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Tip: Entering a door or pipe, activating a P-Switch or grabbing a star, completing the level, hitting a message block, and dying will cause issues on the title screen, such as causing musical glitches, or trapping the player in an endlessly-looping level.
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I think Intrigue is worth mentioning.

It has item babysitting, floating munchers, gray cement blocks, it was the exact stereotype everyone makes fun of now.
I already know you add 6000 to long addresses. I'm having trouble with the actual code.
So from what I understand, $14C8 was remapped to $3242, which uses 22 bytes? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Alright, thanks. Just to make sure, would this:
	STZ $3242
	STZ $3242

Make ANY sprite (including custom ones) disappear?
Okay, thank you. You were very helpful!
Just got finished with a huge level. It's generically called "Bowser's Tricky Castle."

The exterior of Bowser's castle. Lots of enemies to make sure you can't reach Bowser!

ON/OFF blocks in action.

These switches activate cutscenes and allow you to proceed!

Fight with Bowser. I used imamelia's disassembly for the gray castle block and modified it. The moving walls pushing you into lava are the result. On top of these spawning, there's 3 balls on chains and Bowser spits fireballs at you.

If that wasn't bad enough, you need to break through the wall before you can even start attacking Bowser. Bowser has 5 HP.

Thanks to Secretchaos for the ripped GFX used for Bowser.

Click here for a video on the FULL level.

I can't stop stressing how important your feedback is to me. If you can, please let me know what you think of this! Thank you! :3
Thank you very much for your opinion. I agree that it's chaotic, but that was the intention. #smw{:trollface:}

The ON/OFF blocks basically use the turning block's GFX, just green and activated/deactivated by the ON/OFF switch like in this screenshot:

Thank you for the compliments on the boss and cutscenes, I put lots of work into them. :D

Also one more thing...

Originally posted by yoshiatom
I can't think of good conclusions

I saw that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hi. I'm using this code to spawn a throw block:
	JSL $02A9DE
	BMI EndSpawn
	LDA #$09
	STA $3242,y
	LDA #$53
	STA $3200,y
	LDA $322C,x
	STA $322C,y
	LDA $326E,x
	STA $326E,y
	LDA $3216,x
	STA $3216,y
	LDA $3258,x
	STA $3258,y
	JSL $07F7D2

...but every time the code runs it hurts the boss because it takes damage on contact with sprite 53. Could someone tell me how I can spawn it 1 block under the sprite? Thanks.
Thank you! That was extremely helpful.

I made a miniboss within about 2 days.

Click here for a video on the FULL boss. (you'll probably have to if you want to know the full concept of the boss instead of a static screenshot)

This is my first time experimenting with sprites with actual graphics and sprite interaction rather than invisible sprites over blocks. Still trying to figure out how to spawn sprites at exact positions so for now I'm just using invisible sprites to spawn sprites at their location.

Well either way I think I did a decent job. Let me know what you think! :3
Sounds like a great idea but how would you make netplay work? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This isn't really related to SMW in general, but rather a tool. You see, Romi's Spritetool works great. It's perfect. Essential. But here's the drawback for me.

It starts up, I enter "1337h4x01nglelelel.smc" in command prompt, then "sprites.txt." Does everything at light speed. But then. BUT THEN. After a few times of doing this when I'm fixing/experimenting with a sprite, it slows down IMMENSELY.

It's gone from inserting about 20 sprites in seconds to taking almost 10 minutes. Am I the only one experiencing this? Do I have a horrible computer? Is there any way to fix this? Why am I asking so many questions? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ba-wait wrong context.

But in all seriousness this is really annoying and I'd love to solve the problem.
Originally posted by ThePat545

Originally posted by DaSpongeBobMan
Maybe it's the name of your ROM.

The name was a joke #w{x(}

It could be the number of sprites, but it takes forever to start inserting the next one.
I disabled AVG and it's still VERY slow when inserting sprites.

Would it help if I said I'm using Spritetool 1.4.0/the mikeyk version compatible with SA-1?
Oh, well, at least we still have singleplayer. #w{=3}
You should just enable sprite buoyancy with the #lm{sprhead} button. If that doesn't work just use a dolphin generator instead. Hope I helped!
Originally posted by UltimateDracoMeteor
Unrelated, but was your layout actually removed or is that text on purpose?

It was removed and I'm too lazy to put work into a new one with more silly gifs.
I think the problem here might be one of these:

1. You didn't add the SA-1 patch

2. You did add the SA-1 patch but you didn't set the sprite mode to 10

You'll need both the SA-1 patch and sprite mode 10 for something like a 12 tile sprite to work properly.

If you need anymore questions about that let me know. #w{=3}
Happy to help! #w{=3}
Call of Cthulhu would have a T13+-M17+ rating because of the obvious screen you see when Mario can't grasp Cthulhu's form. Nightmare fuel. But on the other hand everything else is pretty much not that terrifying.

Originally posted by Egadd
AO wouldn't be appropriate for any SMW hack. It is mainly reserved for [naughty word] games

Brutal Mario final boss, although I think it's kind of nitpicking at Wendy's GFX:

But there IS a face/mask/whatever that cries blood and gives Mario a feather...? So I think that's pretty...uhh...mature.

Quest on Fullmoon Island has a villain named Pitch Black that says "I don't want to hurt anyone, they just all...disappear" or something along those lines, implying he kills people he cares about...? I'm sure the creator could confirm that. On top of an entity flat-out luring "friends" to "play with them"
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
there's a level called "Eternal Decay" where it LITERALLY RAINS BLOOD. And in the level after that, "Eternal Rest," you're able to SWIM IN BLOOD. If that doesn't earn an M17+ rating I don't know what does.

I'll let you decide on Mario Must Die 2's story.
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