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Hi Everyone!

Here some Ports/Tunes from last year that I composed, we learned a lot of things from MML.

NOTE: Some authors depending on the change.

2014 <------> 2017
Beginner to Expert


If you listening too many songs, Feedback if you like
Oh, Some Nice Tunes. Keep It Up! #tb{^V^}

But... Please use the ?dl=1 Used for Direct Downloads.
The ?dl=0 Is Not alowwed for "Dropbox Download Page"

PD: English is bad. Sorry
The "Work In Progress" It is an unfinished work. And to be released at the next C3.

Thanks Everyone!
Originally posted by MaxwelHacks

Avast Your Ass - Kitsune^2 (I think that already has this music here, but this version seems more completed).

Umm.... Think is a MIDI Conversion. Sounds pretty bad.

Congratulations Eevee
Nice Thread
Sounds pretty good
Happy birthday dude!
That's a 8.7 month bumping thread...

I'm not sure
Originally posted by Wakana
Credit to following people for sharing additional knowledge other than mine:
- TheJuanCarlos64

Oh, I forgot to change my username

Also i added the tip.

- Converting Length to rows

;c=192 / c1
;c=96 / c2
;c=48 / c4
;c=24 / c8
;c=12 / c16
;c=6 / c32
;c=3 / c64

;c=128 / { c1 }
;c=64 / { c2 }
;c=32 / { c4 }
;c=16 / { c8 }
;c=8 / { c16 }
;c=4 / { c32 }
;c=2 / { c64 }

Good luck idol
Oh Nice
I using AMK Now

But Why #AM4 vs #amk