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I would say Sky at the Weird and Oops! both should have green doors.

Sky at the Weird has an awful autoscrolling section where it's really hard to tell what is solid and what is not. As for the second half, the level relies on bullet bill generators and a off screen lakitu for difficulty which I think is a poor way of making the level hard.

Oops! is just an awful level. I was really tempted to just give up and use savestates after dying after the 300+ smw second long autoscroller that does nothing except throw rocks that you can't see at you. Nothing fun about this awful level.

I think Moontop got a green door in the latest version. Can't confirm if it is working or not. It didn't have a green door when I played it, but I thought the level wasn't nearly as bad as Sky at the Weird.

I also think that Swiss Hotel doesn't need one with the coin guides and frequent powerups in place. The level is far more tame than Morsel's JUMP levels.
I have a really hard time believing this is vanilla. By far one of the most impressive use of aesthetics I've ever seen. I'm completely fine with the difficulty being low as long as the level is still fun to play.

Definitely impressed with it so far.
Presentation/Polish: Yes
Direct Map16 Access: Yes
Glitches: No

Levels should still try to look visually appealing to a degree. SMW levels in the actual game weren't cement block spam with floating munchers and jumping note blocks placed everywhere.

We should still be allowed to use direct map16 since it is more convenient than relying on standard/extended objects, but we shouldn't edit the tiles and change pallets.

Allowing unintended glitches like 1F0 would defeat the purpose of this contest. These glitches were really overused in both VLDC9 and VLDCX, so I would think most of us are sick of seeing stuff like this get abused. It is possible to make pure vanilla SMW style levels and still be fun. Allowing these glitches would just turn this contest into a stricter VLDCX.
This hack is truly a work of art. This is easily the best hack I've played so far in 2017! I'd be upset if this hack doesn't get featured.
+1 for YUMP. It really is a one of a kind experience.

In all seriousness there is some really clever puzzle levels in that hack. I had more fun with YUMP than many serious hacks.
I'll claim 1F Forest Fortress. Might have some fun trying this.

Most of the level is finished. Just doing final touches now. It's suppose to be a challenging level, I don't think it's too out of place difficulty wise though. The autoscrolling smasher room is fairly short.
Sorry it's been awhile. Here's Forest Fortress though.


and the level files

First I want to talk about Roy's Castle.

I was able to beat the original Roy's Castle and honestly while it was difficult and a few obstacles were on the precise side, it was a perfectly doable level and it wasn't a very long either. I am completely shocked by what you have done to the level though and I would probably be furious if I was the one who made it.

Here is a side by side comparison.


You just took out the obstacles all together and turned the level into vanilla Roy's Castle with a spike ceiling essentially. You originally did the same thing to Lazy's Vanilla Dome 3 level by taking out parts you thought were difficult. Don't just gut people's levels like that. Not only is it disrespectful to the author who made it, but it also makes the level a lot worse since there is more blank space with nothing going on. I personally think the original Roy's Castle was perfectly beatable. You shouldn't significantly alter the author's work unless the level was actually unbeatable or broken or if the difficulty was actually unreasonable (like Kaizo:Light difficulty) which it isn't. I honestly found Vanilla Dome 3 and 4 harder than the original Roy's Castle.

Ask the author who made it if he wants to make changes to it.

Now I want to talk about Valley of Bowser 4. I went ahead and re-inserted GlitchMr's VoB 4 level, and honestly I am really impressed with it, however the second half of the level is very finicky with the throw block part. I had a very tough time not getting the throw block to accidentally hit the rocks. Or the rocks would spawn too close together and I couldn't jump on the flying koopa. I think he should slightly tweak that section of the level. Overall I really liked the kill Yoshi gimmick, especially considering the limitations of this collab.

I am really disheartened that you just scrapped his level and replaced it with a level with broken vertical scrolling and sprite glitching platforms. Please for the love of god put his level back in the collab. When I want to play a collab, I want to play the levels that the author made and what they envisioned, not what zacmario wants the levels to be. The person in charge of the collab should only make sure that the level functions properly. Don't completely take away someone's level design.
It was either Super Demo World: The Legend Continues or Super Mario Odyssey (a 2004 demo hack) which was extremely impressive at the time. You wouldn't believe it was made in 2004. Sadly the hack was never completed. Super Demo World hasn't aged all that well but that hack got me interested in smw hacking in the first place so I have that hack to thank for it.
Originally posted by Shiny Ninetales
(Also, ZAGESAW, you got wrong the meaning of fixing levels)

Wrong meaning of fixing levels? Do you mind actually backing up that statement rather just saying I am wrong?

How am I wrong for pointing out that gutting and removing people's levels without consent is not the right thing to do? This is supposed to be a collaborative effort. There are so many things wrong with submitting this hack in the current state.

1. Not giving credit to the level authors. I played the whole submitted hack and not even in the end credits did zacmario credit the level authors. Why would you submit a hack without giving other people credit?

2. Levels and event titles that are obviously broken. Donut Ghost House still doesn't lead anywhere, and Chocolate Island 2 is unbeatable because you get smashed when you enter the pipe. The author of that level already fixed the issue, but it wasn't added in the submitted release? why?

3. Some levels aren't even in the collab, like Valley of Bowser 2 and Valley Ghost House.

4. Clearly not all of the levels have been tested. You should never submit a hack without testing them before hand. The Valley of Bowser 4 level that zacmario replaced was in a broken state. The screen wouldn't scroll vertically making the obstacles not in sight unless you brought over a cape. This also upsets me because the author who submitted Valley of Bowser 4 made a difficult but highly creative level, and it was replaced with this? Without author consent too. There are also other issues like some levels like Front Door having broken rooms. The ending yoshi house in the credits is the castle entrance instead of yoshi's house?

This hack was nowhere near in an acceptable state to be in the hacks section.

What really happened is you convinced zacmario to just rush out the hack because it was clearly not finished. By just not respecting the authors who put their time into contributing to this project and just doing what you want to it? If you weren't willing to lead this project then you shouldn't have been leading it.

Also collab projects always take a long time because of the amount of people working on it. JUMP 1/2 has been in development for 3+ years, asmwcp, asmt, jump all took at least 3 years. You can't just rush something out.

We can either just cancel this project altogether and I'm sure some of the level authors have lost interest by now, but others would really like to see this hack come to life, or we can find someone who's more responsible in leading a collab. Daizo already offered to help, and I wouldn't mind someone like him or idol to finish off the project.
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