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I feel like this is a stupid question but I'm confused. I erased a level (using ctrl+delete) then it set the number of screens down to 1. So I clicked to change it to a higher value, but when I save and reopen Lunar Magic it's back to only 1 screen again! Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks a lot! That was bugging the heck out of me!
Here are some screen shots from my hack:

This is my first time posting screenshots I hope they show up...
Thanks for the tips everyone, I should of realized that ice didn't show up good. I wasn't able to get the map 16 pages for DKC2 Arctic Abyss to work so I just ripped part of it myself and inserted.

Here's another screen shot:

Note: I haven't inserted any sprites in the level yet

Check out my Dark Water Temple level before and after...



I realized that background looked kind of ugly and the water surface looked bad.

These are some graphics I ripped from various areas of Metroid Fusion.

I was going to use them in my hack but they didn't end up fitting the theme of my lab level. So I'm offering them to anybody who's interested.
(Just let me know if I should submit this)

BlueYoshiMonster453 I made the Aladdin Palace for you:

It's not perfect, but hopefully will satisfy.

Note: This image makes it looks worse than it actually is.

I'll try to do "Ice Planet" next
Thanks for adding the map16 pages BlueYoshiMonster453, just make sure to credit me for the rip if you do it again.

I almost got Ice Planet finished, It won't be long now!

Here is something I'm ripping for BlueYoshiMonster453:

It's not done yet (I messed up a few tiles) but I wanted to show it off.
Does it look good? I just realized my computer's contrast is off (unfixable at the moment). So it may look good on my computer but awful on others.

Please let me know, thanks!
Ice Planet has been submitted.

I guess I'll take one more of your requests BlueYoshiMonster453, which one do you want made the most?

How does this look:

It was really hard to see many colors in that screenshot (Due to my bad monitor) so I probably missed things, but I did my best!
Blueyoshi why didn't you just say it looked awful? I told you I can't tell how good it looks on my monitor (certain colors won't show up)

That should look a lot better, though it probably needs some more fixing.
In the spirit of Halloween, I'll take any Halloween related exgfx requests. (Includes horror themed games, i.e. Castlevania)

Just PM the request to me, or post it in this topic.

If anyone actually has a request that is; otherwise I'll just focus on my hack.
Here is some of the GFX I made to celebrate the month of October:

Vampire Bill

Boo from Paper Mario and goomba ghost from Super Mario Land 2

I finally reveal the hack I've been working on, it changed forms a lot throughout its development. I wanted to show off a trailer but I just couldn't finish enough levels.

The idea of this hack is to be nostalgic, but nothing in this hack is a remake. I've used a lot on NES graphics in order to give the player that sense of nostalgia, but there are still SNES and even custom graphics in the game.

I haven't come up with a story yet, but I do plan on a interesting one that will too be nostalgic (in some way). Each world will represent a different game series (Mario, Zelda, Kirby etc).

Alright here are the first screens:

"Road to Ganon"

The point of this level is to see how far you can get. After you get to a certain point you'll have the option to leave an move on to the next level.

However you can choose, at your own risk, to proceed further into the level. It gets harder and trickier the longer you play.

The further you get the more graphics you get to see, they continue to change and look unique so you don't get bored.

"Ice Cream Isle"

The very first level, nothing too special. As you progress through the level the sun will set.

"Pumpkin Zone"

Pumpkin Zone with color (level brand new). When I made these graphics I didn't realize most of them were already available in the exgfx section! Whoops.

"Planet Zebes"

A huge level with tons on alternate paths that all lead to the same exit (except for one). Some split paths will be obvious, for others you'll have to look closely at suspicious walls.

"The Space Colony"

Mario borrows Samus's gunship

What's going to happen here?


"Act V"

Graphics from my favorite NES game Ninja Gaiden

You are able to wall kick off the cliff walls to get higher

"Mario Trilogy"

In this level you are able to alter the look using doors placed throughout the level.

The level has 3 versions, a Super Mario Bros version, a SMB2 version and a SMB3 version.

At some points it'll be required to change the level to a certain version, other times you'll have your choice!

I saved my best screens for last, I'll post them later today or tomorrow.

I haven't decided that yet, I'll probably have it like Super Mario World where you clear a stages in order. However there will be tons of secret levels in the game.
Thank you all for your comments, unfortunately I don't know ASM so I can't create my own special bosses, I'll just have to get creative.

Final Update for C3:

"Mr. Crayon's Domain"

You appear in the world of Mario Paint. I have many ideas for this stage. At a certain point you select a set of colors and the rest of the stage changes depending on your choice.

"Kero Sewers"

Part of these graphics were ripped, the others were drawn by me. Expect to drain water in this level.

"Peaches Castle"

My own 2-d version of Peaches Castle. However this isn't an ordinary level. It acts as a central hub.

You will revisit a new version of this level upon completion of each world. It'll open up more and more and you'll be able to find secret levels within it.

Also different events will occur in the castle when you revisit it. You may find rooms destroyed, hallways with no lights, boo invasions, flooded areas and more.

Note that the castle isn't finished yet, there is still work to be done for both the outside and inside graphics.

Oh and I just realized the windows don't line up in that screenshot, I'll fix it!
Great job! I hope you finish this hack as soon as possible it looks awesome! Using Ocarina of Time elements is a really cool idea.
Looks good! I see Mario without his hat in some of those screens, does he lose it whenever he gets hit?