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1. Best all-around hacker:FPI,Anikiti
2. Best graphics designer:Icegoom
3. Nicest:A yoshi,Darklink,S.N.N.
4. Most witty:...
5. Funniest:pac
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7. Best Full Mod:Tartion
8. Best Admin: Removed.
9. Most mysterious:SMWedit
10. Best male regular member:Tamua
11. Best female regular member:Dispari Scuro,Amanda
12. Smartest:Smallhacker
13. Most unnoticed person with hidden talents:Mikeyk
14. Most fun to talk to:pac
15. Most likely to be banned:...
16. Most likely couple:S.N.N.
17. Most unlikely couple:...
18. Worst spelling/grammar:...
19. Most likely to gpo=asgda18b]`ugdc7vx~:...
20. Most likely to get a lump of coal for X-Mas:Smallhacker
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25. Best all-around person:S.N.N.,Darklink
quien me puede ayudar con el Donut Block
saben que cuando inserto el custom block el juego no me funciona
necesito ayuda
this is the overworld of my hack
its good?

(later level Screenshots)
ahora el juego funciona pero el donut block no
oye anonimato el donut block sigue sin funcionar
y eso que inserto el custom sprite y el block(en el espacio 534 como me dijiste)
busca el offset x018C7 y te saldran los numeros de las canciones del overworld(desde 00 hasta FF)
why no use a infobox saying that?
tengo una duda con con el ExAnimation
como hago para que un bloque del ExAnnimation con el pow activated
se haga duro
yo lo hago y sigue iual
you need use the ExAnimation for the block
then will work
eso tienes que preguntarlo >aqui<

EDIT:Puedo combinar custom music con los efectos hdma?
some level screenshots of my hack:

mm...that fishes looks misterious

then remove your background if use FG3,use other background
the ow path looks good but the mountains are incomplete
fix that
Originally posted by BOBO
Did you change Koopa without shell for the enemy of Yoshi's Island? if it is yes, what pallettes did you use?

I use custom palettes
Originally posted by Buu-Huu
Looks good but noticed on the last picture the upside down pipe? On the bottom it has some "white" under the black color.

he used that part of the pipe

(EDIT:the image)
tengo un problema
saben que el RLM(Recover Lunar Magic)no me funciona
alguien puede ayudarme
super mario-and the hidden chaos
yeah it's my new super mario world hack
(my life was very bored Then I started to make this hack)
when Mario went to the bowser castle
He saw that the castle was empty
and now he travel to a big valley and
arrive to the chaos island

First level(Curently no custom music and,yes that ? Block is animated)

entrace to the ghost house

into the ghost house

Care in this part

The big boo battle(you will know more later)

Secon level(yes,this level have custom music)

third level

Waterfalls side

before of castle entrace

Lava room(be careful)

Iggy battle

This is the first world called supa forest

Current features:
alot of ExGFX(because i have more levels done)
custom blocks
custom sprites(and my own custom sprite)
custom music
HDMA effects is working

another doggychaly's romhacks
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Doggycharly's Profile - Posts by Doggycharly