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Don't forget to pull to 155BPM in my entry.
And Thanks for the grtz
I'm so Fucking Congrats Jimmy!!
Originally posted by Jimmy
SHIT YEAH (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ
Took 9 idols but I finally did it
Now I have no obligation to enter one of these ever again lmao

Thank you everyone!! and congrats to the other entrants as well. I heard a lot of impressive ports this year overall. Definitely a huge step up in quality from previous idols wish I could say the same about voter participation though

(also tfw would've won final round if I wasn't late)

Keep it up! Also you can continue making your new tool.

Im not expecting on music. I need more motivation as I have new life.

Also everyone, Im fan of Japan because I can't do. :(
I just to say Thank you because I just joined for first time.

Also I apologise for my language. I still don't get my motivation, money, and job. Because I want to win my competition.

Im big fan of Super Nintendo Music, NES Music and some Japanese stuff.

I still have Twitter because I am not popular but I can't use anymore.

I just Working on my Low-end computer because I didn't run my browser and just got my obsolete PCs then I didn't run.

Yes Windows 10 is the best. But I wanted to buy it.

I didn't learned my lesson. I didn't learned my stuff.

Yeah im stupid and I just wanted to.....

(I don't have any words)

Now im crying for right now.
Interested this thread.

My turn now.

- Snes9x v1.60
- Re-Release MPT2amk mod by jimbo1jaz (completely optimization)
- Gotic Finder ( an Address finder for some value)
- AddMusicK v1.1.0 Release (now with PWM and Expert macros)
- New BRR Player
- AddMusicK MML Viewer
- Mode 7 Tool
- Sa-1 Tool GUI
- Don't be a evil!!!

Jimmy become a member of the month.

I not sure how to do this.
How many of numerous if distored guitars in here.
Draw Spongebob

sorry, easy :(
I would request an alternative of IT2AMK.
I still I don't know about programming.

The tool. I write music it was made with OpenMPT and Famitracker and there is no music tracking on SNES.
I wish that IT2AMk can implement it.
Now Jimmy still not continue this development and still got a few issues.

- Unoptimized port.
- Add ZXX for Custom Macros
- Inaccurate or missing options with SNESBRR
- Hard work

I will make an executable that translates from MPTM File to AddMusicK MML Format or AMK SFX Format.

This stuff could add
- BRRPlayer with SNESBRR Converter GUI (C700 Style)
- AddMusicK TXT ARAM Debugger
- AddMusicK Player (Based AMPlayer)
- MPT2AMK possiblefor this.

Sorry for a lot of lists.

My machine is WinXP SP3 and my English broken.
An Musicdisk (or) Sound Test Esque.

I would request this one thats now playable on hardware and people like music then go to Sound Test Menu.

Name: Sound Test Music Player (Aka AddMusicK SNES Player)
Type: Patch ASAR
Description: At the Title Screen. Go to Sound Test Menu. or The Overworld ans Select any level This is goes to level XXX or else for the current playlist of songs or Some games having Sound test menu. Just like Kirby Super Star Sound Test Menu. (Beating the game)
New Song! I still like these!
Lol. This is could be ides!
Originally posted by ShootingStarr
Could we maybe have a music-editing tool equivelent to something like FL studio or Famitracker, but for SMW custom music creation?
It'd be cool if you could insert MIDIs into it, change the instruments for each channel, BRR support, making music from scratch without a MIDI, etc.
Basically the FL Studio of SMW hacking.

Yes, SPC Studio In the way
Shut down Windows 95 black screen
I am still running this contest.
Well. I don't have a choice to enter.
I'm sorry Nameless but still no have a computer because it broke.

Maybe next time when I got a new computer.

See you next contest!
SNESMOD Users, Here's the WAV files was done by OpenSPC and BRRPlayer
Link ->
EDIT: I forgot to put on GameBoy

Coming soon for upcoming Covers on YouTube.

Please request your favorite song or any VideoGames. Also Will be blacklisted requests for Jokes and Meme Stuff at the end of the Video.

There a lot of stuff for making tunes.

We have categories and choose one thing which is the favorite console or platform.


- Nintendo NES (FamiTracker 2A03)
- Famicom (FamiTracker with Expansion Chips)
- GameBoy (Deflemask or NSF2GB)
- Super Nintendo (SNESMOD or AddMusicK)
- SEGA Master System (Deflemask or SnevenTracker)
- SEGA Genesis (Deflemask)
- Modules (OpenMPT)
- MSX/ZX Spectrum (AY Tracker)
- TurboGrafx16 (Deflemask)
- PC98 (BambooTracker)


- Cover
- Remix


- Console: Genesis
- Genere: Cover
- Song: Sonic Team Racing - Pinball Zone
- YouTube: YTLink
- MIDI: MIDILink (Or not required)


- One request per User. (No more than 2 requests)
- No comments, Post requests only.

At the end of C3 i will release a new song every friday on my YouTube Channel

See you soon!
Batman - Stage 2 (Chemistry For Beginners).spc
Let Me Know The Truth.spc
Mega Man 3 - Wily Stage 1 (16-bit).spc
Shadow Man
Doki Doki Panic - Ending 2.spc
Castlevania - Stage 2.spc

/_[^O^]_/ This entry is gonna RAGE!

Also I don't participate
Hello everyone.

Before reading this but this thread was really boring to handwrite, English is bad, Early Beta Stages and Made in 3-4 hours.

I'm making this Thread but is not related to SMW Romhacking, Not for Music Porting and SNES Stuff. Also Includes the Rhythm Games

Now Have been played Stepmania / DDR or Playing Ettena (is a Keyboard Rhythm Game) ?

Back in 2015, I watched Trihex streams playing Stepmania on SNES Controller and looks spectacular, But Plays Harder.
I watched happyfeetz and he is playing Pump It Up XX (Similar to DDR) but it plays 15-20 feet levels. it was very hard to see because i was newbie. Also I discovered that Soundtrack was Insane.
Since last April 19 2014 I started playing Stepmania for the first time. We played Shovel Knight and DDR Ultramix 3 for training and setting up of course.

I already installed some Stepmania Themes because it was cool.
The theme was Cyberia Style 6 (don't worry, the image was big)

So i don't want to install Stepmania 5 because GPU issues and doesn't work at all. and Cyberia Style 9 is only for SM5.
And i don't owned mt DDR Pads so i just keeping playing on my Keyboard

Already installed 5K songs on my library of the following categories and was downloaded from Zenius Vanisher Simfile Site. becasue I'm so hyped to play or training hard.

So before to start my Scores, Let's talk about Grades. but not accurate

AAA= Perfect (100%)
A+ = Great (94%-99%)
A- = Good (85%-93%)
B = Okay (71%-84%)
C = Bad (63%-70%)
D = Imperfect (-40%-62%)

Wonderful = Good Timing
Great = Early-Late Timing
Good = Too early-late Timing
Bad = Terrible Timing
Poor = Untouched
OK = Good Holds

MAX Combo Counter = How many Key or Pad was pressing many times. However Combos stops when the key is pressed with terrible timming or Too early-late Timing.

FULL COMBO = All Counter Timings is accurate

Well we start with my Scoreboard points.
I have really enjoyed this game because DDR was owned by Konami As now part of BEMANI. Some tracks Rocks my brain on playing it and the Culture of Rhythm Gaming now fits to Arcade Gaming on Japan.
I'm playing with my fingers and training so hard and It was playing for 2 months.

*The honor of Konami of the 20th Anniversary of Dance Dance Revolutution in 2019 was released on Golden / non-Gold Cabs, Now features New Legend Licensing Songs and More Songs.

I dont have commentary about this song because judging this song is very difficult. Let me know on the comments

Well i see, Enjoy!

My Personal Scores
was brought to Stepmania

Song: Love kira splash (from DDR A20)
Artist: BEMANI Sound Team "Sota F" feat. Ichika
YT Link

Song: Dialga's Fight to the Finish
OST: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
YT Link

Song: Rubberneckin (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
Artist: Elvis Presley
YT Link

Song: Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)
Artist: Technotronic
YT Link

Song: Golden Sky
Artist: Smile.Dk
YT Link

Song: Y.E.U. (IDM Ver.)
Artist: MIN
YT Link

Song: Happy
Artist: ‎Pharrell Williams‎
No Link due Copyright. You can listen to ‎Despicable Me 2 or YouTube maybe get ADS.

Artist: Sakuzyo
YT Link

Song: In the Breeze
Artist: 96 & Sota ft. Mayumi Morinaga
YT Link

Song: Theory of Eternity
Artist: TAG
YT Link

More screenshots posted Later. Last day of C3
This capture was taken on July 1

Questions or Discuss about regrading Rhythm Games?
Let me in comments
Oh. Nice Soundtrack Arrangements.
I play this song in the nite because your ports was cool.
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