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I have a sinking feeling we're going to see a lot of hacking careers ending sooner than later.

On the other hand, I hope to begin/continue my journey very soon! Once I find some gosh darn inspiration.
I too am wondering why this change was made. I personally don't care whether this feature is implemented or not because the P-Switch color doesn't really matter much to me but why change it universally?
Is this just going to be another one of those things that the developers keep under wraps simply because it's p-switch related and therefore, privileged information?
Decoy's a big bad graduate now and has no need for us lowly smw hackers no mo
A first for me in Thousand-Year Door. Thank you stage hazards!

Using the powers of LM 3.00+ this is indeed possible. Simply click the #lm{MARIO69} button and use the 'Horizontal Level Mode' dropdown to adjust the size of the screens you have in your level. You have plenty of options to choose from.

Choosing between hex numbers 00 and 06 are recommended for horizontal levels.

UNLESS of course you meant actually zooming out the camera within the emulator which I'm not sure is possible. That may require some level of mode 7.

We can't download stuff from your C drive, bro.
It's definitely a nice layout. But a little simple for my taste. I'll give an 8/10.
Originally posted by yygdrasil
the images are too large.
and don't show screenshots of lunar magic

But they certainly can show screenshots of lunar magic, they just need to use a link instead.
Yeah I'm 99% positive you can't alter your profile like that. It looks pretty cool, and you definitely showed off your coding skills, but it obstructs the view of the site.

Originally posted by the SMWC Rules page
Do not use HTML, CSS or similar in a way that hinders anyone's ability to navigate and use the site, for example creating horizontal scrollbars, letting your layout go outside the post, or letting parts of your layout cover the post. This includes your profile page.

It's just that this isn't a personal blog site where you're meant to be able to completely personalize everything you have at your disposal.
So I didn't think I'd ever do this (and I don't believe I've done it here before #tb{'_'}), but I've very recently become much more comfortable... with myself.

Growing up I was always the bullied kid, the ugly one, the one no one ever wanted to hang out with and yattayattayatta.

But I'm learning to be more to be more open, and I think it's time I formally introduced myself to you all!

So, hi SMWCentral. My name is Adam. It's nice to finally meet you.

^Taken at McDinks at 7am near the end of my shift (I DON'T WORK THERE)
I'm sensing a pattern here... So I guess I'll jump onto the bandwagon.

Joining this site, definitely. Not once, but twice.
So this just happened. Have you ever seen this many star points? I've sure as hell never gotten this many in my however many dozens of playthroughs I've done of this game.

96 <--
I can't speak on this particular topic but in my experience, few things are worth 5 dollars a month.
Originally posted by Ladida
i mean if you love blowing money on stupid stuff then yeah go ahead it wont dent your wallet (depending on your income).

Calm down, Mr. passive-aggressive. We've all spent money on silly things, including you I recall you posting in the regret forum thread (edit: oh, WHOOPSIE!) about disliking the fact that you did it multiple times with little figurines.

Now that I'm hearing more about the service, it definitely doesn't seem worth 5 bucks a month, and coming from another dude in the US, during unstable times like these, you can't afford to be throwing money at things like this.
I'm sorry but I just need to triple post.

I just completed my most recent and most successful Paper Mario: TTYD playthrough I've ever done having just finished the Pit of 100 Trials with (technically) 15 life.

In the end I completed it with 15 base HP (I used an HP Plus for Bonetail), 20 FP, and 78 BP with plus 2 to defense and plus 5 to attack thanks to 2 Power Pluses, a Pup-Ddown, the Jumpman badge, and the All or Nothing badge. I even gave my partner a Power Plus and a Pup-Ddown. A major contributing factor to defeating large hordes and difficult situations was Quick Change as well.

This was buy and large margin my most risky run and it paid off in the most wonderful of ways as you can see by my two previous screenshots, haha.

This is definitely a game I hope to stream one day.
This might be what you're looking for?

I just typed 'black' in the description box and saw what came up.
Originally posted by TheEvilKingBowser
I don't think Roto-disco is stalking you.
They may have simply seen the reply and thought it would be a good idea to respond.
Though, if this has been happening a lot, things might be different.

Not to derail this thread yet further but this is the probably first time I've directly responded to their behavior, and the second time they've responded directly to me about something or other (the last of which I recall being in the Bar & Grill, I believe). So I'm not sure where the stalking thing comes into play. Unless their trying to make a big story and get me banned for something that didn't happen. Does this happen often on this site? Peeps acting like they're being persecuted and getting a bunch of other people involved attacking the supposed persecutor? They're acting like I consistently berate them or reply to them or respond to them which is far from the truth. Do I regularly respond to topics that they also happen to have responded? Hell yeah (it's a forum). Does that make me a stalker?... If so then we really need to reevaluate the definition of the term 'stalker.'

Because I was sorta blown back by the stalker comment and am offended by the insinuation.
That's not a garbage palette that's a graphical glitch that looks similar to if you didn't uninstall the moves ASM on the title screen after altering it.
Originally posted by TheEvilKingBowser
Ah, okay then. I might actually consider getting Nitro now.

You're 14 can you afford 50 dollars a year???
Do you have a job at your age?????
Or even a credit card to pay for it on???????

Even then 50 bucks for a few extra emotes and an avatar or whatever? What's the point?
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