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File Name: Mura World 2
Submitted: by OhMuramatsu
Authors: OhMuramatsu
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Mura World 2 é a continuação de Mura World 1, nível Kaizo Light, contando com 11 exits.


Mura World 2 is the sequel to Mura World 1, Kaizo Light level, with 11 exits.
The sound effects are broken in multiple levels including the title screen. This breaks the core values needed in a hack being accepted to the site. The level design itself was fun.
File Name: Meat's Quest: Super Mario World and the Bois!
Submitted: by SubconYoshi
Authors: SubconYoshi, The Bois
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A joke hack made for me and my friends as a celebration of our first college semester. NOW YOU TOO CAN PLAY SOMETHING THAT WON'T MAKE ANY SENSE TO YOU!

Meat, the iconic worm thing from Vinny Pizzapasta's streams, is now ready to go on a completely unrelated adventure to save his friends, Boi 1 and Boi 2, from Bowser's league of falsely-graduated football players!

A daunting task, as you can tell.

-weird inside jokes that you probably won't recognize
-names changed to protect the identities and locations of all involved
-creative levels that have gimmicks. fun
-and most of all, beautiful Meat player graphics drawn by yours truly.

labeling this as a normal hack feels like a misnomer but this isn't a troll hack and it's more polished than the average shitty joke hack so whatever
I found a crash that happens on the overworld if you move left from "Judgement Hall". This in itself is enough to warrant a reject.

A couple other things I noticed.

In "Construction Site" I accidently killed all the enemies in the beginning of the level before the turn blocks. This locked me into the first half and I had to reset the game to try again. Maybe adding a way to reset the area or an additional escape route could be made.

You can walk past "Judgement Hall" and "Homeward Bound" on the overworld without completing them. (unsure if intentional)

The number of exits in the submission should match the final exit counter on the title screen. I was only able to get 16, might be from being able to walk over the levels.

I really enjoyed the game and had a good laugh. I will definitely be recommending this to some of my friends once we get the crash taken care of. :)
File Name: Dininho World
Submitted: by MIRANHA
Authors: MIRANHA
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Brazilian hack dedicated to the creator of Dininho Adventures.Good game <3
Please Update Overworld, Events don't work. Also the thing I mentioned in the DM ty.
File Name: Super Scoopa Troopa World
Submitted: by akkanben
Authors: akkanben
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is my first Hack, it is dedicated to Patrick Klepek, current Senior Reporter at VICE Gaming and long time video game industry personality.

It's a pretty short hack and is possible to finish in less than 15 minutes. There is an edited play-through on YouTube that can be used for reference if needed: if necessary. But of course there are spoilers in the video.
I don't this this was a bad hack at all it just needs some polish. There are a lot of unintended breaks/skips in levels that should be addressed. Personally I think the beginning difficulty is a little to easy for kaizo. I think you were going with a difficulty/ learning curve for most of the game but I still think the level design in the beginning should be a bit more engaging. In contrast the 2nd half of the game is definitely kaizo.

I went into detail a bit on some levels on points you could focus on improving.

That's a stinker-You can take the first green shell onto the platform and do a normal shelljump.
-The 3 jumps on the mini-green pipes with the munchers feel like filler, I would recommend making the section more difficult or replacing with some non-trivial obstacle.
-You can just jump on the chuck easily avoiding what seems to be a chuck gate. If the obstacle is to jump on the chuck then it is too easy considering the rest of the level.

Choco Pancakes 365- A lot of obstacles you can skip again. A lot of the fuzzies can be avoided altogether, without them the beginning is just a few simple jumps. Waiting on the rocks isn't too much of a challenge look for ways to spice it up.

Lasagna Burrito -First 4 fish are trivial for a kaizo hack, there is no danger or sense of urgency. (The 2nd half is much better)

Walker Switch - No problems really except for maybe the colors.

Dag Zone - No reason for the bottom red koopa before the checkpoint since you can go from the spring to the top koopa. 2nd Half you can skip completely by using the P-switch and going over top of the level. If you grab the key you can skip all the disco shells at the end with a good jump.

Yhank You Very Much- No Problems

Green Switch - Cutoff problems & if you jump off to the right of the pipe the level abruptly ends.

Ryckwarts- No problems, maybe the brown blocks could be replaced with something that looks better.

Overworld - Good

Cutoff problems - (These just make the hack look better overall)

Having the dirt end abruptly at the pipe

Fixed Example

More examples of cutoff with lava - notice how the blocks and pipe are just floating above the lava and end abruptly.

Fixed example - I tried to avoid putting lava next to the pipe for the same cutoff reason.

There may be more in the hack to look out for. They aren't 100% nessecary but will help towards making the hack look nicer and being accepted to the site.
File Name: Romhack Races - Season 4 Collaboration
Submitted: by Doctor No
Authors: Romhack Races Team
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This collaboration hack consists of the levels submitted for Season Four of the Blind Kaizo Races held by the Romhack Races Team. The levels can be played in any order, and feature a difficulty rating for each level that was generated by multiple playtests of each week's race.

Season 4 consists of 12 levels raced over 12 weeks.

Creators and credits in the README.

Custom level select menu by dtothefourth, and custom intro logo by LittleMissSpookiness.

NOTE: Exiting a level will not save that level's checkpoints. If you exit a level before clearing it, you will start that level over from the beginning the next time you open it.
In FT029's level you can enter the same room over and over to collect the dragon coins needed to pass the level. This lets you skip 3 of the rooms intended for play. In the 2nd half of the same level the speedrun portion is broken because when you die the timer resets to a high value letting you take your time beating each room.
File Name: DeClock Mario
Submitted: by SammmUuU
Authors: SammmUuU
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: v1.1:
Fixed some cheese.

Hello everyone and welcome to DeClock Mario! It is my first kaizo hack and my first SMW Romhack. As it is my first project, my goal was to make a fun hack to play.

This chocolate hack features:
- 10 levels;
- No kaizo blocks;
- Better platforms: sprites will interact with platforms;
- Instant retry;
- Custom music and sprites;
- Minimal trolls.

This hack is dedicated to my good friends: Ahthedark, Viniciuskombat1 and Yuridensetsu.
Huge special thanks to Domenyx, HLXY, Insanity, LuhLsg, Marathonx, Miranha, Narogugul, Noob, Rashiro and Yuridesetsu. Without them, I wouldn't be able to do this hack. There are some secrets in the hack regarding the people who helped me in this process.

I hope you have fun!
I think this is a good hack but there are some major breaks that should be addressed in "Tree of Power".

1.You can break the first half by ignoring the vine and using a goomba or spring to make the final jump into the pipe.

2.You can break the second half by taking a shell to the end and shell jumping up to the pipe.

Feedback on other levels

BR Miranharena- I found the shell jump set ups in this level to be very awkward making the level pretty frustrating to play.

Toad's Party- The combination of the palette and the visible but intangible noteblocks made this level very hard to parse visually. I think the noteblocks could've been better if they were outlined.

So fixing the breaks in Tree of Power should be enough for acceptance, maybe look into Toad's Party see if things could be made more clear. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
File Name: Breaking Star
Submitted: by XradicalD
Authors: XradicalD
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 49 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: "Yoshi was gambling with Bowser and he bet his eggs. Now you need to get them back, but... where are we?"
(Formerly known as "Alternia Adventures" and "XradicalD's Hack")

This hack includes 5 Worlds for you to run around, themes including: Grassland, snow, caves, forest, haunted forests, day/night levels, etc.
The hack has a total of 49 exits, so you'll be occupied for a while.

It has been quite a while, specially with a 8 year hiatus (2011-2019) but here it is a revision.
I have on mind what I want to do with the last levels, but we are still too far from that.

While aiming for visual quality and general enjoyment is the main goal, this hack is no stranger to the use of glitches and poor planned traps to annoy the player.

While the hack may be a Kaizo one, most of the levels don't reach a difficulty of "TAS Required" skills. At worst, a couple of levels can be extremely difficult.

If you're making a Let's play, feel free to message me on Youtube/Twitter @XradicalD, I do try to watch them all.
This is an interesting hack. It kind of blurs the lines of kaizo lite and very hard a bit in my opinion and kaizo lite is probably the right category to submit under currently.

You started the hack back in 2008 and its incredible that the hack project has been going on for so long. This carries with it some unfortunate qualities though as a lot of the level design could use some overhaul.

1)Kaizo-lite is a save-state free category. While I was able to beat most of the levels I played.It was pretty clear to me that the levels and the game itself was not meant to be played with without them.

1a)You start with 5 Lives and you do not get a save after every level. So if you game over you are going back to the beginning of the game (or last save point). I had to patch in infinite lives to make the game playable to the point where I could offer feedback.

1b)Levels were very very long with no checkpoints and this was just the first few levels of the game. I'm scared to see what a harder level would look like.


2) Level design is all over the place in terms of difficulty and pacing.

Ive provided a few screenshots to help explain.

a1+2) I've circled in red what i thought were decent kaizo obstacles. They challenged the player to play with precision and are of a fair difficulty. On the other hand i've circled in white sections that either had absolutely nothing in them or were completely trivial when compared to the other sections. These sections just make the levels unneccassarily long and don't add anything to the gameplay.

b1+b2) Same color scheme as the previous example. There were so many empty sections in this level where I was just waiting to get to the next hard obstacle and it made the level very tedious.

b3) Special example here because this is where I quit playing the game. The red balls kept despawning, forcing me to die, because of the bullet bill generator and other sprites on screen. This happened to me more than once in testing the obstacle. The severity of the issue is amplified by the fact of how long it takes to reach and attempt this part of the level.


Honestly I'd hate to see all this hard work go to waste as the hack looks very beautiful and has its own unique sense of style which I like. I feel like at the least it needs some kind of better life and saving system to be playable.

I think running through the levels themselves without savestates and identifying problem areas should be done. If you die multiple times on the same obstacle in a row you should consider nerfing it because you are already going to be way better at your hack than others at playing it.

You could possibly fill in the empty spots with more challenges and add in checkpoints to offset the increased difficulty.

These are just a few ideas and ultimately it's your hack so you know what is best for it. I think that if you want people to play and enjoy it you should at least consider them though.
File Name: The Mario Quest Update 2.0
Submitted: by Browser Mario Kaizo Maker
Authors: Browser Mario Kaizo Maker
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Well dude welcome to weird and bad
hack rom by mario world lol
Please follow the guidelines for submitting romhacks to smwcentral.

Your hack violates the following:

-Tag your hack appropriately.

-Add Screenshots - Include at least three screenshots that are taken from your emulator. Use a variety of screenshots showcasing different parts of your hack. Do not include screenshots inside the ZIP archive.

Kaizo:Light is a category meant to be played WITHOUT savestates. You should be able to play your own romhack from the beginning to end without saves.

You should also add infinite lives to help with the high difficulty. Retry system is almost a required feature to have in kaizo as well.

You should avoid floating munchers, they do not look good.
File Name: You Might Get Super Mad
Submitted: by lustreflux
Authors: lustreflux
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 41 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Hello SMW Central! This is my first ever hack! I made it for my friend's birthday and figured I should probably upload it here too for everyone else to play.

Cool features:

☆︎ 41 Exits of fun*!
☆︎ A bunch of cool songs to help push you to victory!
☆︎ Provides SMW Youtubers a chance to record gameplay!
☆︎ Secrets and stuff for you to uncover!
☆︎ An invisible death block on the Yoshi House Level!
☆︎ Not many water levels!
☆︎ Only 2 autoscrollers! They're fun I swear.
☆︎ A bunch of references only my friends will understand!
☆︎ You might get super mad!

*possibly subjective, I hope you have fun though.

If you record yourself playing it, I'd love to see it!
I hope you enjoy! More (hopefully better) stuff to come!

Thanks for your help SMW Community! Enjoy!

-Recognizable edits of the overworld or levels will not be accepted. This game has a lot.
-Repetitive obstacles, such as jumping across the same platform or enemy across a void with no variation, should be avoided.
-Just as a reminder kaizo typically doesn't allow for strat deviation or extra power ups and items, everything has a purpose.
File Name: Momoku Mario World
Submitted: by penguin64
Authors: penguin64
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Read The Readme File!

Thank you to everyone who inspired me, all streamers, and their chats... Kappa.
Since this hack is very short every small detail matters. If you submit a fix to the munchers and spikes so they are facing the correct direction I will approve this hack. The hack is very easy with sight, but technically can still fall under kaizo. Since this hack is on the borderline as far as requests go I dont think I am asking for too much here.

I did end up playing through the hack blind (with the help of chat sometimes). I have to say the ghost house seemed very unreasonable but doable. There is no sound indication or ways to know where you are. That was my only real complaint about the level design.
File Name: Kawa Mario World
Submitted: by ram.heroe
Authors: ram.heroe
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 34 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: KAWA MARIO WORLD.

This is a kaizo light SMW hack, it is an adventure that requires gaming ability, patience and observation skills.
It has 13 missions that increase in difficult along playing
them. The missions in this game were inspired in some patterns used in Kawa Mario Bros 3 and Quickie World. However, all of them were modified to be shorter, easier
and quicker to be completed.

The player should pay special attention to the texts all throughout the game. Texts that were put into the missions, have the clues needed to find the way to the end of this game.

IMPORTANT: This game does not require to be a Super skilled player. Anyone can beat this game by being patience and practicing a little bit. Lastly, this is a Mexican hack so the texts inside the game are in Spanish.

Please enjoy playing this hack as the author was creating it.

Best wishes and long live SMW Hack game players.

Kind Regards!
Immediate Removal if the Hack:
Violates an excessive amount of community core values, listed below:
Clean palettes

In most level I played the palettes were very hard on the eyes and made it difficult to see many of the obstacles or sprites.

There are many set ups that don't take into consideration what the player may experience. Ex: Ore no kawa mama da I spent 50minutes trying to figure out how you wanted me to fall onto koopas and goombas I couldnt see.

I stopped playing on El Hoyo De Sanedwin - the coin trails dont help at all and im just falling blindly through the level trying to use my powers of premonition to help me survive.

Please use better palettes if you plan on submitting again.
File Name: Hazuka World
Submitted: by Foxy McCloud
Authors: Foxy McCloud
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Hi, This is Hazuka World!

Inspired by Invictus, Quickie World, and Kaizo Mario World, This hack has 5 levels featuring unlimited lives and retry system

Without any further ado, I hope you enjoy.


Fixed "The Red Cave" Final Platform and "Skyzo 1.7"

Added "OhMuratatsu" in credits for helping me with some errors.

Removed Cheese from "Yoshi's Cool Zone"
Rejecting for a "softlock" in room 1 of the final castle. You are able to jump onto the rope and if you miss or forget to activate the vine you are stuck until the timer kills you or you reset the game.

As for some feedback. I thought the shelljump in room 2 felt unnecessarily tight. The rest of the hack was pretty fun though and I look forward to more stuff from you.
File Name: Super Monty World
Submitted: by 00frank
Authors: 00frank
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 31 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Welcome to Super Monty World!
A hack for the people who like to sink their teeth into a longer kaizo experience, this is a Choc-Chip (Mostly vanilla with some custom sprites and ASM) Kaizo:Light hack with 31 exits (can you get the 31-star?), which has a roughly quadratic difficulty curve. That means there's levels for everyone from novices to experienced kaizo players!

Featuring custom ASM (including instant retry), sprites and music from the lovely people here on smwcentral <3

As my second hack, this makes use of my past experience to create a more polished game with better palettes, more ASM, cleaner controls, more well-designed levels, and no crashes. (hopefully!) This hack took about a half year of intermittent work to complete.
The Switch in the Gray Switch palace leading to the orb does not seem to work correctly on the SNES console or SuperNT. The switch does not activate any blocks making the level impossible to complete.

Readily available clip

I confirmed myself today.

Rest of the hack seems fine so far.
File Name: ForgottenWorld
Submitted: by Hannes37
Authors: Hannes37
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is my first smw hack.
In this hack:
-8 Kaizo:Lite Levels
-1 Standard:Normal Level
-No Secret exits
-No Checkpoints, but the Levels are fairly short.
-No custom sprites
-No custom music

You need a bit knowledge of glitches to finish the hack.

Tested with Snes9x 1.60 and bsnes 112

-Fixed some over the top of the Level chesse in Level 2 & 8.

Forgotten Mario World -

Overall the level design is decent, not too much to complain about there. Since the hack is very short a lot of small issues piling up makes a big difference in the hack getting accepted.

Overworld(critique)- Not really a rejection reason, but adding overworld events would help out the hack. Also the overworld being in 1 straight line could stand to be improved.

Overworld(minor)- Life counter glitches out above 99 lives.

Overworld(Major)- Can skip "Hope" level without completing it, unsure if intentional. Beating the level doesn't save the game or seem to update the exit counter so I'm left with 8 Exits on the title screen.(submission is 9 exits)

Midnight Sky(minor)- Can skip eating the piranha plant using the double eat glitch.

Reincarnated Hope(minor)- Stacked munchers are typically frowned upon in new hacks. Exceptions can be made if the hack is otherwise exceptional.
File Name: Heavy Metal World Demo
Submitted: by Slaytanic
Authors: Slaytanic
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This hack was inspired by all the hacks that use the same songs that everyone else uses with nothing really new or exciting music wise.

The only really big feature of this hack is the music although, i do plan on doing custom palettes and gfx for the full version of the hack.

This is the first hack i have ever made and feedback is very much appreciated.
Heavy Metal World-

During moderation we are looking for polished well tested hacks to add into the hack section. This is true for demos as well. Demos should be representative of what the rest is going to look like in the future. This hack doesn't really do that, except for the ports which I thought were interesting to showcase. There is no custom palettes, levels are way too short and feel undertested, lack of overworld, etc. I know that this hack is a Work in Progress but the hack section is not a place for that.

Hack Submission Guidelines state:
You are advised to make a thread in Works in Progress instead if you are seeking general feedback about the hack.

I'd recommend putting the .bps file in your file bin and then create a thread with a link to your hack inside.

Since you are looking for feedback on the hack I'll go ahead and include mine.

Palettes could be improved to match the music. The guitar used in the intro, Angry Again,and Jump In the Fire all sound very similar. I think that in a longer hack the music will begin to blend together unless different instruments or samples get used.
Levels are very short.

"Jump in the Fire"- Landing on the first 2 bats was very awkward and annoyingly difficult to land on. On the platform afterwards you can gain p speed and skip the jumps on the podobo. Use the Add Objects Window to place midways in Lunar Magic so they don't respawn.

"Higher Ground" You have cut off dirt tiles surrounding the munchers.

The guitar solos when collecting the guitars were great! I really enjoyed them.
File Name: Super l337 World
Submitted: by l337f00l
Authors: l337f00l
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is my first rom hack so please be gentle :)

Super l337 World is the story of me l337f00l getting stuck in my own game and Mario helping me get out of the hack. This game is good for people just getting into Kaizo with a lot of beginner techniques. The levels start out short but get longer as the game goes on. ASM used is Retry and it is set to Quick Retry with Select + Start being used to exit levels whether they were completed or not. There is a Death counter on the OverWorld and there is no Status Bar. No timers in any levels and unlimited lives are used in this hack. Enjoy
Overall: Lots of open spaces that fill like filler. Most levels feel the same with the same jumps consisting of spin jumping or normal jumping on enemies across 1f0, or just simple shell jump set ups. Also a lot of jumping across red parakoopas. The level design gets very repetitive and could use some variety. Lots of camera issues with the camera scrolling upwards then falling blindly into sections.

A majority of levels are recognizable edits which are not allowed on SMWC. Levels should be deleted completely and made from scratch.

A lot of levels have the same recurring mistakes I listed above but didn't write into the notes near the end.


Title Screen: Could use some work, you made some custom letters and numbers but left the corrupted W.

Overworld: You can skip every single level by walking through it.

Foss World: Can swim under the level with yoshi. Cutoff in various places. Dolphin tail graphics flying off the top of the screen.

KDE: Bad corner tiles on ledges. Cut off. glitchy 1 up graphics.

Gnomes Castle: Wrong sprite header, sprites disappear partially or fully. Ground that looks like death is not a good idea. Camera scrolls up in some areas making it hard to see where to go, can skip most of the podobo at the end. No event at the end of level.

XFCE - Wrong sprite header sprites disappear. sprites dont line up correctly for blind playthrough, typically once you see what you are supposed to land on its to late to use it.

Openbox Concept: blatant level edit of Funky - You should delete all sprites and objects from a level so it is not reconginzable. Level edits are instant rejects. Blind Jumps.

L337 secret: garbled switch graphics.

Terminal Commands: Lots of open space, beginning on the mole was trivial, just jumping over the green koopas. Can double eat a lot of sprites with yoshi.

Libre Castle: Castle 7 Edit, Fireballs despawn in wendy fight (im sure its intentional.. just makes it really really easy.

I3WM: You can make the level water and swim under the entire level. wrong corner tiles on ledges.

Thunderbird Road: You can skip using the blue koopa shell with a normal shell jump, a lot of blind jumps.

Secret 2: Trivial level, nothing really threatening. wrong switch graphics when crushed.

Inkscape way: "awesome" level edit - all those koopas at the end .. 0.0

Castle 3: Valley Fortress Edit - Boo room scrolls right revealing cutoff

Overworld: You can walk off the overworld to the left side of castle 3 and get locked in an infinite bonus game.

Openshot Island - can get on top where the sumo bros are at the midway using the super koopas.

Handbrake island - Impossible to beat from the checkpoint.

Clementine -edit yi4- can fly over the level with cape. You can also use the cape to damage boost on the water with the rope to climb over the level with rope glitch.

A ton of work needs to be done for this hack to reach an acceptable state.
File Name: Super Gondwana World
Submitted: by Jaffra
Authors: Jaffra
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: When the big continent split in two, the lore was passed on in two parallel strands. This is the story as told in the land of Gondwana.

Inspired by Supercontinent World and the idea of remixing other people's hacks, I decided to see what I could come up with: This hack is my take on Super Panga World, or my contribution to the genre of Super Panga World remakes, should that ever become a thing, as various people have jokingly suggested.

This hack follows the vanilla style of Super Panga World, but features an additional layer that deviates from said game. In those parts, non-vanilla assets may have been used, but the core game is all vanilla, except for the following patches:

- no double eating
- no cape RNG
- no framerules
- reloading levels via L+R and on death

It also features a puzzle and a custom final boss.

I dedicate this hack to Linkdeadx2, creator of Super Slope Muncher, and one of my favorite streamers.
Dying in the first level 255 times (which is very easy to do) takes you to star world 2 because of the retry system used. Getting the secret exit in SW2 unlocks an overworld event that skips about 75% of the game.
File Name: The Hungrymumbles Project
Submitted: by Hungrymumbles
Authors: Hungrymumbles
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This hack is basically me learning Lunar Magic. It contains a few kaizo tricks and is re-grab heavy. Most setups are meant for the player to go fast. Mostly vanilla SMW but contains On/Off blocks and Toxic Water. Also, Reznor and Bowser are custom sprites.
Hack is pretty decent for a first try. There is a decent amount of graphical errors and cutoff. There is also a few breaks that I found that are pretty easy to execute. Ultimately the hack cannot be beaten because the overworld doesn't work correctly near the end.

PapaNug Pass-
(minor) You can despawn the disco shell before the midway and just take the shell with you.
(major) 2nd half- You can ride the rope into the wall which allows you to climb over the whole level.

Green Switch -
(minor) Cement corners are generally frowned upon, not a huge deal though.

A slope in the sun-
(Major) 2nd Half - You can get yoshi off the 1f0 by dismounting him a couple times. Once you do you can run across the munchers with ease.

Deja Boo-
(minor) The koopas glitch out in the boss fight. Changing the sprite header should fix this.

Crybaby Bridge-
(minor) some strange graphics near one of the blue koopas at the end. Half log?

Too Hot to Trot-
(minor) missing lava tiles before the pipe

Cave Switch Engage-
(Major)On/Off blocks are not set correctly if you die at the checkpoint.

(Major)- I think the black blocks are supposed to be death blocks. If they are.. they don't kill you.
(Major) - You can duplicate the blocks near yoshi to get out of bounds, feed yoshi with the surrounding enemies, then grab the disco shell and fly over the rest of the level.

Overworld -
(Major) No event activates after beating "Replay Cement". You cannot progress any further into the game.
File Name: Sonic Big Trip Demo 1.0
Submitted: by Mr Sandman ex dee
Authors: Mr Sandman ex dee
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Sonic Just Wanted To Visit Some Type Of New Place,Unfortunately He Visited The New World In The.Ummmhhh...

So Sonic Is In Trouble You Need To Save Him Yes Coldy plains 1 Is Really Short And bah bah bah bah.
This hack needs a ton of work.

-Vanilla overworld isn't allowed.
-Life system is way too punishing for the amount of savepoints you get.
-Sonic's Sprite is messed up when he ducks.
-Levels contain multiple ways to get trapped forcing you to wait out the timer.
-Level design is bland and unexciting
example: One level you just bounce on 20+ koopas.. and thats it
-Level difficulty is all over the place. Ranging from vanilla switch palace difficulty to not something I would expect a human to do without savestates.
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The purpose of this site is not to distribute copyrighted material, but to honor one of our favourite games.

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