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Here's my Badass Level's jump for your life! FEF6-0000-0044-D08F

And jump for ypur life! v.1.1 9445-0000-004B-7CEB
someone should remake super mario usa in super mario bros 3 look
I want to restore and fix old smw hacks that don't work on modern emulators like ball of revenge and the big boo gang hacks that were rejected or had many flaws because emulators were not that good back then and I think they should be restored and give another chance for them to shine there are so many old hacks that were rejected back in smwcentral early days because emulators were still new and rom hacking wasn't as advanced as they are now
so what tools can and should I use I never submitted a hack before should I use lunar magic to fix a lot of the old hacks and what else?
for old hacks that crash how would I make them crashproof?
some hacks May have compatibility issues with certain emulators How do I setup snes9x or other emulators to remedy the situation?
how do fix I hacks so they are compatible with snes9x they work fine until I get past the title screen then black screen?
I got my hack from zandro's smwdb so what smw patch do I need to download and where or how do I make the asm any tutorial video would help?
Future Flash Recall by Hunter + Scorpion [2009-04-09] (SMW Hack) I'm trying to fix this one so it works so what do I do?
yeah that's why I want to fix old hacks like that to work on modern emulators like snes9x
i'm trying to fix or update old games that result a black screen past the title screen for modern emulators
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