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Originally posted by yygdrasil
Hi everyone, do you think we should stay on a vanilla hack or change the whole design because it's 2019 and I wonder if the vanilla hack was a little obsolete #tb{:?}

Vanilla will never be obsolete. If you want to make a vanilla hack go for it.
On the flipside, if you feel like vanilla IS becoming obsolete, then make a chocolate hack. It's your prerogative.
Another esoteric thread.

No I have not. Somewhat doubt very many others have might be wrong.

Although it does sound like a neat Valve-esque Easter egg.
I feel like those who have the opinion that vanilla is obsolete are those that have lost the love of the game that SMW hacks are based on.
The original Super Mario World.

Need I remind that the game had no custom resources that y'all cling to and love so much?

I mean, the bottom of the damn website even says we're meant to honor one of our favorite games, but if you're bored with vanilla graphics, you definitely can't love SMW THAT much. Sounds to me that you like other games integrated into SMW's engine a lot more.
Looks exactly like the Mario game you guys released. It seems more like a beta than a final version.
Originally posted by Falaflame
If I had my posting habits as of the past month for the entire decade I existed on this site, what do you think my post count would be?

Not really clear on what your recent posting habits are since I'm not your keeper so imma guess 5000
Cookie cutter edits of original games aren't allowed here officially, so I doubt it.
You can use programs like OBS for a full recording experience.

Personally I use Bandicam which is a high quality all purpose screen recording software. Through that you can create short videos and make gifs with them through gif maker on giphy.
Boy, Rammy, you should be honored. The elusive Zandro just posted on your thread.
This is a momentous day, indeed.
Originally posted by tcdw
I no longer have any plans on SMW Hacking... or basically any kind of self-made level creations (that's the reason I decided not to buy SMM2 on Switch, too). The fever has gone for me and it seems won't come back in the future.

I hate to admit but it really feels that way for meet too even though I only got around to submitting one thing to the site. I used up all of my rocket sauce during my younger teen years making shitty levels that would never impress anyone and now actively hacking just doesn't give me much joy anymore.
Originally posted by TheEvilKingBowser
What if the source of all despair in the world was Giygas instead of anime?

I thought it was Donald Trump.
> This site has a SERIOUS sensitivity problem. <

Now I sent relatively this same message directly to Scrydan but I'm going to make this public right now because I wasn't CLEAR enough when I was BREAK DOWN SUICIDAL.

How dare someone make it seem like I would post something like that in a moment of weakness. In a moment of despair and anger. My deepest and darkest time I've ever been... for attention?

Let me tell you something. I've suffered from anxiety and depression my entire life and I've never once self harmed or thought hard about suicide but yesterday was the first time I ever did and let me tell you I came damn close.

Close enough that I made a new hole in my belt to wrap my neck. For attention? You should be ashamed. The reason I didn't provide any details was because I was distraught and lost and in a bad mental state. And couldn't put into words what I was feeling or what I was planning to do exactly. But now you know.

A LOT of you don't understand how depression works and how it effects the mind. How it can make you do stupid things in times of weakness. Sure maybe I should have explained more but I was in such a horrid mental state at the time that I just couldn't. To clarify, I don't give a damn about it being thrown in the trash. As a matter of fact I asked Scrydan to delete the thread entirely so HIS response would disappear.

The fact is I was an hour from ending my life. And I didn't. And just to come on and basically be accused of being an attention seeker really is a BB to the balls.
Originally posted by Decoy Blimp

Alright I'm gonna have to stop you right there, chief. I specifically asked Decoy Blimp to delete this post because it's full of disinformation and slanders a user who is A) Suicidal and B) not around. So I figured I'd set the record straight since he's refused to do what I've asked of him.

Originally posted by Decoy Blimp
The thread was closed before Falaflame could have done anything so lol.

It may have been closed before he could do anything, but FalaFlame went on to compare my suicide thread to a meme thread which in and of itself is immensely hurtful and speaks to a larger issue of non-understanding regarding depression. He very easily could have said what Ice Kirby said in a later post but he didn't.

Originally posted by Decoy Blimp
but Roto-Disco has been causing the community trouble for months now

Isn't it great when you have that one user who refuses to let the past remain the past so someone actually has a chance to heal the wounds they've created?

Originally posted by Decoy Blimp
constantly starting fights with other users and attacking people for no legitimate reason (e.g. Shitting on Ryaa for the VLDC11 judging miscalculations because "he's new to judging therefore it's all his fault and he's an idiot").

First of all you're full of shit. That's the most broad generalization of that whole debacle I could possibly imagine and it shows to me that you're only trying to make me look bad. Not an exact quote, but you still put it in quotes (showing your immaturity, and lack of knowledge in grammar), and the fact is, I said something along the lines of 'Ryaa is new to judging, so if he made a mistake I'm not surprised.' It's true that I could have been more gracious and nicer in what I had said and I apologize but I Never said that he was an idiot. Those words never came out of my mouth and how dare you accuse me of sinking that low and spreading that fake news around. It's as simple as looking it up, people. And not taking it at this guy's word.

Originally posted by Decoy Blimp
That said, however, after a user repeatedly shits on others and is constantly in hot water for good reason, blames the users for him feeling suicidal (source)

The statement "repeatedly shitting on others" is a major overstatement and I'm sure there are many that would back me up on this. I've been trying to make up for my past and I am a hot button guy that finds it hard not to speak up when he feels like he's being treated wrongly, and I'm sorry for overdoing it, but this again, is another instance of not letting wounds just heal naturally. I didn't outright blame anyone for making me feel suicidal, but all of the negative comments were certainly CONTRIBUTING to my suicidal ideation, and I'm sure it would be the same way for any severely depressed individual.

Frankly I do still think it's an attention play, but more in the sense that he made that thread as a desperate cry for help because seemingly no one is offering him any emotional support.

You can't call it an attention "play" and then go on to to justfy it by saying that you believe I did it for good reason. By saying 'play' you're proving you don't believe a single word coming out of my mouth. Which is fine. You can't make someone believe you. But often times that's what gets the mentally ill killed.

Originally posted by Decoy Blimp
Quite frankly I think the staff were handling the situation as they would any other user with a problematic history making threads like that. If nambona890 or 2016/2017 era me made a thread like that, the staff would have handled in the exact same way and no one would have batted an eye. I don't really understand why this particular situation is causing the outrage it is. That's not to say it's wrong for people to worry about Roto or think that the situation could have been handled better, but there have been users in the past who've acted just like Roto who were (And in some cases still are) ostracized from the community completely. Why didn't people make a fuss then? Why was nothing done? Like I feel like I'm missing something here so I'm genuinely asking. If someone has an answer, please tell me.

Are you really comparing me to nambona890? Really? This thread and his bullshit meme garbage are nothing alike. So don't act like you don't know why this is getting a serious discussion and those weren't. I've never acted anything remotely like that asshole so don't try to say I have. I wasn't even as bad as you were when you were brown banned twice so don't get me started, buddy.

I'll say here what I told Decoy directly. SMWCentral is growing as a community and I'm so proud to witness it. You guy are showing a willingness to change current policy to accommodate the niche few who are struggling with mental illness and who, in my case, show it in aggression sometimes due to the lack empathy of love and respect I am greeted with in the real world and I sincerely apologize.

I thank all of you for the attention this thread has gotten. I'm doing okay. I'm getting therapy and practicing bio-feedback techniques. But this still isn't the proper environment for me right now. I just needed to come on and make a few things perfectly clear.

I hope this thread can stay open and the discussions can continue.
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