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File Name: Humans 2
Submitted: by tomato jonson
Authors: tomato jonson
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: A hack for humans.
The music on the overworld and within the levels are extremely obnoxious. The ports are made/edited to be intentionally bad with many different types of screeching, off key and off beat notes. I feel like you shouldn't force this type of music quality on someone who is likely going to spend hours trying to clear the levels.

I should also mention that the design in the first level seemed very repetitive and difficult to control.

Level 1 Example: Jumping on clapping chucks in an autoscroller with little variation in the set up.


*edited for more depth and clarity*
Hey guys, thank you so much for the feedback. The whole judging thing was a new experience for me and I was very happy to play everyone's creations.

I do agree my comments on the levels could've been way better. I mostly tried to focus on why levels lost points with me and didn't focus enough on commentating everything else.

I've seen a few people discussing this and I followed my own rubric to help and try to judge levels more consistently. Breaking down the main categories into mini sections based on what what I felt belonged in that section. For example, in level design I paid attention and rated: checkpoint placement, difficulty curve/spikes, pacing & flow, introduction/expansion of ideas, and if the level felt well tested (no camera issues,blind jumps, or despawning).

I'll take what I've learned here and, if i get the chance, apply it to future events or maybe just some for fun fan judging. :)
File Name: Toad Kaizo World
Submitted: by Bruno Peixoto
Authors: Bruno Peixoto
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Toad Kaizo World.

Minha primeira hack.

22 Saídas

- 3 saídas secretas
- 1 nível de água
- Sem kaizo blocks.
- Categoria Any% e 100% para speedrunners.

Espero que gostem.
Honestly not too much wrong with this one besides major break potential from using the old retry system.

You should add Counterbreak to prevent players from taking power ups and yoshi out of levels with start-select.

Noite Estrelada:
You can achieve "rope glitch" by riding a rope into the bullet launchers. This lets you skip the entire level.

Other Feedback: Switch palace corners should probably be fixed, using cement does not look good.
File Name: KawaMarioWorld
Submitted: by ram.heroe
Authors: ram.heroe
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: KAWA MARIO WORLD.

This is a kaizo light SMW hack, it is an adventure that requires gaming ability, patience and observation skills. Consist in 13 missions that were inspired in some patterns used in Kawa Mario Bros 3 and Quickie World.

The player should pay attention to the texts all throughout the game. Texts that were put into the missions give tips regarding tricks completion.

Note: Texts inside the game are in Spanish.

Please enjoy playing this hack as the author was creating it.

Best wishes and long live SMW Hack game players.

Kind Regards!

For the most part this hack showed good signs of level design and creativity. Interesting use of indication was used to help guide players through the level without being confused. The level design is vastly overshadowed by the poor choices in color throughout the game and some extreme difficulty spikes forcing the player to retry the stage for lucky frame bounces on enemies.

There are still a lot of questionable palette choices, ranging from bright reds and greens to yellows and whites. A lot of the time its hard to tell what is going on because the busy backgrounds clash with the foreground while you are also trying to manuever precisely through the level.

Color Examples:

These are some of the bigger offenders, and most levels still have a lot of color issues.

Feedback by Level:

(Minor) The chucks in the second half are glitched, this may be a design choice to make them spooky since its a ghost house. If not you should make sure the sprite header is set correctly.

(Major) This palette is hard on the eyes. Bright red and bright green colors like this clash very heavily.

(Major) Throw block collides with the rexes if your sprite interaction is unfavorable. Throwing it upward before you hit the rex is not possible because of the rope forcing you to get lucky.

(Minor) - Colors of the berries do not look good.
(Minor) - Lag and slowdown near the 3 dry bones.

MATA YOSHIS O MUERE- Extreme slowdown near the 3 chucks in the 2nd Half.

(Major) - Shells collide with the fuzzies for similar reasons for the rex. You might be able to toss the shell up on the 2nd or 3rd fuzzy but you can still lose the shell easily on the first.

(Major) Riding a rope into a wall or into the side of the autoscroller breaks part of the level. Letting you climb over the rest.

(Minor) Color Palette - White/yellow background on yellow/black foreground
File Name: Another Kaizo Hack?
Submitted: by Shingo
Authors: Shingo
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: A short but entertaining kaizo, perfect for beginners and ideal to spend in a sesion with iconic music of the classic videogames!
(Major) This hack uses an outdated version of the retry system so it doesn't come with counterbreak built in, a patch that prevents players from carrying items through levels. Since you can start select out of levels you've beaten you can carry mushrooms and yoshi into other levels and break them significantly.

Another First Level -
(minor) - You can skip using the goomba by carrying the shell with you. Not that big of a deal because it makes the ending harder, but typically kaizo hacks limit excess items.

(minor) It is hard to distinguish the death blocks from the normal cement blocks used in this level, the black on dark purple is hard to see.
(minor) cut off on the lava at the end of the level.

(minor) - You cannot see the red koopa on 1f0, before the spring jump, before you die.

(Major) The red koopa jumps here can be in bad positions without you being able to see where they are until after you commit to the jumps.

(Major) You can skip the tough muncher jump at the end by going over the top of the screen.

Another Rainbow Road -
(Moderate) If the first yoshi stays on the 1f0 tile the 2nd yoshi is invisible. Happened to me on my first time so I thought something despawned.

Also make sure you get permission from the author if you intend to use their hack as a baserom. I'm unsure if this was the case for this hack since I couldn't contact them on short notice, just throwing it out there just in case.
File Name: Vanilla Kaizo World
Submitted: by MassPunishment
Authors: MassPunishment
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: 17 Levels
3 Secret Exits
3 Switch Palaces

4 of the levels are special world levels that aren’t required to get credits

This hack in entirely vanilla besides the RHR patches and a very minimal amount of patches. The only patch that’s a in level patch is D4s Quick Powerups. There’s no custom sprites, blocks, or sprite disassemblies in this hack.

You won’t find any kaizo blocks or any gotcha Map16 edits. The only Map16 edits will be explained in the levels where they first show up.

Enjoy and have fun
A appreciate the idea this hack was going for but it violates the core values in aesthetics mostly due to cutoff and floating tiles. In addition there is also a number of breaks found throughout the game.

Breaks/non-graphical issues:

Here We Go-
(minor) Can skip the goomba set ups pretty easily.

Buttsbot's Castle
(minor) 2nd half has many obstacles you can skip, like the blue koopas and just jumping off the vine to the noteblocks.

-Enchanted Cave
It only took me watching a couple other players to realize the coins meant there was going to be a keydrop on that fall, I wish there was another way to get the message across since it feels pretty unfair when you play it.

(Major)You can collect every power up in the first half and still win.
(Major) You can fly over the 2nd half of the level.

-Mocha Mountain
(minor) you can skip using the 2nd mushroom and goomba by activating the noteblock.
I found it hard to determine what I was supposed to do in the level. I think the combination of keeping the goombas at the start then no longer needing them might be a factor, along with the goomba sliding back towards you after the vine.
File Name: Vaffanculo Mario (Demo)
Submitted: by Ancapello
Authors: Ancapello
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Hard
Description: This is a demo version of Vaffanculo Mario, the "sequel" to the Kaizo Mario World.
There isn't even a full level here. The demo ends after a few screens and blocks you off after you enter the first pipe. A demo is supposed to show off and get people excited about your upcoming hack. I would have at least a full world to show off.

Even demos have to adhere to the hack guidelines. I already noticed glitched enemy graphics, cutoff, and stacked munchers. Make sure you familiarize with the rules and take your time to make a decent looking hack.

Kaizo:Hard was probably the wrong category to submit under as well. This was more Kaizo:Light since it was possible to beat without tools.
File Name: Super EZ world
Submitted: by expgst
Authors: expgst
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is a hack I have been working on. Not my first attempt but my first one which is not complete trash. This hack is easy, you just need to get good. Also it is intended to be like the older smw hacks, where they could be very frustrating. Kind of infinite lives, no retry system.
This hack violates many of the core values of the site. Graphics and aethetics are lazily done with floating/stacked munchers and cutoff everywhere. There are many blantant level edits of the vanilla game. All levels should be made from scratch. That means pressing CTL+Delete to remove everything. There are many spots where you can break the level by going over top or underneath it.

"infinite lives" dont really work since the moon only spawns once.

Level 2-
1st Half - Level edit of Valley of Bowser 4. Lava cut off, stacked/floating munchers.
2nd Half - level edit of Morton's Castle

The Ropes: You can grab the midway and obtain rope glitch using the mushroom to push you into the muncher wall. It looks like rope glitch was intended for later but then you can skip the entire level by jumping over the top.

Switch Palace: Bad water cutoff/ floating munchers.

Climby Level: Bad P-balloon graphics. You can use the P balloon to skip to the end over the top.

The Long Cut: You can swim under the level.

Being Bad: more level edits of bowser castle and his rooms.
File Name: super mio world V1.2
Submitted: by JP 14
Authors: JP 14
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: paleta de cores consertada fixed color palette
Overall: Lots of lag and repetitive bouncing on enemies for extended periods of time. Palettes could use a little work. There was a lot of lag that should be removed. The hack doesn't seem completable on the (en) version.

(minor)Magic at the midway is easily despawned on your first attempt through forcing you to die to respawn them.
(moderate) Extreme amounts of slowdown by attempting to drop an army of saws on the player.. I feel like 2 or 3 would be enough.

Think Fast-
(moderate) More lag. 16 falling saws. I dont even think most of them spawn.

Death blocks and ground palettes look off.

For Barbie- 49 bounces off red koopas on munchers. I'm not saying it wasn't fun.. but it could probably use a little variation. The bright pink background is a little hard on the eyes. Also more slowdown due to the 13 koopas at the end.

(Major) The raft falls off the screen where the canons are. The level looks impossible to beat from this point forwards since it looks like you still need the raft for a while longer. I played on the (en) version.
File Name: 2020 A Vision Quest
Submitted: by oneframejames
Authors: oneframejames
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Are you prepared for 2020 A Vision Quest? Are you my friend? A hack created in 2020 about the quest to achieve 2020 vision with 20/20 exits if you are to reach 100% completion. (There are 2 optional stages that are maddening.) Custom palettes, custom music, but vanilla. Retry and disabling L and R screen scrolling are the only patches that were used. The levels are designed beautifully. Colors and music create atmosphere. Although vanilla, we were once scared to venture into chocolate. Now chocolate is everywhere. Come on this adventure, and see that there is still a lot to be explored in vanilla. You will see setups that you have yet to see. Creativity blooms...
(major)Desi's Docks- You can still swim under the level, its a little harder with the tide, but the p switch makes it a lot easier to do. I just chose to swim under the harder parts of the level.

(minor) Cerulean Skies - Not that it makes it too much easier but you can fly over top with yoshi at the end.

(major) Atari's Capper - You can get flight from the midway and fly over the 2nd half. Its a little hard to figure out but I think overall it makes the 2nd half much easier.

(major)Floating and stacked munchers should generally be avoided. They can be used in moderation if the hack is very clean otherwise. Most cases in this hack can be easily avoided.

(minor) There are a lot of levels with missing corner tiles. A good example would be claymore passage or cliffhanger mines.

General Feedback-

Griswold's Castle - Having to play the auto section over and over again was very very tedious since most of the level afterwards is very blind unfriendly.

Plok's Cabin- I enjoyed the first half of the level, but mario can only go so far above the screen before an invisible wall stops him so it makes some of the jumps act differently than it looks.

Overall- Very interesting hack, I think the beginning starts off really strong with level ideas and design. The cutoff/ cement/ munchers/ palettes are the most unattractive thing about the hack. I still think the hack will retain its old school feel and aesthetic if most of these are fixed. There is some small cheese that I mentioned that should also be looked into as well.
File Name: Super Easy World
Submitted: by UltraBolt
Authors: UltraBolt
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Do not play i put it here just for it dont dissapear from the world if this computer barkes is just for my peronal museum . Is one of the worst hacks out there don´t blame me for it being bad i am just 13 years old also fun fact the music in Pokey Paradise I compose myself althought you will need to wait in place 70-80 seconds to hear it.
Well here it is play it at your own risk.

Daniel (AKA Ultrabolt) S. Did everything...
Everything Ever...
Overall- Most of the levels are short and very easy. There is some decent level design in the 2nd half.

One screen puzzle- This is way to simple of a puzzle to be considered kaizo. Vertical scroll isn't enabled so you can't see the top of the level.

Green Switch - You use green blocks as helper blocks which you can obtain cape from and skip most of the levels.

There is a random unfinished level on an alternate path.

You mention wanting to have the file on site as a backup. The your smwcentral filebin is a good place for that.
File Name: Super EZ World
Submitted: by Yez
Authors: Yez
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: edit: it has come to my attention that this hack is NOT EZ ldadCmon I blame Morsel for his hacks' overwhelming influence on me!

"Super EZ World" is a beginner level SMW Kaizo: Light romhack.

It's meant for players who are fairly new to Kaizo. However, I tried making it visually appealing to even the most skilled of Kaizo players. My hope is that anyone who plays my hack will enjoy at least some aspect of it.

Each level progresses in difficulty. If you get stuck on any one part, I suggest looking on YouTube for tutorials. NobleTofu has some excellent YouTube videos where he explains how to ride disco shells and how to do shell jumps.

This is my first attempt at creating an SMW Kaizo romhack. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated. Thank you so much for playing!

Please check the README for more info and credits.
The first two levels are half auto (basically just holding a direction as the level completes itself) with some pretty tough jumps following the auto sections. That means a lot of waiting or doing nothing until the difficult parts come up which make the levels very tedious to play. The difficulty swings within the levels are very intense.

The graphics are quite busy colorwise making it difficult to tell what is happening at some points in the game.

So EZ -
The "death slopes" hurt box extends far beyond their visual representation.
The goomba section is pretty trivial and feels like it is just making you run through 4 screens of nothing.

Kinda EZ- Black munchers on black background makes them hard to see.

Not EZ - You can shell jump over the 2 pipes after hitting the p switch. I found a lot of this level to be confusing to figure out.

Ending notes: This is definitely not a beginner friendly hack, there are a lot of tight windows and jumps and the level layouts can get quite confusing to navigate. Make sure to check the kaizo testing forum on smwc or the romhack races testing channel if you are looking for feedback on your levels. The hack section isn't a place for feedback but for finished hacks/demos.
File Name: Save Luigi
Submitted: by Overcomon7
Authors: Overcomon7
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 25 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: A real adventure! (Played by GPB)
Mario must save Princess Peach and Luigi from Bowser's clutches...

This game includes:

*A sense of Adventure - The overworld relates to the level and overworld exploration is a key part of the game.
*Fast Retry
*Custom Music
*Custom Graphics
*Custom Sprites
*Unique level design
*A puzzle
*A lot of lore!

Dedicated to GrandPOOBear.
This hack is pretty good for the most part. There are a lot of breaks that should be addressed and some wild difficulty near the end.

Great Grassland:
(Feedback) The message block tells of how gray arrows work but don't show up in the level. Kind of strange.

The Island's End:
(Feedback) Gray arrows at the beginning don't seem as if they serve a purpose.

Bashed Buccaneer:
(Major) You can swim under the entire level using the layer 3 tide. A shell can be used to shell jump out near the end.

Crystal Cave:
(Moderate) It is not required to escort the saw the entire way because you can use the flame to unlock the statue pre-midway
(Minor) Saw in the first part has graphical errors when on screen with the thwomp and bone fish.
(Minor) Yoshi's toungue is glitched out.
(Feedback) Random tiles can be viewed above the level where the key falls.

Speed Sliding:
(moderate) You are able to skip the shell bucket & chuck with a shell jump over the wall.

Sequential Cavern:
(Major) Multiple ways to break the puzzle-
-Take P-switch over to the on/off blocks and hit them multiple times with the p-switch. Take yellow shell into the pipe and ride across the spikes.
-Goomba jump up to the spring. Double grab spring and P-switch/goomba. Enter Pipe. Use spring to jump over the spikes and turn the block with your item.
-There are other more convuluted ways but these were very simple and skip almost the entire puzzle. I would make it so yoshi cannot run over the top of the level because that's what i ended up doing using a p switch to open the block at the end.

Unplain Plains:
(Feedback) - On the section where you bump the 2 red shells the bottom shell passes inside the spikes on the right but not the left. It wont be noticed if you do the intended strat, but might confuse some people trying out different things.

Mole Express:
(Moderate) You can skip the shell juggling portion by throwing a shell up top and keeping the screen scrolled to the right while you go grab the other shell.

The Dark Side:
(Feedback) The difficulty spike in this level is pretty intense. I hesitate to say it violates any moderation issues but I think this level should probably be toned down. As someone who has a decent amount of experience with both gimmicks in this level.. it took me almost as long to beat this level as the other 26 exits took combined.

Front Door (Puzzle Section):
(Major) Owning another game shouldn't be a requirement to solve the puzzle and beat the hack. Mario Maker 2 servers will eventually shut down one day. Youtube videos are not gauranteed to be around since they or the channel can be removed. We can't assume the player will have access to lunar magic since it is a windows program. I think the best solution to keep the puzzle in would be to include a *puzzle spoiler* readme text file inside the zip folder. Not only does this let someone be able to complete the game if they don't have SMM2 but I think the option to skip these puzzles would be a nice choice if the player dislikes these types of puzzles.

Front Door (Action Section):
(Major) - Having retry prompt enabled makes it very easy for the player to accidently exit out of the level losing a massive amount of progress since it returns you to the first midway. (In my case I lost over 2 hours of gameplay because I was pressing up during the boss to throw blocks upwards and then accidently quit out.)

The number of exits to use for the submission is the number on the title screen after you have completed everything. In this case the exit count would be 30, not 25.
Can't wait to play this one. Idol always brings some exciting and unique gameplay.
File Name: Epic Quest For Beer
Submitted: by Captain Domas
Authors: Captain Domas
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is a short kaizo light hack, even suitable for beginners.
This hack has sort of a "story".

Considering this is my first hack, any feedback is welcome.

Credits are at the end of the game.

fixed the error that you couldn't go further after the first castle
fixed rope glitch in one level
fixed some minor parts where you could go over the level
reduced sprites in one level to reduce the lag
Found some fairly big problems with this hack outlined below. Ultimately I wasn't able to complete the hack because I wasn't able to progress in one level. I noticed in the comments and changelog that a similar issue was found at the time of submission.

Make sure you test the final version one last time before you upload it to SMWCentral to make sure everything works correctly.

Overworld -
(Major)- You can skip the first four levels by walking over them.i dont

Craftbeer cave -
(minor) Cutoff in many places with the lava and ground tiles. Example: The first platform in the level is abruptly cutoff and floating above the lava.

Old Sewers -
(major) Almost every rope in the level can be ridden into a wall to obtain "rope glitch". This allows you to climb over the entire level and even in the level early by touching the first orb. I recommend using a patch to fix this.

Hop Harvest -
(minor) A ton of lag around the 4 gray platforms.

Alcoholic Alps-
(Major) I don't see a way to beat this level. It looks like there is a pokey missing in lunar magic when I checked.
File Name: Yoshi's Paw
Submitted: by JonnyManjiro
Authors: JonnyManjiro
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: The Lore: Mario returns to Dinosaur Island after 30 years to see if anything’s changed since his last visit.

The Difficulty: Intermediate Kaizo light, but with short sections, so players with less experience will still be able to get through the levels without too much trouble.

The Music: All levels feature original music composed and written by the author of the hack.

The length: 5 exits plus a final castle and boss.
(Major) Overworlds should be made from scratch. Using the vanilla overworld violates one of the core values on the site.

(Minor) Can skip grabbing the yellow shell and escort the koopa by itself.
(Minor)Can get P-speed over the top of the level, from the disco/yellow koopa bounce, and jump to the end skipping the last section. This is probably harder than the real way though.

Yellow Switch Place-
(Minor) Can collide the 2 discos at the end and jump off of the yellow koopa.

(Minor) The 4 second timer platform after the midway is not needed since you can easily jump up to the yellow block and grab the spring. You can also jump from there to the wall spring.

(Major) You can skip the entire yoshi feeding section by taking one of the shells to the end instead.

Soul for the Soup-
(Moderate) No need to throw the shell to the yellow koopa since you can just shell jump at the end.

The levels themselves were very creative and unique. Most of the minor breaks aren't bad on their own but add up in a short hack like this. The sections where you skip the entire purpose of the room and overworld are the main reasons for rejection.
File Name: Nitpicky Lulu
Submitted: by CD20Superness
Authors: CD20Superness
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 28 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: UPDATE: Added the retry patch!

This is my very first hack, so I will be proud to upload this for the first time!

This hack is dedicated to Marge's Little Lulu. In this hack, Audrey gets caught by an invisible man and you have to save her as a friend. However, your adventure seems to be very very very risky and dangerous.

Took me 2 months to make this...


Note: May cause sprite memory errors.
Note 2: Use savestates if you cannot finish the level.
The first half of the levels aren't kaizo at all which is fine as i thought it might end up being some sort of standard/kaizo hybrid. The level design eventually turned into enemy and invisible block spam which isn't fun. Kaizo doesn't mean just stick invisible blocks everywhere.

I found myself playing guess what object is solid and which objects I would pass through. It became very hard to tell what was part of the background and what I could stand on. There is one level in particular "Vomit Island 1" where the spike sections are annoying to navigate because you use half spike graphics but the entire normal hitbox kills you.

The hack has an overabundance of blind jumps (not knowing where or if there is ground at all.)

Some of the level names aren't changed from their vanilla names. Some message blocks don't contain messages.
A lot of spelling errors maybe get someone to help with proofreading.

The later levels get extremely long without good checkpoint placement and overly difficult sections. Make sure you test your levels and preferably have others test your levels without savestates so they can provide feedback.

It still feels like this hack needs a lot of work in level design and playability.
File Name: Shell Wizardry
Submitted: by ageVerrly
Authors: ageVerrly
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: A short hack featuring mainly the mechanic that lets you spawn shells into mario's hand with l or r.
Levels 1-4:
The spawning shell mechanic is pretty cool for a bit, but the shells are mainly for shelljumping so it gets repetitive very quickly.

I would've liked to see different uses for the shell spawns or even spawning different stuff in each level. Level 3 sort of has a puzzle element to it with the power ups, but other than that its mostly just shelljumping everywhere.

Level 4:
I don't really see the point for the orb in this level, its just kind of there.

The midway seems more detrimental than helpful since you need to unlock the block on the way back to the keyhole, I actually reset the game after I had gotten the midway because it was way harder.

You can just shelljump/keyjump over the top of the level instead of playing it.

Green Switch Level 5:
I found it very weird that there was a glitch puzzle in this hack seemingly out of no where. Also it feels like it doesn't belong since it ignores the main focus of the hack. The level itself was ok, fairly simple.

Level 6 Yoshi:
Pretty cool level, but you can skip some parts by flying under with the blue shell.

Level 7 Springs:
I'm glad we got to spawn something new, but once again it was used in a pretty stale way.

Overall the hack feels very rushed and I feel some more time could be used to flesh out ideas and level design. The two levels where you didn't spawn anything seemed like the most creative. The other 5 levels just relied on spawning the items and using them to not fall into pits/munchers. They basically were indistinguishable from each other in terms of gameplay.
File Name: KAIZOZO
Submitted: by JORGIRI
Authors: JORGIRI
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: this was my first super mario world hack rom, I hope you like it! this kaizo is not very difficult.
The overworld and exit count leave a lot to be desired. Lack of a decent life system or retry will make a lot of players turn away, especially since the first two levels don't save and if you game over you lose all your progress. There were some moons you could farm halfway through the 1st level but that shouldn't be required.

For a first hack the levels weren't bad they just weren't that great either. Pretty basic kaizo manuevers like shell jumps and bubble jumps just placed throughout.

I did find a significant amount of level breaks.

Yoshi Island 1-
(minor) Cutoff in the water on the 2nd half
(minor) You only need one shell to shelljump the double shell jump part or you can just reuse the goombas.

Carrying an item to the end lets you take a mushroom out of the level, but I didnt really find a good use for it. Good to know for future hacks.

Yoshi Island 2-
(Major) You can skip the p switch section by shell jumping over top the level. You even made the player jump over the top in the previous level, so this seems like a strange oversight.

(Major)You can also keep yoshi at the end by jumping over the pipe, not that it helps but you also skip the ditch jump.

Final - Bowser- 2nd half of the level is a pretty obvious edit of Iggy's Castle autoscroller with some added munchers. Levels should be made from scratch.
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