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gray falling platform but with spikes at the bottom
wario (in his classic outfit) in the middle of a default fortnite dance
I really like these tilesets, you have a really nice art style.

How possible would it be for you to make a magical forest tileset? I'm thinking something with differently-colored trees and weird flowers, resembling an environment like this i know, "hAHa mIneCraft reALLY PAt??!?!!!1"

There's lot of forest tilesets but a lot of them seem to clash with SMW's graphics imo, and personally I wanted to use a tileset other than the vanilla one. It'd be nice to see your take on it. Thanks #smrpg{y}
Thanks for the spiked platform Erik, it works like a charm #w{:>}
Hey! It's that time again - I made another C3 meme video, the sequel to C3 Summer 2018 in less than 6 minutes. This one is much shorter than the other ones I've made due to a few reasons, including s l e e p d e p r i v a t i o n, so it doesn't really cover everything I wanted to show in the video. It couldn't even be 720p 60ps like I wanted because it would take too long to upload #wario{:'(} Regardless, I hope you all enjoy and I look forward to C3 Summer 2019!

click here for the video if you dare

Spoiler warning: levels, bosses, and many other spoilable things are included in this video, so don't watch unless you've played through these entries or don't mind spoilers. Other than that, enjoy!

List of C3 entries shown in order:

0:15 | Eevee - Sicari 2:
1:22 | Big Brawler's Levels (I FINALLY DIDN'T FORGET AAAAAAAAA):
1:47 | Daizo Dee Von - KRACK THE HACK:
2:29 | Sariel - INFERNVM:
thanks for drawing wario doing a fortnite dance even if it was the most degenerate thing I could request

+ holy crap 7 batches of drawings, that couldn't have been easy, good job on this lmao
Thank you all for your kind replies! Now, about part 2.

Part 2 almost didn't happen because of different reasons which left me with a very limited amount of time. (what do you mean procrastination haha of course it wasnt that NERD) BUT I worked around those problems by experimenting with a different format. This video is significantly shorter than part 1 though #smrpg{ohno}

Anyhow, enjoy!

gee i sure wonder what would happen if you clicked here

Entries in order of appearance:

LMPuny - An 8-bit like hack:
Team Välfärd - Extra Mario World:
alexandrite - Super Mario World: Alexandrite Edition:
Christian07 - A Random Demo:
oh god luigi is one of the tags too, when will the poor guy ever catch a break
Banning most, if not all talk about politics is totally possible, leod. You just need strict enough rules and mods to enforce them. However, this comes at the risk of biased mods running free. Politics are subjective, after all, and nobody is without bias.

In this hypothetical scenario, a mod could deem anything they please to be "politics" if they wanted. Guidelines would still exist, of course, but in the end, what a moderator says carries a lot of weight as well. Moderators are meant to use their discretion to "fill in the gaps" wherever the guidelines aren't clear enough; it wouldn't really be called "moderating" otherwise. But I digress.

An environment like this would allow cartoonishly absurd situations to happen, like—for example—a humorless mod threatening people just for expressing a different opinion, while favoring users who share their opinion.

It would certainly be a flawed system, but it's entirely possible, leod.

Thankfully, the staff team we have makes threads like these, and considers what the users say to prevent that from happening (even if some of them are total nERDS #smrpg{<3} )
holy crap I got the gold, thank you everyone who voted, and congrats to everyone else who got trophies (also captain falcon ftw, crew 1 trophy)

I'd also like to thank Eevee for providing me with an early demo of Sicari 2 for the video (because of the time constraints I had) and Ultima for helping out with choosing the videos' music and porting one of the songs I used in the 2nd video #smrpg{<3} grats on your trophies too
Originally posted by K.T.B.
TBH I kind of wish that pantsu thread was still saved somewhere because it was genuinely golden to read through (some hilarious meme images came out of it) and it might actually be the best example I've ever seen of how obsessed people on the internet can be with the most trivial things.

Is this the thread? #smw{:trollface:}
Trigger warning: contains mass homicide.

Fools, step aside, the life of the party has arrived
All these dudes trying to survive - as for me, I only thrive

For me it's too effortless to roast you all
Too often in your lyrics you just tend to drop the ball

All I drop is mad bars, but I'm gonna be behind them soon
Cuz I committed murder on all you motherfuckin' goons

Gonna raise the standards, I'll turn up the fuckin' heat
From now on the only ones allowed here are the elites
only if I don't spill them all over myself while watching cars 2
haha what's """friends""" is that a new smash bros character
mario maker 2 is amazing but y'all HAVE TO BE jestin' when you say it's gonna replace things like custom music, bosses, graphics, literally anything that can be done in ASM, etc. etc.

like how are you gonna make something like sicari or wakana land in mario maker 2 lmao
i sure enjoyed looking at joker for a whopping 5 seconds

though, they did say something like "what are we adding? you'll just have to wait to find out" even though joker was already revealed, so maybe that's implying that they're adding something else? not getting my hopes up since we already got an adventure mode, but I am hoping for more single-player content in general because there isn't very much of it after you finish world of light
...mario maker 2 is totally going to have glitches lol

unintended things aren't always a bad thing either, like 1F0 for example
Yeah 1F0 the map16 tile

I vaguely remember 1F0 being used for slopes (may or may not be correct) so it's definitely intentional, but the other ways people have used it - like midair grinders - definitely aren't
There's a weird bug in the music section. When you sort by duration, a song that doesn't have the 0 before the colon in the time will actually be considered way longer than other songs.

Originally posted by K.T.B.
Actually now that I think about it, it was in his manifesto that he mentioned Fortnite (not the video), but in that case he was pretty much making fun of it, not supporting it like he did to Pewds.

That manifesto was pretty much the ramblings of a psycho filled with shitposting. I honestly can't take it seriously when he says a Spyro game taught him "ethno-nationalism."
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