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In brief:
Have fun and use savestates responsibly (or don't at all). Starts off Kaizo 1 difficulty, ends kaizo 3 difficulty. Uses many creative designs, traps, boss fights, challenges, and puzzles. Slight palette changes; otherwise vanilla.

The title screen. Features a wall-jump.

Practice level in Yoshi's house.

Shell jump puzzle?

The boo-go-a-round.

A useful Blargg in a vertical cave level.

Action packed level with tons of gimmicks.

A clever puzzle level.

Clappers + Baseballs + Falling Platforms + Kaizo Blocks = Not that hard!

You can't see any of the ground in this level unless you turn on the lights?

The invisible elevator level.

Dolphin room!

My favorite puzzle level. Good luck!

And, finally, this hack comes with a pretty, non-linear overworld with great events.

Removed everything except for the wide-scale ground ledge. I moved part of the ledge down one tile, put more floating munchers than people in New York City, and made the player jump on throw blocks and go up and down precision vines repeatedly until time ran out or you messed up a savestate. No cutoff though.

My second level was pretty much spin jumping on spinies the whole way :P then 1 tile precision muncher jumps and some actually fun falling platform things with more floating munchers

My levels are still 99% vanilla (I only flip some X and Y axes and change palettes sometimes), but are so much better :/
How do you remove the boost granted by a midway? Thanks in advance.

For a Kaizo hack
Sorry, I'm new here. I don't know what that means.
1/10 needs more cement blocks :P
"Vanilla Piece of Cake"
"World After Banzai"
"Kaizo Mario 0.8"
Whatever your style is :P
A responsible bump!

@Gbreezesunset Yes, the lava turned transparent somehow through some sort of HDMI error.
I don't know... usually I polish my levels if I don't like it myself until I like it. :/
Hello folks,

A hack called The Bridge to Kaizo is in production. This hack is a great first Kaizo hack for people who just beat the regular game. The levels are short, contain helpful message boxes, and have extended my creativity above and beyond. (Tons of gimmicks in here!) This hack can easily be done without savestates and really sets a good foundation for the next Kaizo hack, teaching tips, tricks, and minor glitches without confusing the player.

I expect this hack to be done in at most five weeks, and it will have maybe 30 levels.

Here are some screenshots of what I've done so far (16 levels):

A falling platform plus a thwomp.

An abyss-mole level.

Here, I edited a lava tile to act as a piranha plant so that the fireballs bounce back and forth.

The spin jump and item glitch.

Usually, levels where you have to keep things to the very end are boring and tedious, but fun segments make it engaging.

When the switch is on, you can't make progress. When the switch is off, you can't make progress. So you have to switch between both? heheheh

The goomba hits the switch, which makes the platform fall to the bottom line. Jump on the goomba when it comes back to life.

An eerie level. Mario has to set goombas wisely to bypass obstacles.

Later, Mario will take a Lakitu Cloud back, but the return trip isn't necessarily easier.

Can you figure out this boss fight?

Can you figure out what to do here? (this is a speed level)

Friday the 13th for my 13th post :D
It varies based off of the difficulty of the traps inside the level. The average is probably 5-7 screens per half level, although this isn't reliable as you could make a devilish boss fight and say "it's only one screen long".

The speed level has very easy traps but is 1D screens long, and you're getting past the screens very quickly as you're just running forward most of the time.
Don't worry. Considering I've been counting deaths to insure a difficulty curve, it should be okay.
"Wait, don't be hasty... this must be Koumei's trap."

*some wild, unexpected chocolate comes out of nowhere that no one would ever think of*
Agreed, the beginning of effortland is really awkward. And too many cement blocks.

But you should really beat it ASAP, as playing all of worldpeace's levels is really worth it heheh
Burnt Mountain Tango was a very, very cool level. Get it? heh
Nice! I love vanilla. I also love short levels that I can actually beat.

Why the cement blocks in the picture above for the munchers to stand on? It's easy to remove them. Also make sure there is ground on either side of the hanging munchers; it makes them look better in my opinion at least.
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