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Tip: If you're using the wall-running purple triangles in your hack, remember to add Tile 1EB (or a tile that acts like Tile 1EB) underneath it. Extended object 44/45 will include this tile for you.
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Ah thanks for finding that, you were real close to the end.
Those were wall kick boots which let you kick off any wall you use that to kick up to the final encounter.

It should be fixed here: Updated!

As for the overworld I had one with exgfx but after patching my hack the original level wouldn't load instead only level 0 would load, I was confused and had to use my backup instead.

That counts as beating the game I'll message you the reward later.

Time wasn't supposed to be an issue I only didn't set it to 0 because I didn't want that "time up" when you die popping up. (Still new at applying patches)

Thanks for playing!

Well here it is my 2nd C3 thread, unfortunately I still don't have anything playable. I was planning on releasing a sample level but got distracted by other unexpected work.

If you are unfamiliar with this hack check my past C3 thread (2008) and my more recent discussion thread (Nostalgia World 2009).

Anyway here are some new screens:

Part of the first kirby level, that gordo is indestructible.

Like in the original kirby there will be many secrets in this level that lead you to new sections like this.

Gonna need one big can of raid...

Who didn't like 7-4 in smb3? This is no remake but has similar elements.

"Sky Trilogy" SMB2 version

"Sky Trilogy" SMB3 version (Notice what appears)

Retro munchers!

Who started this fire? (TMNT 2 arcade graphics)

Shadow man stage revisited.

Classic clocktower

And finally a little teaser trailer:

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Alright I am almost done with this hack I just need to do some testing and add credits. If anyone wouldn't mind beta testing this I would be grateful and you would be added to the long list of credits.

This was my secret C3 hack for those who don't know, read the 3 paragraphs below if you missed my C3 topic.

This hack has no story really, you play as mario who finds himself in Link's world of Hyrule. All the graphics come from Zelda 2 on the NES.

This is a long level hack with no check points it contains 13 sections some short and some long. This game was meant to be a throwback to old classic games where it took you multiple tries before you beat it, and if you lose all your lifes you start at the very beginning. The difference is you have no lives!

Alright so it sounds like a real unfair game, but there is more to explain, the health patch is used, giving a much better shot at beating the final dungeon. You can extend your HP to a total of 7 (start with 3) by finding heart pieces. Also falling into pits will not kill you, only damage you.

Here are new and old screenshots:

The final version should be here real soon.

We'll be glad to add you three to the list.

Now finally I make a contribution to our topic...

Our Overworld

I think what Snifit meant was if someone could do the necessary steps to make those rar files just regular ips patches (like all the other entries) so there would be no need for downloading WinRAR or WinZip for just 3 levels.
I'd do it but I don't have either of those tools either.

Anyway I was amazed at this years turnout. 124 entries is amazing! I wish I had time to enter.

If anybody wants feedback on their level I'm willing to give you a short microsoft word review like Ultimaximus did last year. Just notify me.

First one done:
Subaqua Adventure Review

EDIT: Oh and if you don't want it posted here just tell me.

Wow really? Only I recognize that Mega Man 9 tune?!

Yeah it's from Mega Man 9 Wily Stage 2, I just played that game last month to gear up for the epic Mega Man 10!

To all those who requested feedback I'll do it, but I don't know how long it'll take me to get to each of yours.

Keep a look out for edits in my posts.

EDIT: 2nd one
No Exit Review

It was a interesting stage with some difficulty issues.

Heh same here. It's one epic game, and really challenging.

3rd one: Cave Escape review

Rats I missed a bonus room? Where was it?

4th one: Chalk Road Quarry Review

I like the level, but what stopped me from loving it was the difficulty.

Just reviewed Whoamme's level:

Mario: Lost Color Review

Sorry, but I'm just not a big fan of trial and error.

Here you go 6th one:

Cinnamon Coast Review

Bowser's Level Designer's level review, sorry I couldn't find everything it was just so CRAZY.

7th and perhaps final one:

Yoshi's Back Yard review

It has been fun doing these reviews.

8th one:

Mystery of the Green Switch Palace Review

Not bad, level design just didn't seem all that original to me.

If your making a PBS hack for little ones, I'd say it's appropriate.

Here you are Creatorofchaos:

Azure skyland Review

I went ahead and reviewed Fakescaper's joke level:

Opticallity Review

I could review your level imamelia, but I heard it's really long so it could take a while.

Originally posted by Lu-kaz
So, the patch for Dust World doesn't work for me, does it work for anyone else?

It doesn't work for me either.
Just made a video of imamelia's level

Here is part1

Sorry for the lack of sound, my cpu doesn't like to record it.

I think it is a pretty darn good level, but suffers from a lot of slowdown. I also think the level was a little too big, felt more like a full hack than a single level.

Here TT:

Temple of Time Review

and here imamelia:

2nd part of imamelia's level

I put a little review in the video description, I know I didn't see all of the level, so that is just the review for the parts I played.

Here is a review for BlackEagle766:

Castle of Illusions Review

Excellent job, just use more custom palettes.

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