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i've been trying to read a lot more lately, but here are 5 of my favorites right now

the bible
not even being ironic

to the light house by virginia woolf
beautiful. the way the narrative ebbs and flows through perspectives and plays with time is masterful.

ficciones by jorge luis borges
i love the way borges is able to conjure up strange and fascinating yet familiar worlds and then write about them as if they weren't fictional

the summer book by tove jansson
by the same author that created the moomins so you know it's a gonna be a cute and charming read.

collected poems by arthur rimbaud
the penguin classics version of course
not last :)

also this is the second time in a level design contest that tob's been ranked one place above me #ab{o_O}
huge if true
i hope going forward we can get more transparency on staff changes to avoid any confusion or surprises. it would be nice to know what new staff members' qualifications are, what the nomination process was like, and so on, kinda like what idol did in this thread. similarly, it would also probably be best to know the reasoning for staff members departing. some might view five staff members mysteriously resigning over the course of two months as a sign of instability in the way the site is being run when in reality it might just be because of something innocuous like their real lives getting too hectic.

that's just my two cents though
Originally posted by Gloomy
Honestly, you guys should trust us more. We take promotions very seriously and we have them all discussed, and even if things go wrong (that inevitably happens, we're all humans) we make sure to have it sorted out by sitting down and having long talks with the members at fault.


i don't know if my suggestion is derived from a mistrust of the staff. i just think that it would maybe make users who are less in the loop about all the big name users on here feel more invested in promotions. it's easy for us to take for granted our closeness to certain members which obviously leads us to getting excited for them when they get promoted, but to an outsider, these changes might just seem arbitrary. i suppose there is the staff page but i feel like it's a page that people are less likely to seek out than announcement and news posts.

maybe this is getting a bit too off topic for this thread lol
i think some people in this thread assume good and memorable level design is attainable by only a select few hackers, the best of the best. the reality is, however, that there are so many analyses of what makes nintendo's level design so good that it ultimately comes down to learning from these principles, getting out of your comfort zone, and putting them into practice and i don't think that's gonna happen if you just set out to make a "just another generic" hack. when i made my vldc level in february, it was pretty obvious i didn't know what i was doing in terms of level design, but afterwards, i decided to study up more on what makes levels good and by the time oldc came around, i think it showed that i was starting to have a better grasp on these ideas, and now i'm making levels that i really like. that's what it seems like gbreeze's point was in making this thread: not to bring people down, but to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone for making levels.

in other words, don't give up, newbies! you can do it!
i got one vote last year so let's aim for two this year, fellas #smw{:TUP:}#smw{:TUP:}#smw{:TUP:}
1) lion, Hobz, Y.Y.
3) idol, leod, Dr. Tapeworm
5) idol
6) worldpeace
7) white_moth, GbreezeSunset, Morsel
9) lolyoshi, ft029
10) Magi
12) Mandew
14) idol
15) Morsel, Rameau's Nephew, ft029
16) Rameau's Nephew
17) idol, leod
18) idol, Y.Y.
20) Y.Y.
21) Qwoll
23) Y.Y.
25) idol
26) GbreezeSunset
30) lion
31) Tokiko
32) idol, lion, leod
35) idol, smwcentral
36) ThePat545
37) Kieran Menor
38) idol, smwcentral
42) Rameau's Nephew
43) idol
44) idol, Hobz
45) S.N.N.
48) idol
100) idol

i don't know most of you so this is as good as it will probably get
not last :)

also each level i submitted for other contests since this one has been ranked relatively higher than the last so that must be a good sign. next year, i'm aiming for FIRST #smrpg{y}
no awards for me this year, but being voted most underrated by the head admin has to count for something, right? i think so.
i checked the latest version of the rom and i don't my level (1C) ever got inserted. that also seems to be the case for levels 110, 11F, 121, 12D, and 134.

on an unrelated note, i know this hack is supposed to be on the hard side, but level 105 maybe is a bit too difficult for a first level. for example, this is a blind jump and i died the first time i got there, one-tile jumps probably shouldn't be in a first level, and this area is pretty easy to get stuck in if you accidentally burn the shell. i think in general the level would benefit from being more focused.
hello i'm back and with something i didn't make over the course of just two days


some background:
this hack was born out of my dissatisfaction with the previous hack i had been working on, also called Super Mario World: Alexandrite Edition. that hack, however, was trying to be more like an official mario game, whereas this hack is being made more like a collaboration hack, in which all of the levels will be made first before really making the overworld, and is more inspired by the works of the JUMP team and japanese hacks like the hyper mario series. i'm aiming for a very hard difficulty, but still in a way thats manageable.

right now, this hack is mostly vanilla in gameplay, outside of a few new blocks and patches, but hopefully that will start to change soon enough. this demo includes 6 six playable levels. some of the levels are pretty rough still (Confusing Koopas can be hilariously easily broken and the power-up filters, for whatever reason, still don't properly filter out reserve items [here's a link to the asm in case you figure out where i went wrong]), but thats mostly why i'm releasing this; to garner feedback from the community and see what areas i can improve in for the future. i may not respond to all the feedback right away, but please know i appreciate it and will try my best to keep it in mind going forward. i hope you enjoy.

here are some screenshots if you want those for whatever reason:

also i had a dream about c3 last night so it's probably safe to say that i'm at least a little bit excited to release this
oh, that makes sense now why it wouldn't work lol. thanks, lion!
those influences tho 👀

i gotta play this when i get the chance. i hope you do end up finishing it because smw central desperately needs more hacks like this
well i can't say for certain if these levels are indeed JUMP-quality or even as janky as YUMP's, but they certainly try their best to be at points #smrpg{y}
just wanted to say how much i appreciate this website, especially that archive of japanese hacks. i'm really looking forward to exploring it some more
actually i'm pretty sure i have some of the previous versions of super mario super star on my old laptop. i don't know if you're interested at all, but if you are, let me know and i'll try to look into it some more some time in the near future.
thank you for saving my life, idol
i really like what i've played so far, but, unless i'm missing something, i got softlocked here. that should be a pretty quick fix though

e: never mind, apparently i can't read

e2: not a softlock but still a bit annoying that if you lose your powerup here and you don't kill the last pokey (which i did at least twice) you just kinda have to die and i know for sure you can't press l and r to reset because i already tried it
dang, i was really hoping at least some more people would've taken notice to my demo and liked it. maybe one day.


thank you to that one person that did vote for it though. maybe i just needed to campaign harder. who knows.
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