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Tip: Keep in mind that the maximum size for an ExAnimation ExGFX file is 16 by 13 tiles, rather than 16 by 8 tiles like you would expect.
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Originally posted by Leomon

First: "[naughty word]" How old are you

Originally posted by Leomon
Originally posted by ThePat545

yep you're 10

i literally just asked how old you were

Alright, I'm 10. Have a medal! We'll honor this AMAZING discovery for generations, we'll celebrate March 30th as Leomon Day because it was such a great thing to point out!
All I said is that it's great but okay I'll just leave ya alone. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Originally posted by HuFlungDu

My life is complete
So I was making a demo for my hack. I selected about 30 sublevels and inserted the graphics and ExGFX before I got to the serious stuff.

1. I started with a clean ROM
2. Expanded to 4MB ROM
3. Added SA-1 patch
4. Imported 30 sublevels
5. Imported GFX and ExGFX
6. Used AddMusicK
7. Added uberASM

Then when I used GPS I noticed the music was way off, and sometimes sound effects wouldn't play or the game would freeze (not crash, just stay on the screen) on "MARIO START!" on certain levels.

SpriteTool seemed to work fine but GPS certainly didn't. I'm sure I did everything fine, is it just the tool? I've heard GPS sometimes corrupts ROMs bigger than 2MB, and, well, my SA-1 ROM is 8MB.

Thanks. #w{=3}
Before I get "leedle ur an n00bz0rz" in the replies I'll just make myself clear now: I know all backgrounds use Layer 2, I'm just horrible at making titles. Moving on...

Layer 2 is either a static background or a blank background (unless you use HDMA you scrub) to make way for interaction. I'm sure I'll get a few yesses and nos here, but has anyone utilized setting tiles to act like tile 25 with interactive Layer 2?

For example, you have some clouds in the background, rigbt? So you have the ground in Layer 1, you got some dirt, bushes, grass, all that good stuff, and then suddenly you run into a situation where you want to maybe put coins in front of something? It'd be a waste of processing (unless you have an SA-1 ROM) and ExGFX space if you had tiles mixing the coins with the green bush color in the background, and probably a little time-consuming too. So what do you do? You switch the level's mode to one that lets you interact with layer 2, and put coins in front of a bush in the back! You can even add more detailed and varied backgrounds with this. The catch? Well, you'll have to stick with 16 screens only.

Oh the agony of not having overly long levels to troll with. If you disagree with my sarcastic statement, watch this video, skip to 30:13, and tell me how long it takes to get to where the screenshot ends in the TAS. Now that you know it takes approximately 32 game seconds to get there in a TAS, imagine a fully-filled castle level or a Kaizo puzzle level instead of a grassland that's the exact same length. You're looking at about a whole minute of gameplay, but that's only with a TAS, possibly using glitches. If a human player is playing it blind they can take a LOT longer considering they're not going to make one-frame wall jumps or glitch through walls or do a credits warp or make pong and snake with arbitrary code.

The only two drawbacks I can think of is of course the 16-screen limit, (of 0F screens if you're a nerd) which isn't even bad as I explained, and the fact that generators that affect Layer 2 scrolling are also affected. So if you want spikes falling up and down and a bush with coins in front of it at the same time, you better learn how to use that ExAnimation. Other than that I've actually used this method a couple of times, and my backgrounds look pretty good, especially with an HDMA background to make it a bit more vibrant.

So what do you guys think? Are you convinced that you can make some better backgrounds or will you stick with regular backgrounds?
I'm now using the one you linked me but...

I'm getting this error message what do I do? The only thing the readme talks about regarding SA-1 is as follows:

Originally posted by SA-1 GPS' readme
Q) Are SA-1 ROMs supported?
A) Yes, as long the new blocks and shared routines you insert are compatible with SA-1. You can convert them using the
SA-1 Convert Tool, available at the Tools section in SMW Central or by asking the block author for a SA-1 or hybrid
(both standard and SA-1) version of the block in case the tool don't work.
I think "Here We Go!" is a magnificent and horribly underused piece of art and music that's never seen in ROMhacks, especially people's first ROMhacks with floating munchers. I believe "Bowser Fight 4" and "Keyhole" are also very underused for unknown reasons.

end my misery
Originally posted by ExoticMatter
I think this is an asar bug; you'll have to wait for it to be fixed.

So is there no way for me to fix this myself?
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
I think, you can delete/ comment at least elsif !sa1 == 1 and the line after it out i.e. something like this:

It let the program add the blocks but now I'm at square one with the glitched music and freezing levels.

Could inserting GFX and ExGFX incorrectly make the ROM work improperly like this, or do I need to insert patches in a particular order after installing the SA-1 patch? On my actual hack's ROM GPS works just fine with all the patches.
Yeah, nothing's working. Thanks for the help, I'm probably just going to re-patch everything and check if I missed anything.

EDIT: I started off with another clean ROM and re-patched it in a different order of patches this time. Miraculously it worked.

We take those...? I guess...?
I'd like to see a realistic idea within the SNES' limits. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Before you look that up, I'll just let you know that it's NOT a waffle."
sa-1 is great but now I'm getting problems every other level end my miSERY PLEASE

...ahem, so if you don't live under a rock you know that GreenHammerBro made a pack of key lock blocks that disappear when you touch them holding a key.

For me, when they're supposed to disappear they just act like solid blocks, nothing else. It doesn't even make the key disappear. The sprite to check for is #$80, it's set to normal sprites, it's set to check through 22 sprite slots, etc.

I'm using SA-1 and the SA-1 compatible version of GPS. What am I supposed to do?

It's the universe telling you you're doing wrong in the world. yes I know it's not poop

That or you need to use the latest version of AddMusicK.
Originally posted by TRS
There's more cons then what you're saying.

* Layer level 2 backgrounds take up level map16 space
* They have to be assembled by hand, you can't use LM's import feature
* Takes longer to assemble than regular backgrounds, since you have to do an entire level's worth
* You can't have both non-interactive and interactive parts unless you set the scrolling to "constant"
* You have to be careful with entrances if scrolling is set to "variable".
* Can't use layer 3 tides

Not much of a problem since you'll only need a handful of tiles, even less of a problem with an 8MB ROM
Any custom background needs to be assembled by hand lol
Of course it'll take more effort but effort is what makes a hack great
You're right on this, but this just makes a second possibility for this kind of use for Layer 2
Of course, but that's only with interactive Layer 2, it's not problem if you use Layer 2 the way you pointed out earlier (where you set scrolling to constant)
I guess you're right with that lol
been about 2 days sorry if bumping is bad, you can go ahead and delete this post if it is
Originally posted by Wiimeiser
aren't SA-1 compatible

Every time I hear those words I despise limits even more, hopefully there's a solution though.
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