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Hi. I'm definitely not an expert at ASM or anything else of the sort, and I most certainly don't know how we could utilize anything I'm about to talk about, but I just wanted to share an idea that I thought was interesting.

To start off, SMWcentral's community has made ROMhacks utilizing the SA-1 chip to make SMW faster and make amazing patches like No More Sprite Tile Limits. Others have used the Super FX chip for, well, cool effects.

I was googling "sa-1 snes" to find out more about it, because curiosity and stuff, until I found a list of SNES enhancement chips.

I haven't seen anyone mention half of these chips on this site, and I wanted to just show everyone what they haven't used yet.

Originally posted by Wikipedia
The Cx4 chip is a math coprocessor that was used by Capcom to perform general trigonometric calculations for wireframe effects, sprite positioning and rotation. It is known for its role in mapping and transforming wireframes in Capcom's second and third Mega Man X series games.[2] It is based on the Hitachi HG51B169 DSP.

This is an image of what the Cx4 chip is capable of. This is a test screen with basic, differently-colored wireframe models. I actually don't know if the Super FX chip can do this too, but it looks pretty cool nonetheless.

Originally posted by Wikipedia
The DSP-1 is the most varied and widely used of the SNES DSPs, appearing in over 15 separate titles. It is used as a math coprocessor in games such as Super Mario Kart and Pilotwings that require more advanced Mode 7 scaling and rotation. It also provides fast support for the floating point and trigonometric calculations needed by 3D math algorithms. The later DSP-1A and DSP-1B serve the same purpose as the DSP-1. The DSP-1A is a die shrink of the DSP-1, and the DSP-1B also corrects several bugs.

Okay, so it's a coprocessor that makes for whatever mode 7 scaling is and rotation. From what I understand and can see from the screenshots, you can have quite a few models with textures, however simple they may be.

Originally posted by Wikipedia
The DSP-2 can only be found in the SNES port of Dungeon Master. Its primary purpose is to convert Atari ST bitmap image data into the SNES bitplane format. It also provides dynamic scaling capability and transparency effects.

It makes for dynamic scaling capability and transparency effects. I don't know what "dynamic scaling capability" is but I'm assuming it has to do with the scale of the size of a model or sprite? Transparency effects is pretty much self-explanatory, though.

So, now that you know what different chips were used for the SNES, aren't you kinda bummed out that nobody's inserted these chips into SMW yet? Sure, we have SA-1 and Super FX, but I've only seen one forum showing off things that we've seen from the screenshots we saw earlier, and it doesn't even have detailed/textured models like the other chips pulled off.

As I said earlier, I have no idea how anyone would make a patch or something to add these chips, but when that day comes you know a lot of amazing ROMhacks will be made.

What are your thoughts?
Originally posted by IDidMakeThat
Also, I believe that there is some 20MHz ARM processor which is only used in one game for AI, but it's very obscure. I would like to see if anything could be done with that.

I'd love to see a boss with an AI in a ROMhack. That'd be awesome!
Hello. I'm having a problem with uberASM. I patched SMW with AddMusicK, but now patching uberASM even with no code crashes. Could someone help me out with this? Thanks.

Scratch that, all of that, fixed by myself, please close
So if you couldn't tell, water is crashing my level on contact.

Buoyancy is enabled, so what's going on? Is it the Hammer Bro?

This was also solved, also close please
Originally posted by MarkD
What did you do to fix that problem?

Somewhere along the lines of me making my hack I somehow corrupted water. Probably with GPS. I had to export all the levels, shared palettes, ExGFX, and overworld so I could import it into a clean ROM. After that I patched the clean ROM with AddMusicK, and used GPS and Romi's Spritetool again. Water doesn't crash anymore.
Hi. I've tried hours to solve this but I just can't.

I'm using AddMusicK, GPS, Romi's Spritetool, uberASM, and tons of ExGFX (though that doesn't modify the code, just data in the ROM).

I moved the "sa1patch_125" folder in the asar folder, and did the following:

1. Opened asar
2. Entered sa1patch_125/sa1.asm
3. Entered name.smc

I started it up in Snes9x and it just showed a black screen.

I tried this with a clean ROM with the same results.

Could someone help me with this? Thanks.
Thank you, this is very detailed and I found it extremely helpful.

One more thing: how do I convert block ASM into SA-1? And after I convert them I just use GPS as usual, right?
Alright, thank you so much!
Hi. I've been making lots of help threads but SA-1 is a new field for me so gimme a break. #smw{:trollface:}

Anyway, I got my clean ROM going. I got AddMusicK, uberASM, got all the converted SA-1 blocks in GPS. I even expanded the ROM to 8MB and I'm currently using FuSoYa's custom ZSNES and Snes9x 8MB builds.

HOWEVER. Hao. Ehh. Vur. I have ONE problem. I tried using Romi's Spritetool 1.4.1, and even though I converted all my sprites to SA-1, it shows nothing but a blank screen after "Nintendo presents."

Even when sprites.txt is blank and it doesn't insert anything this still happens. I tried it even with a clean ROM that was only expanded to 8MB with the SA-1 patch to no avail.

What's going on? Am I missing something?
Brutal Mario may have had some of the most impressive ASM to date but the choice of GFX and palettes were really, uhh, bad. :P
Alright. I thought because it was an updated version it would be more helpful. Thanks again!
Alright, here's a quick update for all of you.

First off, I want to let you know I've implemented on/off blocks. For those of you who haven't played a ROMhack with these in them, an on/off block is one that is solid when the switch is on, and acts like air when it's off, or vice versa for a second, inverted version of the block. In this case I wanted to be creative and make on/off blocks like yellow turn blocks, just green and activated/deactivated by the on/off switch.

This here is Grassy Meadow, the level that pushed me to use SA-1 and add uberASM once and for all. I pulled out all the cards on this one to make it look good while retaining the fun.

This is one of the levels inside of the Deathshuttle, a spaceship used by the mysterious yet evil Dr. Fourthwall to try to break into the real world. On/off blocks and electricity are everywhere.

The Toxic Hills are, well, hills. This area has toxic waste everywhere, so watch your step!

New videos:
Deathshuttle LVL 1

Deathshuttle LVL 2

Updated Reactor Core boss, now with a small cutscene and escape sequence

Grassy Meadow

Hope you liked this, more to come.
Another level I worked on today.

This level is called "Psychedelic" and I'm sure you can tell why.

It's full of neon-colored platforms and enemies. ON/OFF blocks are also included to make it a bit more interesting.

Click here for a video on this level.

Once again, PLEASE let me know your opinion! I want to make the best hack I can, and feedback will show me just where I can improve!
Originally posted by ForthRightMC
This Psychedelic level seems very good, with glowing background and rotating blocks. Have you created full overworld of this project?

Thank you for your compliment!

The overworld is nowhere NEAR done. I usually just develop it as I make more levels; it's just more comfortable for me. I do have the whole story laid out, though.
Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew
Hopping-flipping-flames. Do you know why these blazing bozos only appear in one level (near the end of the special world) in the original SMW? Because they're an annoying, slow-moving, semi-patroling enemy who render large swaths of land impassible for an aggravating amount of time (thereby completely breaking the pacing of most levels) and they have buggy hit detection for many of the few things they're actually vulnerable to on top of that (thank potatoes the cape is so hilariously overpowered in this game). Whoever thought it was a good idea for them to leave behind those execrable trails of flaming feces which take five decades to biodegrade ought to be flushed down the toilet.

tl;dr time to spam hopping flames with sa-1 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hello. I found this neat thing in the uberASM code library:

LDA #$78 : STA $0DA0	;Disable All controls.
LDA #$FF : STA $78		;Hide Mario.

However, when I tried to use this code on a level (using uberASM of course), it only got the invisibility part; I was able to run around as I please.

Could someone help me? Thanks. :3
I did read it, but I just can't understand it. For instance, what do I even change? What's 16-bit addressing? I just want to change $0DA0 and $78 to SA-1 addresses. >.<
I see. Thank you very much for simplifying it!
Hello. I'm working on a thing that spawns sprites going left, and I need a block that kills those sprites. I tried using STZ $14C8,x (or $64C8 in this case because I'm using SA-1) but that didn't do anything. I have a feeling it's because that only works when you're coding a sprite rather than a block.

What I do know is that I need to set their state to #$00 so they disappear. Could someone help me, please? Thanks a lot.
For some reason nobody uses sprite 36 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

yes I know it's a null sprite don't murder me
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singlepat's Profile - Posts by singlepat

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