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Yes, it's fun to play Stepmania and other Rhythm games, I have played Beatmania 1st or 2nd on MAME for months ago and i'm still confused is not DDR and Training Keys

I have played some Android games but i really don't like Balls because I wanted to play DDR for all time.

More Screenshots from the Current Stepmania Game but Now Fits to 1080p Screens, I Screenshot to 640x480 ingame

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

Lightning Shower - TAG
Lightning Over The "Period" - TAG underground overlay

July - Smiley (ITG Rare Stuff)




Sounds of Summer - Hommarju

Too Many Screenshots?
Taken about 300+ but this theard is way too long. I would post on Folders LOL

There's a few requests to do.
1. It may able to reduce "Lag/Freeze" time between switch tracks on gameplay? It mentioned Vitor
Addmusic Accelerator: attempts reducing at maximum loading times when handling music, either by reducing the amount of samples uploads, regrouping songs whenever possible and being possible to change songs without pausing the game.

2. FIR Filter Fade Command (from SNESMOD) and used Sinc-X TimeTrax from the Idol Entires

3. Noise Clock Sweep Command (from SNESMOD)

4. Absolute or fixed Pitch Table or Arps on some Chiptunes (ex: o4 c=3 < c=189 -> o3 ab1 c=192) See below for templates

5. No Staccato or Gapless Sample Switching and Sample Waveform Table (used nyan-wavetable tool) See below for templates

6. DKC2 Local Music Batcher (ex. Death and Level Clear)

7. Echo Buffer like 0CC-FamiTracker (Remote Commands?)

8. Sound Effect Samples?

Here's my template are working on

;AddMusic 2.0 Template ideas

WV00=14,15,16,L,17 ;Wavetable Index Tables
AB00=12,L,00       ;Absolute Pitch or Arp Table


WV00,xx $00 $00 $7f $04 $0F ; xx = Length

@30 v255 AB00,xx o4 cdefg ; xx = Length
Ah, too many to listen. You did a great job transcribing. I love the Ports when I'm listening in the dark room on a cloudy day? Nice job
Nice to see ya "Kitikuchan"
That feels sooo Better with these songs!!

heh! You're from Japan! よくやった o(>ω<)o
Oh My Castlevania!!

I hope you are doing better. This one from the Sonic Advance YESSS!
Hopefully you're back to work.

So I try on my phone because I don't have a PC. I'm using USB OTG to Keyboard.

Anyway nice concept. Might I will collaborate in the future.

It's open source coding ? How
When the AMFR Studio + Tracker Comes out....

Ask to Vitor to make a new software.