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Wow, this looks pretty fucking awesome! Seriously, I looked at the original Touhou Mario (not exactly played it, although I might try it later with savestates), and it was actually pretty good (although kinda glitchy for non-savestaters).

But, now that I seen the progress Touhou Mario is having, it can be pretty much a success (ESPECIALLY the music, since SA-1 enables you to have full SNES remixes that sounds much better than regular SMW custom music, even if custom music was already pretty good, although it can get better) so you got my full definite support. #smw{:TUP:}
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Originally posted by Ladida
Originally posted by Theultimate12
since SA-1 enables you to have full SNES remixes that sounds much better than regular SMW custom music


the SA-1 is isolated from the SPC, moreso than the normal CPU. it doesn't affect music in the slightest

what you're hearing is wakana's raw skill

Yeah sorry, I dont exactly know much about SMW hacking, only play them (will try and see if I can, though, although that will take a long time) so that error was almost inevitable. XD

And well, I only had this assumption because most SMW hacks that I played dont use that kind of music so I thought they couldnt because they didnt have good enough hardware. XD Seriously, though, looking forward to it, especially dat juicy Touhou music (and, well, I am kinda curious as to how Byakuren`s theme and most of the other songs are gonna sound in SMW/SNES sound fonts). :)
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Also, speaking of which, I played and completed Evil Conquest. I saw that Wakana and Silver Scarlet participated on the hack as well, and I saw that they participated on the music. So, I want to know something: WHO MADE THAT REMIX OF SANAE`S THEME (I think the Space Invaders level had it, for more clarification)?

My god, seriously, if that was you guys, then I have REALLY high hopes for this hack, because it was AWESOME. I came back to listen to it for, like, three times because for how good it was (ESPECIALLY that Megaman X guitar. That is what sold it for me).

So, well, that`s it. If this isnt relevant to the hack, I am sorry and I am gonna delete it if it is, but just wanting to leave that here while I wait for a update.
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Originally posted by Wakana
Say hello to Aya Shameimaru! #thp{;)}

She will also be in the hack, and I happen to have ported her theme.
Both me and Vitor are a bit unsure on some parts, so please, don't be afraid to share your opinion about it, thanks!

Pretty damn nice as always. Though have you tried considering putting the piano solo (at least, I think its how its called) from the Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red version of this song? Just a suggestion, because I actually prefer the complete version over the original from Touhou 9. XD
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Wait, how can you actually get the ZUNpets to go through the SNES hardware? Can the SNES really emulate something like this? I am really curious as to how that would work; probably something relating to lowering the quality of them? I dunno. XD

But yeah, these themes are pretty damn good! I really like that you`re including Mima in this game, too. XD

Now, for a Makai character... well, I dunno, I would go for Shinki on this one, though if you are wanting to add more PC98 characters, then how about Yumemi? Her theme is EASILY one of my favorites of the PC98 era, and I am pretty sure you could do an amazing remix of her theme. XD
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Well, I dont really know how can I properly put banners in my signature, since, as you can see, I can only put the respective hack/ game`s name, but not the banners (and since I am fairly new here, it would only be natural that I didnt know all this stuff, right?).

Also, one more thing: about the layout thingy, how can someone acquire that? Do you need to ask someone here or can you acquire it yourself? XD
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Well, I think its time I made a proper welcome.

Hi, I am Theultimate12. I am 15 years old, am from Brazil, and I have always been fascinated with hacking and how people can make such amazing hacks while STILL following the hardware limitations. When I am older, though, when I finish middle school and go to a university (I think that`s how they`re called in the USA? Dunno about that), I will actually go to a game designing class to learn how to make these hacks, along with also providing some pretty cool SNES remixes (if they teach that, anyway... I really hope they do tbh) so, yeah, that`s all. XD
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Originally posted by Koopster
You can use either HTML or BBCode to put images and links in your sig. Here's some example code:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>


Both should look like this:

If you know HTML (or CSS), you can code a layout yourself and place it in the Header/Footer fields of your profile. If you don't, you can request one in this thread.

All right, it worked now. Thanks! And I`ll try and see if I can get a layout in that thread too. XD
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Hey! I dunno if there`s anyone here who can do this, but if you guys could make my layout like this:

Have the text box be dark red, and have this image on the right side of the text box:

Then I would really appreciate it. Hope this is good enough info, since I dont really know how to say this very well. XD

If only I could find a animated image of REGULAR Omega Zero either with his ``WARE WA MESSIAH NARI!´´ pose or doing his seven slash combo, though... if you guys know where to find this, then put that instead on the left side. But I dont really think its necessary (and I dunno if it would blend well with the color) so, yeah. XD

EDIT: Oh yeah, also, about the letters, put whatever color suits best, just not something that doesnt blend well with the text box color.
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Originally posted by Koopster
You don't need to take university to make cool hacks :O
Actually if you're going for game design I think SMW hacking will serve very well as some experience for you when you get there.

Welcome and enjoy your stay! Oh, and come to the Portuguese forum sometime o/

Ehh, I may just try and learn it somewhere else, then, since tbh, I really dunno jack s*** on how to do something like this, so I at least want to get the gist of it beforehand.
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Originally posted by JackTheSpades
Images like these DO NOT make for a good layout (the filesize is too big too).
A background image should loop horizontally and vertically, or, if not, should have a clean (single color) cut at the edges so you can just set the background color without creating cutoff.
See the first post on how to properly request a layout and what the resources should be like.

On a smaller scale, this is what your layout would look like:

Yeah, sorry about that, I didnt really see the rules part and thought that any picture would do. XD Anyway, how about this one, then?

I think this one would be better, since its way smaller and its background is white, meaning that it blends way better and doesnt really give too much attention to the actual layout. If it isnt any good, then just ignore my request.

EDIT: If white backgrounds dont really work, though, then this one could be better? I dunno at this point tbh.
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I have been trying to find a way to make a cover of Pokemon DPPt`s Gym Leader Battle Theme in a MMX style in this program, but I cant really get any concrete tutorials on how to do it on Youtube, and the only tutorials they have are to make 8-bit music or using non-SNES samples. Can someone please help me? I am trying my best to understand this, but its being pretty damn hard to even get the materials. XD
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Oh yeah, also, I dont really know if its needed to say this, but if you guys are going to put the second picture that I put for a layout choice, then dont put the box color as dark red. Any kind of color is fine, though I dunno if that color is gonna blend in with the layout so, yeah. If you guys want to use the first picture, though, then you guys could put a dark red box with this as part of the text box:

If its not possible, though, then please disregard that. And about the text font or color, do whatever you guys want with it. That`s all. XD

And, of course, the rest of what I said before, but I think you guys already know that, so...
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Originally posted by RanAS
Originally posted by Zekrom PKstarship
[why did you delete the post, c'mon]

If you want to use a custom font in your layout, first you need to make sure its license lets you use it on webpages. Is the font's name "Mega Man 10", named after the game? That one allows you to use it as a webfont. This one website called Font Squirrel lets you do that (here).

If you still want to use the font, I can convert it for you and send you the CSS so that you can use it in your post layout.

Originally posted by Theultimate12

Unfortunately, there's simply no way I can organize those backgrounds with HTML/CSS and still make it look nice. There's multiple reasons none of those backgrounds work, and it would take a while to explain. Sorry.

Yeah, dont worry about it, since I dont really think this is THAT necessary, and I dont really think I would feel right about making you work too much like that. Though just kinda curious: which kind of picture would work better on a layout? I already seen some people have a regular layout without any pictures on the actual layout, and instead having a picture on the side, so maybe that`s a better way to do this? Tbh, I dont really know about this too well, so I need to know what I am doing wrong. XD
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Originally posted by RanAS
Originally posted by Theultimate12
Yeah, dont worry about it, since I dont really think this is THAT necessary, and I dont really think I would feel right about making you work too much like that. Though just kinda curious: which kind of picture would work better on a layout? I already seen some people have a regular layout without any pictures on the actual layout, and instead having a picture on the side, so maybe that`s a better way to do this? Tbh, I dont really know about this too well, so I need to know what I am doing wrong. XD

You can have just the text and a single color as a background, but it's not too complicated to have images as a background either. You just need the right image. There's a few alternatives actually. Here's the most important ones that I can remember:

1. An image that repeats in all directions. It can have any resolution. It can't have cutoff of any kind in any corner of the image. Example.

2. An image that doesn't repeat, but is streched to fill the entire screen. Needs to have a high resolution and a low filesize (usually JPEG). Doesn't look as good. Example.

3. An image that doesn't repeat, but is attached to a corner of the post layout. The rest of the post is either filled with a single color, a gradient or another background. Transparency required (or at least a very uniform background made of only one color). Example.

Here's the problem. With bad images, none of these work. Here's an example with a different image, but the exact same problem I'm having coding your layout.

I would need to edit the image a lot to fix that, it would take a while.

You know what? I think that a dark red background with this in it (, this on the side ( and this font ( would be better, but I dunno if that`s good or not. If the problem is with the layout, though, then I think this could remediate the problem (I guess...?).
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Wow, I must say, nice effects in the overworld! And Nazrin`s attacks still look as impressive as ever, even with the SNES limitations. Also, one thing (well, actually, three things): I see that you guys are gonna add moves from the 3D Mario games (like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy 1/2), so I want to know this: how many times do these moves come into play, will Yoshi be in the game with the Flutter Jump (or have its special moves from Galaxy 2) and which other mechanics are you guys gonna add? Really, though, I can definitely see the game probably being with the likes of Carol`s works, both being as famous and being as heavily edited as possible. This is some awesome shit right here, and I really want you guys to continue this. Peace. #smw{:TUP:}
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Huh, I was wondering about this for a while now, but is there still no SMW custom music support? I am trying to use OpenMPT + SNESMOD for that now, but its really weird that the songs made in this VST cant actually be ported to hacks, when it CLEARLY says that its supposed to perfectly emulate the SNES sound chip. :/
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Originally posted by RPG Hacker
That's because the audio processor of the SNES is actually programmable, which means that only a low number of SNES games actually uses the same audio engine. Usually only games by the same developer. In other words: How audio data is played on the SNES depends, by a huge amount, on the game itself. This means that it's pretty much impossible to write a converter that outputs general audio files you can insert into every SNES game. A tool like that would only be possible for a specific game (or maybe a number of games). Only games using the same audio engine could potentially use the same audio format.

Well, I guess that could make sense. I mean, the SNES had a lot of different samples for each game, so it would be pretty hard to fully emulate it, not like the Sega Genesis, which has preset samples included in the sound chip (which is why the songs in each game are so similar and, ultimately, having a way easier time to fully emulate the sound chip). But isnt it possible to find some way to get songs made in C700 into SMW? I mean, if we are focusing in just one game, then I am pretty sure its possible. Plus, SMW hacking as a whole has advanced a lot, so...
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Originally posted by LucasRCD
Hello there SHEBANG. I hope you have a good stay here and I hope to see more than this one time since most people that "introduce" themselves here go innactive mostly within their first day or week after registering. By the way, in case you want to know how to do basic stuff in Super Mario World hacking, take a visit to the F.A.Q., although it's a bit outdated... Anyway, good luck with whatever you do.

Well, if I ever get experienced enough in doing SNES styled songs with SNESGSS, then I`l share my projects with you guys (might gonna have to test these on AddMusic first, though), though that will probably be it until I make my own SMW hack or when I`ll be talking about my thoughts on a upcoming hack, whenever that may be.

And yup, I am making SNES songs now! Dunno if I can say it here, but yeah! My Youtube channel is in my sig now if anyone wants to look, but I am still not very good so my remixes may be crappy for you guys (one of the motives why I am not uploading any SPCs of my songs). XD
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Originally posted by LucasRCD
Uh... Okay? That's nice I guess, but, why did you quote me?

Uhh, you were talking about how you want people to be active, and I tried to answer that question saying what am I going to do here on the forums. Sorry if it was confusing, btw. XD
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