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NOTHING you all are saying is working out for me! GAH!

First of all, I have some Zelda Music I wish to insert into Lunar Magic for my ROM. Okay?

8 WAV files actually.

So, I Copied the CMD to the ADDmusic Folder.
I followed the Intructions that were told to me, and I expanded my ROM.

But When I typed in c:\Documents and "Settings\Nick\Desktop\addmusic\Music.smc"
I just loaded Lunar Magic.

When I put "Settings\Nick\Desktop\addmusic\Music.smc INIT" It just loaded Lunar Magic Again.

And when I put in "Settings\Nick\Desktop\addmusic\Music.smc LEVEL"
It Loaded it AGAIN!

Is there something I'm missing? I thought my music was supposed to be uploaded! It's in the Addmusic folder too.

Can someone help? Or better off, Give me Step-by-step instruc5tions to see what I'm doing wrong? (And Don't tell me to go read a tutorial. They say the same things as the README's).


Notte Luminosa Progress:

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Well, What I like to do with Levels, is see what's currently popular.

Then I design the complete and total opposite.

For example, I recently redid the entire Forest of Illusion, and Replaced it with The Legend of Zelda tributes and Cameos (Due to a pretty funny easter egg in the original game).

Be creative! :)


Notte Luminosa Progress:

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Yanamanka here, and I had a quick question.

Is it possible to transfer 10-20 levels from one ROM, to another, (Modified) ROM?

Thanks, It'll really help.


Notte Luminosa Progress:

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Hm... This one question has been bugging me for a while...

If I seriously suck at using the Overworld, but I still like designing levels...

...Would I be better off just leaving the overworld map as it is, or Asking for someone to co-design the game with me?

NOTE: Yes, I've tried practice, tutorials, readmes, even video tutorials. I just don't get it at all, and I can't figure out how to put theroy into practice. ;-;



Notte Luminosa Progress:

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SpriterSonikku, I would LOVe to have that ExGFX, but You aren't going to release them... soo...

Anyways, I love the work you did on that! =D

Hm... Can anyone find me Skyscraper sprites? Like, ones for a Big City? I'd love to make a Rooftop-jumping level, so I'm scouting for those.



Notte Luminosa Progress:

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Hm... Don't forget to Make your levels challenging!

I love difficulty, but I know I hate unfairness. Keep the levels bearable, but don't forget that this game isn't for 3-year-olds.


Notte Luminosa Progress:

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Well, after trying many different times to use Background ExGFX (and failing), I've decided to try and ask for help.
That is, because the numerous FAQs, Video Tutroials, Documents, and etc. didn't help me much.

So, in order to get the most out of my question, I'll be going over (step by step) how I insert my ExGFX, (With Pictures).

For This attempt, I'll be attempting to try and insert the "SMB2 Temple BG" into level 105.

First, I extracted the .Bin files and Map16 pages to the same directory as Lunar Magic and my (Unmodified) Hack.

In that same directory, a Folder named "ExGraphics" was created.

I then Extracted the GFX of the Hack to the newly created "Graphics" folder.

I then Re-inserted the GFX (also unchanged) into the Hack .

NOTE: No, I did not change the GFX to use 4bpp instead of 3bpp. Mostly because don't know how to change them in YY-CHR.

Anyways, After that, I inserted ExGFX80 and ExGFX81.

I then went into the Super GFX/ExGFX bypass, and changed the BG1 settings to ExGFX80.

I got garbled graphics in the Background (As per usual), and I then opened my Map16 page.

I have tried pasting graphics on every page between 3 and 19. I know that you are not supposed to overwrite pages 1-3 and 11-12. When I tried pasting on page 0x13 (pressing F3), I got garbled graphics.

When I DON'T get garbled graphics (At which point I press F9 to save), I still can't paste my Map16 tiles into the background!


So, Anyone have any suggestions?
-Yes, I DID TRY OTHER BACKGROUNDS. The same thing happens to them.
-I am POISTIVE that my ROM is clean. I've ran it through the Clean ROM Verifyer multiple times.
-No, this problem isn't in ForeGround ExGFX either. FG1, FG2, and FG3 work fine.


Notte Luminosa Progress:

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A Star that acts like a level... Hm...

This will hopefully help you out...

-In the Layer 1 Editor, Highlight the Star you want to use.
-Then, Go to the "Modify Level tile settings" Dialog.
-Change the Level Number of the Star to the Level you wish to use.

That SHOULD Work. It usually works for me, but if it doesn't, then You'll have to insert ExGFX into your overworld to get a Star level. (As for how to do that, I can't really help.)

As for Teleporting to another OW map, Do you mean Pipes, Sub-exits, or an actual level?..


Notte Luminosa Progress:

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Yeah, took me a while to figure all that out too.

But, that's Not the problem.

Here's an even MORE specific run-down of how I do the Map16 part...

After ExGFX have been inserted and put through the Super GFX/ExGFX bypass, I open Map16 Tile Map Editor, and find a Blank Page.

Then, After I have found my Blank Page (Not #'s 0x0 0x1 0x2 0x10 or 0x11) I press F3.

Then, I save my ROM.

Then, I press F9.

For Foreground Editing, I go to Direct Map 16 Access.
For Background Editing, I have attempted to paste the new background ExGFX in, but Lunar Magic will not allow me to paste them.

"Tile -x---- is not within the current MAP16 Page"

For Backgrounds, I can't find what page to save them on in order to paste them onto the Background!


Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
Hey, It worked! Thanks!


Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
Hello Everyone! It's Time to introduce you all to the new and upcoming Hack,

-+Mario: The Galaxy Chronicles+-

Table of Contents
1)Introductions/Team 5 Star
2)Plot/Mario's Objective
4)Picture Gallery
5)Special Thanks/Credits
6)Notes/Important reminders

---Introductions (aka; Team 5 Star)---

Team 5 Star is a Group of Individuals who have banded together to create a Mario hack. Team 5 Star is composed of Yanamanka (Me), Bantoleon (of Youtube) and Sbladei (of GameFAQS). Yanamanka (I) did the Overworld, Most of the Level design, and the selection of Music.
Bantoleon did the plot, inserted the EXGFX, and got most of the tools together. Sbladei Handles some of the level design, and most of the Backgrounds. Together, we strive for 5-star glory!

---Plot (aka; Mario's Objectives)---

Plot- part 1
"Mario has been enjoying his summer vacation without Bowser.
Mario! Set out and find out what has happened to King Koopa!"

Is it just coincidence that Bowser (King of all that is failure) has gone missing? Could it have anything to do with the crime sprees that have been plaguing all of Acrillya? And why is it that the robbers are targeting objects from Space only?


First off, BETA version 1.0 is DONE. FINALLY!
BETA 1.0 features all of World 1, which is the following;

-Yoshi's Estate
-Yoshi's Valley
-Cream Lake
-Yoshi's Canyon
-Goldenrod Ruins
-Peach's Castle
-West Woods
-Yoshi's Crossings
-Morton's Tower

Yeah. 10 whole levels, just for World 1. A total of 12 exits so far.

In other news, the Hack is mostly ExGFX. And modified GFX.

Linearity is pretty obvious in this hack right now, by the way. Not that the levels are linear, It's just that most of them move from Left to Right. (How dull, right?) Still, I failed to mention HOW they move from left to right. (Remember that!)

---Picture gallery---

-The Current Title Screen-

Plot- part 1

Yoshi's Valley revealed
-Level 1: Yoshi's Valley-

Level 1- Begin!
-Tutorials for Beginners-

I spy a Key
-I spy a Key with my eye-

I also spy a puzzle
-I also spy a Puzzle-

-You have a choice here: You can either backtrack by taking the left path, or soldier on by taking the right path-

End of Level 1
-Yoshi's Valley is completed without a fuss; but what lies beyond?..-

Cream Lake revealed
-Cream Lake Revealed!-

---Special Thanks (aka; Credits)---

Well, Without there being all of these people out there on this site, this hack really wouldn't be possible to make. As such , Team 5 Star feels that you all at the very least deserve Credit!

Bantoleon : Hack Base
Yanamanka : Overworld
Level Design
Sbladei : Level design



Kaeru : Alternative Grassland Set
The V : Courtyard Set
Snowy Field
System : SML2 Graphics
An00claus: NSMB Mountain Set
WhiteYoshiEgg: Magic Boy- Ruins
Spigflake: Beach tileset
St. Nick's Nutcrakers: Demon's Crest Forest/Swamp set
Snowikku: Dino City Ice Cave


SCORPOIN: Marching Midles Fort


Icegoom : Redrawn Mario (Tankooki Suit) & Luigi
Daytonthegreat & Icegoom: Mario's Sprite


Ringodoggie : New Coin counter
-Mario-Linkiejj- : Big fireballs
Synth : New Powerups
Ty Yoshi : Screen Scrolling Pipes
Aiyo: Screen Scrolling Pipes & Redrawn fix
KilloZapit : Health Bar
Glyph Phoenix : Trust Fund
BMF54123 : Time Up Glitch Fix


FuSoYa : Lunar Magic
Lunar Compress
Lunar Expand


The BETA 1.0 of the Hack will be released tomorrow. I hope you all try it out and enjoy it! Please leave a helpful review if you have criticism. Also, if you find any bugs/glitches, be
sure to notify me immediately!


Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
Originally posted by Santabone

Question: Why would Mario look for Bowser when he is missing, if Bowser not appearing is a good thing?

Well, Look at it this way; At least when Mario knows where Bowser is, Mario and Luigi can stop his devious Plans.
So, I'm theorizing in this hack that Mario would rather be able to stop Bowser, than not have to deal with him.

I'll have to ask Bantoleon to make sure though.


UPDATE, 12/14/08

Today I really don't have a lot of time to work on the hack. =(.
Sadly, I've tried submitting the hack, but the IPS file doesn't want to work, so I had to do some serious de-bugging at 3am. Bantoleon and I tested the new IPS (which was just submitted). Hopefully, It'll work.

In other news, there have been some serious new changes to the hack.

-New Title Screen.
Yep, A new title screen, featuring custom movements. The level being played in the Title screen is the "Goldenrod Ruins". (Notice the Koopa Massacre taking place).




-Moved Morton's Tower.

Probally a turn for the worse by doing this. At the same time, since Morton's Tower is the end of the Demo, shutting players off from the rest of the hack makes SOME sense. (I'm personally done arguing with Bantoleon over this factor).

-Took out glitched Disco Ball
A Disco-Ball in Shroomville was supposed to have shone a little light on the night-themed half of the level, but the Disco Ball decided to glitch up the area instead. >_<


Now the Area is pretty dark (But the darkness gives it a nice night-time feel).

-Yoshi's Crossing's Maze
Yoshi's Crossings has been made into a door maze, instead of your average mad-dash-to-the-goal-post-at-the-far-right-of-the-level level.

Also, we have more Pictures to add:

-+-Level 2: Cream Lake (Visit 1)-+-

-Try not to get to caught up in the scenery.-

-The Doted lines pretty much say "Come back later". We'll go that route in visit #2.-

-A simple puzzle involving hitting a shell rewards you with a way to reach the top of a nearby hill.-

-+-Level 3: Yoshi's Canyon-+-

-Mario takes a look at the entrance into the Canyon-

-The Canyon will really make you work for those Yoshi coins, unless you decide to bring certain items with you.-

-You'll need to acecess some ruins in the Canyon to find a P-switch for a puzzle. If you're small Mario, then this area is pretty generous towards you.-

-Goldenrod Ruins revealed!-

As you guys can see, the hack is coming along rather nicely.
Version 1.1 is scheduled for January 2.


Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
Alright, I'll speak to Bantoleon and Slabdei about the Cutoffness.
Anyways, World 2 should be (at latest) in early January. The Overworld Glitch involving being stuck on Yoshi's Island is also currently being worked on.
Also, I'll speak to Sbladei about making some new ExGFX (and inserting music) for those levels.

I'll post a new update tomorrow, with new screenshots on the levels' progress.



Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
Oi, It's been awhile, hasn't it?
Well, Midterms have been coming up at school, so the entire crew is busy studying. Luckily, X-mas vacation is just about to arrive (It starts tomorrow), So I'll be able to fix up World 2 and hopefully release BETA 1.1 next Saturday.

I want to thank you all for sticking with this thread, I mean, 300 views is a lot to us! If only we had more than 3 posts (Bantoleon's going to kill someone over that, I'm sure).

Anyways, Thanks for all being so patient. I'll try to post an update on Thursday!


Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
With The Idea in mind that you can jump on the windows, no, this doesn't look that hard.

However, I might need to take note of what kind of Chuck that is. If it's clapin' or bouncing Chuck, then it could complicate things a little.

Speaking on the second screen though, one would simply have to time some spin jumps, or take the underbush path that involves careful waiting.

Being an idiot, I'd always take the hard path. =)


Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
Where does everyone get that waterfall BG from?..

Anyways, I definetely like the way your hack is shaping out. From what I've seen in the screenshots, the difficulty curve seems nice and smooth. I can also tell that lots of effort went into the graphics of this.

But there is one flaw... The Midway point. That's really it.

I'll make sure to keep my eye on this one!


Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
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