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SMWC Bowser the Trouser Browser


I'm horrible at names, and I don't even know how to share Wii U screenshots.

Well, basically it's a castle level with a bit of exploring and custom bosses involved; I even remade one of the bosses from my hack.
...a boat made of Mettatons with pirates riding it. But not your average pirates, these pirates downlpad movies and songs! When the pirates reach land, the captain orders the pirates to use "life hacks" to kidnap Dan, K3fka, and Kieran because they have the golden statue, which is obviously something any pirate loves. The pirates type a bunch of 1337 h4x0r1ng and suddenly grappling hooks made of ones and zeros appear out of thin air.

The pirates use the grappling hooks to grab the gang and pull them back onto the Mettaton boat. Kieran, K3fka, and Dan are tied up, helpless.

Dan farts on the Mettaton he's sitting on and it goes "OHHH YESS!~" K3fka soon realizes what has to be done. Dan, Kieran, and K3fka start farting a bunch of times, making the Mettatons exclaim until...
Combine this with the SA-1 pack and you probably got yourself endless possibilities ._.
Hi. I released a demo of my hack recently but I watched a couple of people play through it, only to find there were many errors that I didn't notice.

At first the ROM was unlocked, but afterwards I replaced it with a locked ROM patch.

Now I don't have a backup and I can't even make vital changes to prevent the game from breaking. (boss battle not ending, unecessary pauses, awkward message boxes)

So how do I unlock my ROM? Do I have to make a few hex edits? Change the header a bit? Any help as soon as possible would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
Originally posted by Syndical
Use this program: Recover Lunar Magic v1.4

I tried that already but it only supports LoROMss, Sa1ROMS are out of the question for that.
Originally posted by mario90
Unless for some reason you turned it off or deleted the files, all you need to do is grab a fresh rom, name it the same as your old hack and use the last restore point in LM.

I never created a restore point.

I'm an idiot.
Originally posted by danwaleby
Mr. T pulls that look off mUch better

only epic rap battles of history fans will get this
So I'm still working on mode 7. So far I just have a blank image and I'm starting to think I need to use 8bpp graphics rather than 4bpp, judging by yy-chr's files telling me GFX32 is 24KB.

So how do I even make 8bpp? It's not like yy-chr has compatibility with it, and I tried Googling converters to no avail.

Any help would be great, thanks.
1. Extract all the GFX from the ROM using #lm{extgfx} then re-insert them using #lm{insgfx}. This way it'll convert the GFX to a better format.

2. Name the GFX file something like ExGFX--, like ExGFX80.

3. Put the GFX file in the ExGraphics folder.

4. Insert the ExGFX with the #lm{insexgfx} button.

5. Now use the #lm{sgfxby} button and make the level load the number of the ExGFX file you inserted. You should probably stick with BG 2 or BG 3 if you're just experimenting for now.

6. Open the 8x8 tile editor by using the #lm{8x} button.

7. Look for the graphics you inserted.

8. Hover your cursor over the 8x8 tiles of the graphics.

9. Now use the #lm{16x} button and insert the numbers you see when you hover over the tiles in the other window.

10. If you have to, change or edit the palettes.

And you're done! If you have any questions let me know! #w{=3}
Originally posted by Ten
I have a request for a patch, if there are any takers. I will happily credit whomsoever comes through for me, and it has happened here before, when I asked for coins that added to the timer. I did that because I really wanted to try to make coins more useful, and not just some random obstacle that fakes you out while you're searching through ? blocks for prizes actually worth getting.

Well, I want to do that with 1UPs too. So, here is what I would like to do: use lives as life. I haven't seen an existing patch that does this (but I'd be happy to know it's there and I just missed it).

Each time Mario is hit by an enemy, he loses lives. Two if he is small, one if not. This would, of course, not involve starting over the level; the lives counter would functionally be an HP counter. The effect would be to make 1UPs far more valuable (and it means I could use them in levels more often). Powerup behavior would not be affected (a powered-up Mario would lose one 'life' and turn small).

There should be a limit on how many 'lives' it is possible to have, something like 20. Perhaps Yoshi coins could be collected to increase that limit somehow, that would be an amazing feature. However, it would have to involve SRAM storage to prevent farming. If this is too complex, asi es la vida.

There shouldn't be a 'game over' for losing HP, at least for the purposes of my hack (which uses the patch that autosaves whenever you move on the world map). Midpoints would cease to be functional otherwise. Kicking back to the overworld map with 1 life would be ideal (as would making 1 life the default).

I know I'm asking a lot but you kids and your codes have come up with some amazing things, and the code looks like magical gibberish to me. So, if anyone can do this, you would earn my eternal gratitude and hopefully make a good hack even better.

This is untested code, and I couldn't get the Yoshi coin thing to work, but here you go.

	ORG $008E4F		;freespace
	JSR Powerup		;Keeps Mario from being small at all times.
	JSR CoinTime		;Branches to the code that makes coins add to the timer.
	JSR Health		;Branches to the code that makes 1-ups add to health.
	LDA $19			;Checks if Mario is small.
	BEQ End			;If he's not, end the code and return.
	INC $19			;If he is, keep him big.
	BNE IncreaseTime	;Compares the amount of coins you have to 0.
	RTS			;If it's anything that's not 0, goes to IncreaseTime label's code.
	STZ $0DBF		;Every time you collect a coin, it branches to this code.
	CLC			;This adds 5 seconds to the timer and makes the amount
	ADC #$05		;of coins you have 0 every time you collect a coin.
	RTS			;Your coins will always be at 0, though.
	LDA $71			;Check if Mario is dying.
	CMP #$09
	BEQ Dying		;If Mario is dying, check if he'll get a game over.
	CMP #$12		;Checks if you have 20 lives in hexdecimal.
	BEQ End			;Ends code if you have 20 lives.
	INC $0DBE		;Gives Mario a 1-UP.
	LDA $0DBE		;Checks if Mario is about to get a game over.
	BEQ KeepAlive		;If he has no more lives, prevents a game over.
	LDA $0DBE		;Prevent Mario from getting infinite lives before game over.
	CMP #$01
	BEQ End
	INC $0DBE		;Keeps Mario's lives counter at 2 so it's decreased to 1 after death animation.

Paste all that right into notepad and save it as an ASM file, I believe it should do everything you asked for.

You might need to edit some other things in the ROM, for instance to keep the coin count always being at 0 from being awkward.
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
haven't you read the bpp tutorial in the documents section?

I plea the fifth

I mean...uhhh...

In all seriousness thanks for the help!
1. Great, now you have lung and throat diseases after smoking all of em.
2. It's made of an actual car and doesn't have a mattress or blankets. Good luick sleeping in the winter.
3. The Illuminati was summoned and kills everyone.

I want...

1. I want Roy to make his glorious return to SMWC and personally teach me about mode 7. Roy isn't dead and I have ASM knowledge. No tools on SMWC have viruses.
2. I want Kirby Planet Robobot to come out in the U.S. right now. No bugs or mistranslations, or an extreme raise in the price due to a rushed overseas shipment. Just the game exactly how it is jn Japan (minus the previously stated price), just English.
3. I want GradeAUnderA to roast LeafyIsHere on DramaAlert and ruin Leafy's reputation and sub count.
Originally posted by Falconpunch
1: You are a Blaziken, but you only know Growl, and are Level 1.
2: FNAF never existed, but apparently FNAF inspired Toby Fox to create Undertale, and without FNAF, Undertale was never made. (<-not real btw, just making this up)
3: MM9 and 10 are ported on the NES well, but apparently it's terrible compared to the original MM9 and MM10.

I wish...
1: For unlimited tasty Doritos.
2: That Miyamoto would stop ruining the Mario franchise.
3: The person who grants my three wishes including this one to be banned forever.

1. You're now harassed and beaten up because everyone thinks you play CoD 24/7 in your mom's basement. Good thing you didn't wish for Mountain Dew, that'd be a death sentence.
2. Granted. Miyamoto retired and is no longer ruining Mario, but now the new executive is ruining Mario even more.
3. I was banned for 1 second and you were banned permanently for having b00ty in your profile picture.

I want:

1. To have one billion legitimately-earned dollars without the economy inflating or deflating, or the stock market messing up.
2. More DLC fighters in Smash 4, quality ones only, and sticking to the same rules aa before. This means no Goku or Shrek...
3. Pikachu to be real, and just as cute and gentle.
For a final world I like seeing lots of castle levels or space levels.
Alright, so this is basically an idea I've been wanting to do for a bit but I wasn't sure if I would be very VERY hated for this.

So in my ROMhack there's a villain named Dr. Fourthwall, hence the name he acknowledges that he's in a game and about 3/4 into the hack Mario also realizes he's in a game and has to save the real world.

Dr. Fourthwall realizes Mario can stop him, so he uses both technology he has and his magic that he obtains like 2/5 in the story.

Now this is the part where you guys are probably going to get a little mad at me.

Right before the boss rush where you face all the bosses before you face the final boss, I want to remake bosses from well-known hacks and put them against Mario.

Of course I'm not going to use ideas that aren't mine without the creators' permission, and I actually want to remake them and add new things to avoid the bosses being a rehash of the originals.

The one thing I don't want to be seen as is an idea thief, so I just wanted your guys' opinions on this before I actually got to work on it.
Originally posted by nick 139
I never saw one final theme that wasn't a castle

You never played Quest on Full Moon Island have you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yeah but I don't want to flat-out plagiarize graphics and characters. There's a fine line between inspiration from ideas and actually using ideas, and I don't want to risk a huge flame war over something that could have easily been prevented.
Originally posted by IanBoy141
I would probably say that you would be fine. Take for instance all the sprites and music coded/composed from other games. I don't think there hasn't been any controversy about it. Just go for it, but create your own version of these bosses without straight out taking the same boss from another hack.

Exactly! Like I said, I hate bosses being rehashed, that's what made the Thwomp boss and the Ultimate N00b Boss so infamous. People were focused on getting it out instead of being creative and building upon them.
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