be interesting but this hack is way too short to have something like this included. There is already very little level content in the hack and repeating it fills like filler. Parts were slightly changed and not in a good way.
[minor] spike jump above the dog pit is very tight. #1
[major] blind drop to shell bump. #2
[major] last koopa is blind and also spawns at different times based on how you approach this section, meaning it can be impossible before you can even see him. #3

Boss: Seems fine although he just randomly went off the screen in my play through and killed himself. I wasn't able to recreate it though.

Closing thoughts: I'm kind of disappointed that these levels just weren't just added into Ayashi 1 which I thought felt like a demo because it was so short and just abruptly ended. This hack felt very rushed since the first version was accepted just last week. While Ayashi 1 was different and creative enough to stand on its own.. I don't feel the same about Ayashi 2 and it just feels poorly tested and pushed out way too quickly. I would like to see more time put into a sequel or update to the first game.
File Name: The Xiao
Submitted: by SquidMan_Raps
Authors: SquidMan_Raps
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
You can skip one level by walking passed it on the overworld.
You can get sent to an infinite bonus game because of large door on boundary.
no credits
vanilla overworld for valley of bowser
There is a left over event that remains from vanilla SMW that sends you to level 0.
Useless left over events.

I recommend spending more time making and testing your levels.
File Name: Eroi del passato
Submitted: by bluesaint
Authors: bluesaint
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: A intermediate kaizo hack free from your overused kaizo standards such as shelljumps and skytrees. It starts off fairly easy but increases in both difficulty and cretivity as you progress through the game.
Overworld doesn't work correctly. Does not progress after Rhythmic Rocks.

Some extra input:
I felt like I ran into a lot of extra tight jumps:
10C:Piranha Jumps
10F:on/off block off the sparky

Not really things you have to change, just some jumps i found annoying when playing.
Looking forward to the new stuff!
File Name: Super Scroll World
Submitted: by tomato jonson
Authors: tomato jonson
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: I am making a short hack I'd say 6 exit's, at this stage I have called it: super scroll world. the plot, its an average story, peach kidnapped, you must save her but with a slight twist. You encounter a magikoopa who casts a spell on you and makes you feel funny not realising you are possesed.

the game is dual-narrative in a way. As on one level you enter a pipe and you end up on another level and go back to the first level.
I'm gonna step out on a limb here and guess that this wasn't tested to be beatable without savestates.

Level design is just spam one sprite/block for the entire level in a fast autoscroller, then you either attempt to dodge or jump on every sprite/block. 1st level urchins 2nd level noteblocks etc.

Since the level's are fast autoscrollers you basically have to know whats coming ahead and know exactly how long to hold your jumps before you even see the obstacle. Even knowing whats ahead doesn't help too much.

I quit on the castle that was a vertical drop level falling through death spikes with multiple paths that killed you.

If this hack was made to be played with savestates then kaizo:hard was the category you are looking for, unfortunately the hack probably wont be accepted there unless you improve the level design.
File Name: Lessness World
Submitted: by Alex_X8
Authors: Alex_X8
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 29 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This romhack is dedicated to the speedrunner and Twitch streamer Lessness!

I designed this hack in a light kaizo difficult style, in which it tries to challenge the player in a fair way, focusing on precise jumps and movements. It features some of classical kaizo tricks in its levels (regrabs, shell jumps), and also equilibrating the challenge and fun for the player experience. Despite of that, there are couple of trolls there.

This hack features:
- Most vanilla graphics and some custom graphics.
- Custom music.
- Custom bosses.
- Instant retry system.
- No overworld patch.
- ASM patches in some levels.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy it! :)
Exits were confusing to track, I tried to count every goalpost/orb/boss.

Level 1- OK
Level 2- Kind of a strange mushroom to give out in the first half, Kaizos don't typically allow free powerups.
Level 3- counterbreak or a way to take away feather should be added to not break other level since you can just fly over them.
Level 4- you can wait for a single eerie and ride him across the whole 2nd part, hardly challening enough for kaizo
Level 5(Ghost House Part 2)- Some really akward bounces on the bubbles and a really trivial section with a boo ring after the shell jump
Level 6- Long winding sections of easy swimming should be cut short or removed.
Level 7 (Castle) - OK
Level 8 - Football falling section was kind of weird, can skip 1 of the footballs?
Level 9 - Extra shell?, can take a mushroom/yoshi out of the level.
Level 10- Rope colors were pretty similar it took me a while to distinguish between them (dont necesarrily have to fix, just pointing it out). Can respawn fires and ride them across the level.
Level 11- OK
Level 12 - (motor skills/saws/flames)- OK, beginning was kind of cryptic
Level 13- (motor skills/ball n chain) - Huge Difficulty spike - Spawns of the koopas were very awkward not allowing any hesitation but sporatically placed. I don't know if the koopas were supposed to be bounced on as skipping some made it easier. Can swim in various parts of the lava.
Level 14- You can just carry the shell to the end and hit the block, it looks like you were supposed to throw it earlier?
Level 15- (water level)Autoscroller half you can swim under most of the level.
Level 16- Lots of extra star blocks make the star run pretty trivial. You can skip star blocks and even parts after the star run
Level 17- You keep shooting lines of bullets at the player at the end of levels, could probably change it up since this is the 3rd or 4th time its happened so far.
Level 18 -OK
Level 19- cloud background - the falling shells don't fall consistently because they are spawning at a point where mario pauses to make some jumps.
Level 20- Boss fight- some of the sparkles screen wrapped to make it look like they were on top of the screen when in reality they were on the bottom.
Level 21- (red cave) - Enemies occasionally were despawning because there were too many on screen.
Level 22- (green cave) - I dont know if the coins are meant to be helpful on the fall, because if so they are not. can skip throwblocks? by screen scrolling and spawning next saw.
Level 23- (purple foreground/ scrolling black background) - Can jump over the top of the last half -after the double shell jump
(grey room w/shell bros) really confusing room overall since you cant see whats going on because of the camera
I skipped the boss door in my first run because i was getting secret vibes. I'm not sure how I feel about secrets in a hack with no overworld since you cant go back and see what you skipped.
Level 24(gray ghost level)- I have no idea whats going on, a bunch of open space with boos scattered everywhere and fishing boo, doesnt seem much thought was put into the placement of things.
(mouser)- he just kills himself if you stand in the corner.
Level 25(dark red brick level)-another big difficulty change- some really tough regrabs in this level. can skip the throwblocks by grabbing a koopa. the entire ending with the platform on 1f0 was a nightmare.
Level 26(purple room pink spikes - more lava you can swim in

Overall closing thoughts-

Sometimes I didn't know if the hack was trying to be a kaizo hack or trying to be something else. typically kaizo hacks have very specific ways to beat levels with little variation and items given out should be sparse and be used to their full extent. Enemies seemed as if they were placed randomly 50% of the time and I was never sure what I was supposed to jump on or be using. The ending was extremely confusing to me since I read a message block telling me I was in the final level only to play 5 more levels and spend another couple hours playing. I think this hack has some good ideas but it really needs to be fleshed out with more testing. One of your testers told me that they used savestates which is basically not testing anything if its meant to be played without them. (I know this isn't your fault but I thought I should make you aware)
File Name: cowabunga
Submitted: by Pereira
Authors: Pereira
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: mario's challenge is now in the sewers

change jump on every level

Hope the hack is fun for everyone

press start for save prompt
This hack is very short so mistakes hold heavier weight.

No overworld events- You can skip right to the last level and end the game.

Level 3- First half gets very repetitive with the same fish section looking like it was copy & pasted 6 times. The rest of the level is very similar to the first half, but a little bit better.

Level 4- I didnt finish this one because the shell jump after the midway was obnoxiously tight and so was the throwblock section.

Level 8- Jumps are really stretched out in some sections making it so you have to land on enemies specifically to make a jump a few enemies later. Memorizing the koopa spawns blindly near the end at full speed made this level way more frustrating than it should've been.
Hack Moderation Log - Linkdeadx2

Moderated: 101

Accepted: 64

Lessness World by Alex_X8 (01/08/20)
Soup or Solstng World by Shovda (01/09/20)
new.sfc by danwaleby (01/11/20)
Supercontinent World by Morsel (01/13/20)
Super Beco World by Adriel_Isaque (01/19/20)
Super Maple World by Letsmangle (01/19/20)
Darkstar by MDBattlefrog (01/19/20)
Some Assembly Required by Shuttles (01/26/20)
Wrath of Bowser by Tubbaluvin (01/30/20)
Dininho World by MIRANHA (01/30/20)
Mario Mania by BlooberryPi (01/30/20)

Mario Mania by BlooberryPi (02/09/20)
Romhack Races - Season 4 Collaboration by Romhack Races Team (02/14/20)
Mura World 2 by OhMuramatsu (02/14/20)
Hope's Wind by Nint3ndoleggend (02/15/20)
DeepDreamWorld by DanielB (02/22/20)
Super Creme World by OhMuramatsu (02/20/20)
Super Mario Wornilla - Lost Levels by Drakel (02/20/20)
Samsara Mario World by supermargot (02/23/20)

Snoman's Land by snomangaming (03/10/20)
The Wahn-Stew Race by Captain_Hacko (03/15/20)
Also Sprach Mario by MrBread (03/18/20)
Momoku Mario World by penguin64 (03/27/20)
Super Zoulzi World by Dreekius (03/27/20)
River Song by Monkeyfist (03/31/20)
Super Beast World by SuperBeastGN (03/31/20)

Square by Scrambles_ (04/01/20)
Xulaph Mario World by OhMuramatsu (04/01/20)
Mario and the Kaizo Trials by PedroHrodrigues (04/01/20)
Shell's Delivery by OhMuramatsu (04/06/20)
Super Swunsh World by ChrizStylez (04/07/20)
Super One Point Oh by MDBattlefrog (04/07/20)
Zap Lena World by Adriel_Isaque (04/28/20)

Ninja World 3 by VLSkoot (05/03/20)
Tricky Mario by tomato jonson (05/06/20)
Super Monty World by 00frank (05/06/20)
Mario and the Kaizo Trials by PedroHrodrigues (05/06/20)
Super PKlepek World by akkanben (05/11/20)
Zap Lena World by Adriel_Isaque (05/11/20)
Untitled Hack by Hunter- (05/13/20)
The Darkside by Insanit (05/19/20)
Super Melas World by SmoothySmooth (05/24/20)
Terra by DanielB (05/24/20)
Super Moo World by Jenboo (05/26/20)
Super Wario World 2: The Four Castles by Magmatic (05/26/20)

Mario Left the Garage Door Open Again by Lizstar (06/02/20)
The Rock 'n' Roll Mario Show: Set 1 by kaigem (06/12/20)
Super Dream World by Shingo (06/12/20)
Mario's Redemption Quest by Alex_X8 (06/15/20)

EY JUICE by goosedajuice (07/04/20)
DeClock Mario World Remastered by SammmUuU (07/04/20)
KawaMarioWorld by ram.heroe (07/10/20)
Quest for Corgi Butts by TDWarrior (07/11/20)
ShyGuy Kaizo Dream by P1JDS (07/11/20)

Hangin With Mr. Koopa by Miscalc(08/02/20)
Mad with Kaizo Power by NewPointless (08/02/20)
Super Nova by Yagami (08/11/20)
Casio Mario World by Wyatt (08/12/20)
Tebeo by Nirv (08/16/20)
Ultraviolet by MDBattleFrog (08/20/20)
Super LSG World by Insanit (08/23/20)
Stand Tall and Shake the Heavens by cozyduck (08/24/20)
Bun Bun World 2 by sio-kedelic (08/30/20)
Mushroom Onion Pizza by MistaX88 (08/30/20)

*reminder to add sept*

Rejected: 37

I always wanted to know who Ldad is and that's why I do this hack by thejhonny-ador (01/02/20)
Mura World 2 by OhMuramatsu (01/09/20)
Meat's Quest: Super Mario World and the Bois! by SubconYoshi (01/11/20)
Dininho World by MIRANHA (01/27/20)
Super Scoopa Troopa World by akkanben (01/30/20)

Romhack Races - Season 4 Collaboration by Romhack Races Team (Doctor No) (02/08/20)
DeClock Mario by SammmUuU (02/14/20)
Breaking Star by XradicalD (02/18/20)

The Mario Quest Update 2.0 by Browser Mario Kaizo Maker (03/11/20)
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super mio world V1.2 by JP 14 (06/02/20)
2020 A Vision Quest by oneframejames (06/16/20)
Super Easy World by UltraBolt (06/16/20)
Super EZ World by Yez (06/16/20)
Save Luigi by Overcomon7 (06/27/20)

Epic Quest For Beer by Captain Domas (07/11/20)
Yoshi's Paw by JonnyManjiro (07/11/20)
Nitpicky Lulu by CD20Superness (07/27/20)

Shell Wizardry by ageVerrly (08/15/20)

KAIZOZO by JORGIRI (09/04/20)
Kaizo Tom Bros by tommas2008 (09/04/20)
Super 20 second world by AwOoDs (09/23/20)
SUPER CHOCS WORLD by timeleft (09/23/20)
File Name: I always wanted to know who Ldad is and that's why I do this hack
Submitted: by thejhonny-ador
Authors: thejhonny-ador, wrtoday
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Misc.: Troll
Description: This hack is just for entertaining, I apologize if I get to offend someone. WRtoday is a friend that I met in a counterstrike tournament in my country but since we like Mario's hacks we became very good friends
this hack is very difficult but if you have experience with the key jump, you can finish it in 5 hours
we did this hack for a joke (I repeat we don't want to offend anyone) (we're not stupid, we know who Ldad is)

for Dode-sempai: "chidoringo" means "great"

I will not create "super who is the world of Dode" because Calco2 said he admires Dode and if my Waifu Calco-sempai admires Dode-kun, I must also respect Dode-sempai

PD:do not get into lunarmagic and do not take capture of the images because I would lose the joke and I do not feel like creating another level with new images (NO SPOILER)
who is ldad? ldad is someone who does not like keyjumpo
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