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me and a few others enjoy racing in platformers, what are some good mario hacks to do this in?
just a normal speedrun
forgot how exactly this works from years and years ago, i'm trying to use foreground graphics that use a specific palette and background graphics that use a specific palette and they get in the way of each other

i remember doing this years ago so i obviously know it's possible, just forget how
hey, so i'm trying to use custom graphics + changing the sprite gfx of a level. it seems this isn't possible, because when i have super GFX bypass enabled i can't use the option to change the sprite GFX. i'm assuming i need to do it manually (ex. choosing each SP file to use in super GFX bypass) but i'm just double checking before i go ahead and start

i'm trying to get it to work, but i can't find the part in the .asm file of birdo where to tell it where i inserted the egg and fire sprites to. as of now, birdo just spits out pink garbled koopas with no shells.
Originally posted by Meirdent
;; If the first extra bit is clear, Birdo will spit the custom sprite defined in !Spawn1.
;; Use this for a birdo that only shoots eggs or only shoots fire.
;; If the first extra bit is set, Birdo will randomly throw the custom sprites defined in
;; !Spawn1 and !Spawn2. Use this for a Birdo that shoots both fire and eggs.

These are what you want to change:

;Spawned sprites:
!Spawn1 = $BE		;always spawned
!Spawn2 = $BD		;randomly spawned (only when extra bit is set)

thanks, got it working!
at a certain point in the palette i cant get a single tile for a certain palette
for reference i changed the colour to hot pink to see easier

so at most i can get only 3 tiles for a gradient background, which obviously doesn't look good. i'm not using actual HDMA because i'm trying to keep this vanilla.
Originally posted by Thomas
Not sure what you mean. You can just create some new Map16 tiles; you can find 8x8 tiles for the first 8 colors of the palette here:

can't believe i didnt think to look there, thanks a lot

actually that didnt seem to fix it as that's the palette for the mountains in the background, not the sky
getting a weird behavior trying to get this to work, can someone tell me the correct layer 2 settings?
using this:

when using these, mario bounces/behaves oddly when inserted with GPS. any ideas why?

alternatively, i'd like mario to be able to swim through the quicksand as well. obviously you'd make the tile act like water, but i don't want the water effect/sound. advice?
I know it's possible but I'd like the specifics of it. Say I wanted to make my own set of sprites using Pokey, Ninji, and Wiggler. Do they need to be placed a specific way? I get the 'GFX file too large' issue often when doing this, and the sprites don't turn out properly.
used to have no issue doing this but i seem to forgot what i was doing

trying to use layer 2 in my level, but it acts like dirt for mario. i want him to be able to stand on layer 2, not fall through it
i'm using these

not exactly sure how to get them to do different things by just changing the extra bit and prop, but i can't wrap my head around it
here are the instructions:
;; If the first extra bit is clear, the sprite will use the first extra property byte.
;; If the first extra bit is set, the sprite will use the second extra property byte.
;; Extra Property Bytes:
;; Bit 0: Direction. 0 = up/left, 1 = right/down.
;; Bit 1: Orientation. 0 = vertical, 1 = horizontal.
;; Bit 2: Stem length. 0 = long, 1 = short.
;; Bit 3: Color. 0 = green, 1 = red.
;; Bit 4: Sprite type. 0 = Piranha Plant, 1 = Venus Fire Trap.
;; Bit 5: Number of fireballs. 0 = spit 1, 1 = spit 2. This is used only if bit 4 is set

all i've managed to do was get it to appear upsidedown by setting the extra bit to 3
another thing is, it claims that the graphics it uses comes with PIXI. how would you get a sideways stem to appear for the horizontal venuses?
hey, i'm trying to use the layer 3 mist in a forest level and i can't use the ghost house header because i'm not using map16 for the treetop tiles, and i know this method works.

could someone explain how to extract the mist from the ROM and implement it in the layer 3 bypass window?
i'll use this sprite as an example

!TopTile = $CC ; the tile used for the top of the sprite
!BottomTile = $EC ; the tile used for all other tiles
!CoverUpTile = $C0 ; the tile (on page 0) used to cover up the bottom tiles

how do i determine what sprite corresponds with each hex number? i converted this to sa1 and i'm trying to fix it so it loads properly, as the bottom tile is wrong.
the weird 5 in the corner, and level names not showing up
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
What patches are you using? It seems like you use this Extended Overworld Level Names which removes Mario from the overworld and moves the live counter to the bottom right corner. It also might be the reason why level names don't show up because you use an empty list of level names.

i'm using that patch and the only other patch is the sa-1 patch

level names were showing up fine until the other day, and i cant figure out what caused it
when i tried this a month or so ago, saving a ROM in the newest LM would cause a black screen when i tried playtesting. is there a way to smoothly move over?
been having this issue for a while, and i thought it had to do with using a song that has samples. but, even with the vanilla SMW cave theme this happens

any idea why? i've tried multiple different songs for this
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zef's Profile - Posts by zef

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