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Summer C3 2020 Content Spotlight
WhiteYoshiEgg's "Midway Point Timer Reset"!
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vote erik for TRESH moderator and he'll permanently delete any threads that mention fortnite
I'm a lil bitch who's scared of needles (not to mention squeamish) and I'm like 95% sure I'm not alone so I agree, people need a little push for that to happen #smrpg{gasp}
weird flex but ok
@ request threads: I too find it fun to viciously rip something and/or someone apart, but I personally condone it only if people are pointing fingers at the right thing.

I don't get why request threads of all things are having a big steaming dump being dropped on them. They require as much effort as any other thread, but some of y'all keep downplaying them. Just because they're not a release of some sort doesn't mean there's less value or creativity in them. Knowing how to draw art or knowing ASM is a skill that people find value in and it takes hard work and dedication to learn these things - I consider that difficult learning process to be preparation and prior effort. Not to mention it's probably fucking exhausting to actually finish all those requests in time. I RESPECT that shit. Let me show you some talented people who deserve their own thread like anyone else who works hard at what they do:

Exhibit A: zek's 2 art threads in C3 summer 2018 where he drew roughly 50~ characters (link 1) (link 2)
Exhibit B: erik's ASM request thread in C3 winter 2019, with 20~ completed sprite and uberASM requests (link)
Exhibit C: miku's art thread in C3 summer 2018 - drew 40~ characters (link)

(I'd list more - and there's a lot more - but I'm sure you get the point)

I think Maarfy phrased it better than I can:

Originally posted by Maarfy
Coding sprites isn't a walk in the park. So to code this many sprites - with this level of polish - in so short a time - in a request format - is just nuts.
hello epic gamers i have returned to make another c3 video

As usual I condensed various C3 entries into a short video full of memes. The last one was actually a pair of videos instead of a single video, and this C3 I've returned to form!

click here to make mars explode

Spoiler warning: levels, bosses, and many other spoilable things are included in this video, so don't watch unless you've played through these entries or don't mind spoilers. Other than that, enjoy!

List of C3 entries shown in order:

0:21 | Aether by Deeke -
0:37 | Banana Split Demo by Ruberjig -
1:07 | Super Mario Travellers by Stiviboy -
1:45 | Halloween Entry by anonimzwx -
2:09 | A Super Mario World Rom Hack by The Hacking Yoshi -
2:15 | A Super Mario World Production 2 by the SMWCP2 team -
2:21 | a perfectly normal 105 level by MetallicKreeper -
Can you draw bayonetta kirby? (see: my avatar) It would be perfect in your art style!
how y'all mfs look when you're saying yeehaw 🤠🤠🤠
this is a spooky thread now

i just hate when i see a port and the only comments are "HURRR can/will you port this!!" or some sort of insult from a comedic genius
i don't really feel the anger of a thousand suns when i see "this is a nice port" or similar though, that's just a short-but-sweet comment getting to the point
the mods made a good decision
skeletor says

Originally posted by Samantha

smwc has existed this long and half-life 3 still hasn't been made, that's how long it's existed
Originally posted by TheBasicASMGuy
came back from the dead just to post in this thread

holy shit it's a dead person
thinking emoji with mario's hat and t e t r i s b l o c k
i give it a 6/10 for mixing things i like and being okay overall i guess lmao
this will be the start of the 3rd year of doing my silly ass c3 videos y'all apparently enjoy. this time, i'm probably the most motivated and hyped i've ever been for c3. in an event where everyone brings out their best, i really want to give it my all this time.

i look forward to the first c3 of the decade. i hope y'all do too.
Hello! Some of you may remember my ongoing series of C3 videos where I condense various C3 entries into a short video full of memes. This time is no exception, but first - how about a short, one-day poll?
this looks freaking amazing and really freaking hard lmao, good work on this. i can only imagine it's extremely difficult even when doing it frame by frame
build a gulag to put all the brownbanned users into
i got casual filtered by the difficulty, but the parts i could get through were very enjoyable. the level design is great and the gfx look pretty neat too.
and i really like celestial resort
Originally posted by StrikeForcer
this is low even for you
Selling out the site is tantamount to betrayal

Originally posted by Ragey
I just can't imagine how entitled someone must be to do such a thing and then further bother the community they care so little about with this drawn-out, hollow, and egocentric post 1.5 years later. How embarrassing.

>civil threads, and other jokes you can tell yourself
imagine being on the receiving end of this for leaking someone's own warning log to them. lol. love how friendly everyone is until they're eager to demonize someone before they even know the full story. this is twitter levels of ravenous

by the way, a demotion (especially a non-permanent one) is reasonable, all things considered, but that's just going through the motions. putting that aside though, think of nameless' position on the website and how long ago this occurred. if she really didn't give a shit about smwc and was as corrupt as everyone implies she would have ditched the site without any public apology months ago, maybe longer. and if she didn't, she would just keep doing things like this, and i trust that she's telling the truth that she didn't since she's done a ton for the website even after taking the bribe

Originally posted by Deputy BS
oh whats that? "financial situation"? probably not important. have you considered maybe someone paid for my user staff log that shows i said the n-word in 2011, cant let that happen

only good post in this thread
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