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Tip: If you give a Muncher tile custom graphics, it will still act like a coin when a silver P-switch is active, whether it looks like a coin or not. ExAnimation solves this problem.
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just got through this hack. i gotta say, this is one heck of a return to smw hacking! (level spoilers ahead, please don't read if you haven't played the hack!)

okay so, pretty much every level had a really nice atmosphere to it.
volencia mansion
is a good example of this.
the music and visuals just made it feel so spooky and surreal!

and then there's the gimmicks. i didn't even think some of these were a thing. in another level,
you needed the p switch on constantly for all the boos and eeries to be visible. that's...honestly a really creative use of palette exanimation with the p switch trigger.
i also enjoyed the
red switch level where jumping is disabled. lotta good setups in that one where i had to use my noggin.

the only levels that got me buttmad were the
ones, mainly because of
the fireballs that made me feel like i was playing touhou
lmao. the
p balloon
sections are nearly frame-perfect too

overall this hack is really worth playing! give it a shot, y'all
Originally posted by Ragey
It is not unreasonable to assume that OP has posted the full story, this being their apology thread for said story. It'd be in poor taste to leave out important details when making a post like this, after all.

you have to be deliberately ignoring what was said in the OP at this point, because any other possibility would be insulting you. nameless clearly said she wouldn't disclose exactly what was leaked and who it was leaked to, both of which were later revealed by idol stepping in and ladida making a confession of his own. with that context, you should very easily realize that there's more to the story - there was no reasonable assumption you could make until more information came out. none of that really matters though, because regardless of everything else you still ultimately posted shit that's uncalled for (and yes i will continue quoting this until it's addressed):

Originally posted by Ragey
I just can't imagine how entitled someone must be to do such a thing and then further bother the community they care so little about with this drawn-out, hollow, and egocentric post 1.5 years later. How embarrassing.

>"hmmm today i will shit on someone for owning up to their mistake, surely this will spark some positive changes around here"
no not the whip fp, im doing the thing, see!

hello i made the thing
all i can say is don't try to work on too many projects at once, i REALLY had to rush to get this out. enjoy!


0:50 a shitpost by randomdude999 -
0:59 Fun Game in it; Mario and CSKetch's Graduation Gift by CSketch, Smedis2, and Yoshiatom -
1:38 slurdgery by Sixcorby -
2:37 Celeste.smc by MiniMawile303 -
2:55 1st Kochobo Dourado Collab by the Mario Hacks community -
3:20 Super Mario Travellers by Stivi -
3:39 Return Trip by levelengine -
4:12 Meat's Quest: Super Mario World and the Bois! by SubconYoshi -
imo just the title of the thread being linked would be helpful, though i guess that doesn't really help with the second problem #smrpg{ohno}
i've used the rain theme for years now, i love how it's not pitch black so it doesn't kill my eyes whenever i read white text
i love the new wood types and the fact that blue torches exist now. i'm thinking some big changes are coming, since diamond was the highest vanilla tier for the longest time and we haven't gotten new trees since 1.7

hopefully they give us some stronger mobs and maybe a boss to put netherite to good use, because withers already dropped like flies if you had the right gear

tested and works with snes9x

uses manual triggers for exanimation, which means it breaks on bsnes/hardware/etc. because that uses $7FXXXX (i'm pretty sure that's the reason)
gotta B L A S T

tested with snes9x and bsnes
Originally posted by Samuel Zuccati
Which patches would be included in the baserom?

if we're going by vldc11, probably sa-1 and bugfix patches
whoa i got top 10, that's a number i'm happy with. apparently it was one of e-man's favorites so that's pretty cool too
shit i'm really sorry if the second half of my level was a little too hard for the contest, at the time i had just finished up with KLDC and a little bit of kaizo leaked into my level lmao

congrats to everyone who won, the amount of creativity y'all can cram into 24 hours is crazy

tested with snes9x and not bsnes because i didn't have enough time xd
lol wtf why am i a coin
wtf this is awesome, i'm just listening to this right now but i'm loving what i'm hearing

an entire soundtrack by yourself had to have been tons of work, but damn did it pay off
hi there! in this thread i'm continuing my c3 video series where i recap as much of c3 as i possibly can into a video filled with memes, and more recently, little skits in between sections. i have a lot of fun doing these videos, and i can only hope everyone else enjoys watching me suck at smw

right now c3 isn't done so the video obviously isn't finished yet lol, but i'm hard at work on the video, trying to keep the best aspects of previous videos while improving on what i wasn't satisfied with.

for now, though, have a trailer that i worked on!

this level was hard as balls, but the setups are really clever. you really squeezed out a lot of potential out of single room puzzles

requesting captain falcon doing his signature "show me ya moves" salute (any frame of the animation is fine, whatever works best for you)
dude i'm running on fumes right now but i'm here to present my unnamed kaizo hack that may or may not be finished one day

sorry the gifs suck. i'll probably upload proper videos when i'm not so busy.
but yeah there's 2 levels that are missing bosses i have planned so you just get a generic ending in both of them instead. have fun #smw{:trollface:} and i'm really sorry if the second half of the star level screws you over with the timing, that'll be the first thing i fix if i ever get to it

an hour long level. i think we're witnessing history here
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