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Tip: Use this patch to fix the bug where editing the upper right 8x8 tile of the sideways walking Koopa Troopa in GFX01 makes the coin sparkles look glitchy.Not logged in.
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For some reason, when Mario walks in the overworld from the SMW hack called "Cool or Cruel Stage 12 - Tubular", the game crashes, as seen in the gif below:

Link to the offending hack.

I think that the hack's author (worldpeace) made something wrong with the .ips file, or it's some emulator incompatibilities.

I also posted a comment about this crash in the hack's page.

Edit: I'm now a Shelless Green Koopa! (Level 2)


I'm using Snes9x EX+ for Android.


2 perguntas:

1ª pergunta: Eu estava fazendo a 1ª fase da minha hack mas quando eu termino a fase o emulador de repente congela, bloqueando o acesso a 2ª fase:

Eu apliquei os seguintes patches na hack:

GHB Disable Score
No Owerworld
One file, One player
Windowing fade in/out v1.1
Don't Walk Right on Goal Sphere

2ª pergunta: Como eu faço uma level intro igual ou parecida com a da hack 'COLORS 2'?:

EDIT: typo fix


Originally posted by NX Zaift
The emulator Snes9x EX+ is in which version? Because in my Snes9x EX+ everything is normal.

I'm on version 1.5.19


Eu fui fazer uma hex edit via patch na minha ROM e deu esse erro no Asar:
'nocircle.asm:8: error: Unknown operator. [db $4C,$C0,$9A]'

Essa e a hex edit:

org $009436
db $4C,$17,$94

org $009AAD
db $4C,$C0,$9A

O que há de errado?


Originally posted by S.N.N.

This file is password protected. Can someone send me the password?


Originally posted by Fierce Deity Manuz OW Hacker
Experimente tirar o "header".

Ai eu teria que remover o header da minha ROM. Esse comando indica se a ROM está com um header. O que eu faco?


As the title says, I'm unable to select screenshots while submitting files:

So how I can select the screenshots while submitting something?


This thread was inactive for over 2 months, so I'm reviving it...

I made a supporter userbar for the hack:

But I'm getting a lot of negative comments!

To-do list:
Apply the SMB3 P-Meter patch
Apply the SMB2 Health patch (xkas)
Fix the squished goomba's tile
Apply HDMA
Finish remaking the levels
Finish the Overworld
Fix Mario Tilemap
Insert Custom Sprites
Insert more ExGFX
Insert Custom Blocks
Fix some palettes
Fix the clock and coin palette in the intro level
Fix level exits in some levels
Fix some level names
Fix the lives counter's palette in the OW
Apply the circular fade-in patch from the "Fade-in Pack" patch
Apply the VWF Level Intros patch
Insert Custom Music
Apply the Extended "Extended OW Level Names" patch
Apply the Ground Pound patch
Apply the Wall Jump patch
Fix Cutoff
Apply the Star Coins patch
Apply the Separate Luigi GFX patch
Apply LX5's custom power-ups patch
Fix Mario's palette in Super Mario Land
Fix some of the Turn Blocks' acts like
Apply Separate Luigi Jump Height
Apply the Mario ExGFX patch
Apply the Custom Mario Palettes patch
Re-apply the Classic Piranha Plant Fix patch (I transferred everything to a new ROM, because I was using LM v2.40. I'm currently using v2.41).

I started working on this hack on October 2015, and it's still not finished.


Paused the progress of Super Mario World Mix to start this hack. I'm porting Flappy Bird to SMW. I know that HuFglungDu already ported it, but I also want to make my own port.


This is the title screen. Note that you can't tap on the Play button. You have to press Start to start the game. I applied wiiqwertyuiop's unreleased 'random title screen level' patch.

This is the game's instructions.

The first pipe. The bird is upside down because it died.

After the first pipe.


@nick 139: I'm making a port of that game into SMW.
Click here to go to the thread.


Quando eu uso este patch, minha ROM dá tela preta quando o Mario morre. Eu ja troquei o freespace e coloquei ";@xkas" no topo. O que eu faco?


When I use this patch, my ROM freezes in a black screen when Mario dies. I changed freespace and I put ";@xkas" at the top of the file. What do I do?


What's the name of the music used in 'Girder Grassland'?
I want to use that music!


I tested the sprite and the flash appears normally (ignore the top left of the status bar and the cutoff):

You might have done something wrong with the generator.


I tested that patch with the following patches, sprites and tools...

Classic Fireball
Classic Piranha Plant Fix
Super Status Bar

SMB1 Flaghpole
Clasic Goomba
Classic Koopa
SMB1 Firebar
SMB1 Bowser

Status Effect
Sprite Tool

...and my ROM loaded normally. One of the patches you have applied is incompatible with the No Overworld patch.



DarkFerposo: Isso acontece porque o auto-scroll chegou na velocidade máxima, não deixando o Mario pular. Isso não tem como ser corrigido. Também se você completar a fase, o Mario morre.

ThalesMangaka: Use este ExGFX. Insira-o no SP1.

TheInsanity115: Não é possível remover este patch, porque ele foi feito para o Asar. Se você tentar usar o "Dessembler", a sua ROM será destruída.


Originally posted by Luansilva12
Quando eu uso este patch, minha ROM dá tela preta quando o Mario morre. Eu ja troquei o freespace e coloquei ";@xkas" no topo. O que eu faco?

Ninguém vai me responder?


1. Your Super Mario World ROM is broken (corrupt).
2. Your Super Mario World ROM is unclean.
3. Your Super Mario World ROM is unheadered (in .sfc format).
4. You're using an wrong emulator.
5. You downloaded a wrong Super Mario World ROM like the Japanese or the European ROM. You need the USA ROM.
6. You patched the ips/bps with a edited Super Mario World ROM (ROM's size must be 512/513KB).
7. You patched the ips/bps with a zipped Super Mario World ROM (Must extract the ROM first).


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Green Jerry's Profile - Posts by Green Jerry

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