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Option: A
Song: Ending Credits (YouTube)
Game: F-ZERO - Maximum Velocity
Date: 2001

Also "RYUzu" Is my Name!
Sorry about that.
I didn't post on discussion
March 31, 1999
Hey Everyone!

My name is JonKaruzu (TheJuanCarlos64) Alternate Username because this is rare.

A quick edit for the moment. I just discovered How Old-School Music Works. And I don't know how to Hack SMW! but I need help on discord :) And also Look forward at the New Old-School Musics at the Future.
Musicians and Demoscenes it make sense.
I study my first MML in 2013 and I study my first time Tracking in 2015.
Also I study Photoshop but How make Old-School Graphics and Editing.
I starting watch anime in 2016.

First time was created at "2015-11-03 07:49:25 PM"
I'm back to all who worked hard!
I am not Popular on Twitter, live from everywhere! We are working or planning some new projects and ask for help. Not is how to fix this!

I'm creating Retro-Console Chiptune Songs on the Future Style'ish, Software as "Famitracker v0.5b, 0cc-FamiTracker, OpenMPT, AddMusicK, DefleMask, Sunvox, etc.... Audacity and Adobe Audition for mixing some stuff <3 !
And the song, I'm creating Ports (Covers, Original) And I'll be listening there on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube.
My favorite Music Is "New Hits, VideoGame Music, FreeMusic, Demoscene Music, EDM, Dubstep, DnB, Trap, Anime, J-Music, Artzec Music, etc....
((( THANK U JAPAN! )))"

My Favorite Console Is "Arcade, NES, SNES, GB, GBA, N64, SEGA Genesis...", My Favorite Games Is "Super Mario All for Games, Weekend Games (Featuring Arcades", Mega Man, etc.....

My Favorite Food Is Pizza, Hamburger, Hot Dogs, Snacks, Tacos, Tortas, ETC...

Drawing some Stuff! I'm Photoshoping and drawing.

English is not 100% and My First Language is Spanish. What it does SMWC is Only speak English!!!

"YouTube Partnered"

Follow us on my social network at the Post footer. Stay tuned for updates!

Also Join on Discord!

- JonKaruzu
The 6th Place....

Thank you Everyone!!
There is a Couple ports!
Check it's out!

Contra 3 - Game Over (S)
My First SNES Port

F-Zero - Maximum Velociry - Ending Credits (S)
However, I'm on 6th Place from 48hoSPC 2

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror - Main Menu (S)
First GBA Port

Life Force - Power Of Anger (S)
Made it Before 2017 .....

Life Force - Poison Of Snake (S)
Part 2

Star Soldier - Power Up
Generated to MCK to MML
Unfortunately Effect​Tool Crashing many times when I selected Window and select any layer... It crashes.
Testing I'm with my Windows XP and installed NET Framework 4
I'm using .NET 4.1 for Windows XP SP3
.NET Framework 4.5 Doesn't support Windows XP SP3.

I'll be try Windows 7 or higher. It works fine!
Originally posted by Dan

Gonna be very blunt here and say that newer tools really shouldn't have to keep Windows XP in mind. Windows XP is outdated, no longer maintained by Microsoft and should just be forgotten about. It's not Jack's fault that it doesn't work on XP, and you're best off upgrading to Windows 7, 8 or 10.

If money is an issue, well, there's always alternative options that I shouldn't even have to name here.

Unfortunately, I don't upgrading Windows 7 Because I have 512MB RAM, x86 1.6 Ghz Intel.

The Minimum Requirements is 1GB of RAM, x86 and x64 and 1Ghz for running Windows 7.

I get the new computer on the future when i got work at work. :(

So In the future, I buy my computer with Windows 11?

Is not cheap.

Windows XP is still for use this year!!!!! Some programs not working.
such as VGMTrans, sp4sar?, Spotify, Discord, Chrome, Firefox, PC Gaming, Steam, iTunes, and more and Windows 7 or higher Works at all.
Also Works with x86 Version.

Discord, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter support for Windows XP (Firefox Browsers Only)

I keep to talk about that.

Thanks for reading.
Hey. There is many new Methods.

1. Resampling and Tuning the Quality Options

"PCM1.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $01 $EA	- (o4 c) 8000Hz			Very Low Quality
"PCM2.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $02 $A5	- (o4 c) 11025Hz		Low Quality
"PCM3.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $02 $DF	- (o4 c) 12000Hz		Easy Quality
"PCM4.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $03 $D4 	- (o4 c) 16000Hz		Normal Quality
"PCM5.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $05 $47 	- (o4 c) 22050Hz		Standard Quality
"PCM6.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $07 $A8 	- (o4 c) 32000Hz		High Quality
"PCM7.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $0A $8B 	- (o4 c) 44100Hz		Perfect Quality

- The BRR Memory Quality Option Works?

8000Hz		4,502 bytes per Second (4.39KB)
11025Hz		6,203 bytes per Second (6.05KB)
12000Hz		6,752 bytes per Second (6.59KB)
16000Hz		9,002 bytes per second (8.79KB)
22050Hz		12,404 bytes per second (12.1KB)
32000Hz		18,002 bytes per second (17.5KB)
44100Hz		24,806 bytes per second (24.2KB)

The Limit of BRR Size is 55KB+ (C700) Because There is SPC ARAM Limitation and uses 7KB? for MISC and SFX.
In AddMusicK V1.1.0 Beta Support to TrackMusic. Because Is not inserting MISC and SFX and The Limit of BRR Size is 60KB+.

- The Maximum of Length of BRR Quality (AMK v1.0.5)
8000Hz		54,024 bytes per 12 Seconds Limit
11025Hz		55,000 bytes per 8.5 Seconds Limit
12000Hz		54,016 bytes per 8 Seconds Limit
16000Hz		54,012 bytes per 6 Seconds Limit
22050Hz		54,577 bytes per 4.4 Seconds Limit
32000Hz		54,006 bytes per 3 Seconds Limit
44100Hz		48,172 bytes per 2 Seconds Limit

- The Maximum of Length of BRR Quality Using Stereo divided by 2
8000Hz		27,012 bytes per 6 Seconds Limit
11025Hz		27,500 bytes per 4.25 Seconds Limit
12000Hz		27,008 bytes per 4 Seconds Limit
16000Hz		27,006 bytes per 3 Seconds Limit
22050Hz		27,288 bytes per 2.2 Seconds Limit
32000Hz		27,003 bytes per 1.5 Seconds Limit
44100Hz		24,086 bytes per 1 Seconds Limit

2. Using The VST Plugin on OpenMPT (If Don't have FL Studio)

First Open OpenMPT, Click to "New Song" or Tab "New > Song".
Now Go to Tab "View > Plugin Manager" Then Click "New Plugin" and Select the C700.dll. and Click "Put in FX01"
Go to "General" Bar and you can see the "Plugins" here and Select "Edit".
And Here we go! C700 Plugin Window Is Here.
Uhhh... The VSTi Volume is too low.
Solution. Turn up the VSTi Volume at Higher.
Sounds Normal or Loud

3. BRR Sampling with 2Ch Stereo Support.

A lot of people wanted a BRR File with Stereo Sound?
That is not.
There's an excellent trick for you.

A) Drag n Drop the WAV File to Audacity.
B) Click the tab below inside the audio track, and select split for stereo.
C) Select a left track and export selected to WAV and select a right track and export selected.
E) Open OpenMPT, Click to "New Song" or Tab "New > Song". Go to "Samples" Bar and Drag n Drop the "LeftChannel.WAV" to OpenMPT.
F) Then Right click in the Waveform and select "Convert to Mono > Left Channel" then "Resampling".
!!! Very Important See Top at the "The BRR Kilobytes divided by 2 to use Stereo" !!!
G) Click to Floppy Disk Icon "Save Samples" inside the "Samples" Bar, Export To Wav. (LeftBRR.wav)
H) Drag n Drop the "RightChannel.WAV" to OpenMPT.
I) Then Right click in the Waveform and select "Convert to Mono > Right Channel" and then "Resampling"
J) Save to WAV Again (RightBRR.wav)
K) Go to learn the Method 2 "Using The VST Plugin on OpenMPT"
L) Convert 2 WAV Samples To BRR
M) Copy or Move the "2 Channel BRR Files" in Samples Directory of AddMusicK
N) Open Notepad and Copy and paste this code.

#amk 2

	"L.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $0A $8B
	"R.brr" 	$00 $00 $7F $0A $8B

w255 t20

#0 v255 @30 y20
c1 / ^1

#1 v255 @31 y0
c1 / ^1

O) Save the TXT and Test it.

And This is the final result

Using for Nintendo Presents Logo

Please use the ?dl=1 Because is a Direct download link
Your tool needs your requirements for example.

.NET Framework 4 and it works on my older PC

Good Job!
Commodore Logo
Edit: Sorry about that because I discontinued this contest before C3 Is Over. Thanks for participing and See you at Next C3!

Hi Everyone!

No longer welcome to contest titled "Song Guessing Contest"

This contest can guess the song.
So basically I post a second of music SPC without titles or name of the author and the title of the game.

And the participants will tell you their answer what is the song?

If the participant will say the Correct answer, earn points or if he will say the wrong, You lose. But don't worry, there's more!

We have created the list of points for those who are correct but have fun!

EDIT: List of the Scores
Agent Q: 1

One more thing.

There's a Golden rules.

- Not say trolls of the answer and Not to say fools
- Be patient
- Listen very carefully
- Guessing can be very important
- Don't be a D*ck

More rules coming soon!

Ok, So let's start with a First Round!

Round 1 GO!!!
Originally posted by Agent Q
Casino Night 2-Player Edition


Congratulations... You earned points!

EDIT: sorry for many edits. Will continue after watching this anime. BRB
Good Ports, Good Job!