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apparently mods don't appreciate me posting softcore gay porn for all to see. such a blatant disregard for freedom of speech

Originally posted by leod
alexandrite your avatar is a lion lamia

close enough
a level

hello, friends. here is a demo of the first half of my level. i wouldn't recommend trying the second half since it's severely unpolished. feedback is appreciated, either on here or on discord (i'm normally lurking). i think my biggest concern is about the difficulty, whether the level is too easy or too hard. hopefully nothing breaks.

also if you can think of a name that suites my level, that would also be nice.
wow that was quick. i can't say that it wasn't disheartening reading through the first time, but i appreciate it nonetheless. i've never really made a kaizo level before and barely have any experience playing kaizo levels so i trust your opinion. i suppose, on reflection, the biggest issue with my level comes from the disconnect between the creator and player. although i might be able to properly anticipate the traps and find the solutions very apparent and may be able to the level without savestates, it never really occurred to me that the player would have no idea what to do without any clear indication. maybe i should have gotten the hint when i started to get frustrated with the timing. oh well. you mentioned making the water for the falling sprites visible. what would be the best way to achieve this effect without the possibility of the player being able to swim in it?

if what you say is true and my level can be salvaged, i just hope i have enough time x_x
let's try this again

actually beatable by normal human standards this time (hopefully). scrapped the whole old level though some of the ideas and gimmicks have been transferred over, albeit very revised. once again, the level is only done up until the midpoint and, as always, feedback is greatly appreciated. i think i'll probably post one more demo here before the deadline.
one last demo before the deadline

this time with the second half done. i think this time around i'm most worried about the second half veering into the too hard category again, though i think i've toned certain parts down enough so hopefully it shouldn't be an issue. if there are no pressing issues that anyone finds, this will probably be the version i'll finally submit.

compilation: sure

special thanks to gbreeze, sixcorby, and idol
so this might be a dumb question, but is arranging jumping piranha plants like this (with the first set in the pipe and the second already in the air) permissible?


no secret exits
here's something i whipped up over the course of the past two days (don't procrastinate, kids)

this is my first time really doing something like this and doing it in a short amount of time, so some places, especially in the art department, lack some polish, but overall i thought it was worth showing off. it was a fun little experiment and i hope to finish this and make more of these in the future. there is some blood, but it's cartoonish enough that it shouldn't really be an issue.

if you find any broken links, images, issues in continuity, etc. just let me know and i'll get on it

also here's a link to a very sloppy and barely legible flowchart guiding the adventure, in case you want that for whatever reason
well i suppose the connection makes sense considering reading the valley fortress forum adventure on here as a youngin was very inspirational to me. i made at least 5 or so forum adventures in the style of the valley fortress for a different forum years ago and i suppose this can be seen as a sort of continuation of that "legacy".
leod posted in my c3 thread but idol has given me feedback on my levels a couple times

i'm so torn
we met on neopets

this collab looks p neat. i'm gonna claim Chocolate Island 5 (1C) and try to give it a shot. i'm assuming you can't change mario's starting and midway entrance position, right?
this is just a suggestion, but, assuming gbreeze hasn't made too much progress on the level so far, maybe we could make bowser's castle a collaborative effort and have different people each take a different sublevel. i think it would be more fun that way
well would the gba version even work? i mean, we are using that one patch that fixes level 24 so i'm not sure if it'll be compatible anyways

also i'm not entirely opposed to an sa-1 version of the hack, but it seems a bit needlessly complicated to have multiple of the same hack with only slight differences between each especially if one of them doesn't work on the real snes
not last :)
level 1c a.k.a. chocolate island 5 is now done

took a bit longer to finish than i was hoping, but i'm pretty satisfied with the end result. just a simple, straightforward, kinda rompy level. im open to any feedback of course.

might make a video of the level later
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