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(27/02/2016)NOTE: The project is going under hiatus for a long time. Real life syndrome.

Hello, SMWC people. I am Low Highscore, or just benjausen. I am an amateur game creator and this is my first project. It's very ambicious for my current level, but I hope to finish it as a high quality product. It's a Super Mario Universe fangame, and it's powered by Hello Engine v6.1.3. I'm making this because I always wanted to try my hands at fangaming, but without having to worry about ASM code, free space, patch compatibility, ZSNES/accurate emulation support, sprite memory and much more technical boring mumbo-jumbo. My ASM knowledge is very limited, but my GML is far better (still not even medium).

I am going to reveal some details and the main plot (there might be a backstory, like in TSRPR)

It's the future in an alternate Mushroom Kingdom ruled by Queen Peach, along with our hero, now known as King Mario. In the last Koopa invasion, Bowser has been killed by Mario and his kingdom defeated, destroyed and terraformed, so in that place now remains a tropical valley that reminds to the Dinosaur Age, where the Yoshis live now because their island was destroyed by an intercontinental missile, co-habiting peacefully with tame Koopas. But his son Bowser Jr, a.k.a. King Bowser II is still alive, now grown-up as the king of the new Koopa Kingdom, that signed an armistice with the Mushroom Kingdom. His political behavior became every day more hostile, and spies from the Pipe Kingdom revealed that Bowser Jr. is planning a new invasion that is disguised as a plan that incriminates the Mushroom Kingdom for international crimes, turning the world against it. And that his factories in the extremely contaminated Koopa Wasteland are working at full power, and that this new planned invasion is part of an even bigger plan to take down and rule over the different kingdoms of the world... The rumours became true and the Mushroom Kingdom was being attacked by the Koopa Wasteland Kingdom for no reason. King Mario wanted to take care of the situation by himself, risking his own life to save the world.

Oh, and why the game name?
IT'S A SECRET, but you probably already guessed it. Just keep your little mouth closed, or there's no cake for you #smw{:D}.

Features (as of 24/01/2016):
-Four different title screens
-16:9 Widescreen
-Different scaling+filtering options: Normal, HQ2X, 2xBR, HQ4X and 4xSmooth
-Improved dialog boxes
-Shader effects
-SPC Music Support, this means custom music from and for SMW hacks* (under testing)
-Dual platform (Windows/Linux)* I'm going to use DLLs.
-Nifty submaps
-A tutorial level
-Different bosses full of action...
-An alternate timeline (details are secret)


*May or may not be implemented.
**The content in the screenshots is heavily subject to change, and there are no map photos yet because I still need to build the submaps. I pray to God that I can finish this project and keep my motivation.

Engine: Powered by Hello Engine 6.1.3
Tools: Game Maker Studio, Paint .NET, TexturePacker, more
One world demo coming not so soon!

EDIT: Corrected most grammar

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Which collab took longer to finish, SMWCP or SMWCP2??

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
I don't think so. After the game is released, maybe someone can make a MSU-1 version if the final ROM doesn't get locked yet. Although that someone would need to find a place to inject a giant code in a ROM that is so full of inserted things and custom ASM that there would be little or no freespace. An ExLoROM version maybe, but that would break the whole ROM (like Romi's Addmusic) and after somehow injecting the custom code, there's a chance that the game will become full of bugs, and the uploader will have to include a warning that says "MUSIC ONLY WORKS ON HIGAN OR FLASHCART". Surry for bumping, but I felt I had something important to say.

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Originally posted by Luansilva12
The base named 2015-07-19.bps file downloads for me as a Text Document (.TXT) file! And I want a IPS version of that base (my patcher doesn't support BPS patches (i'm on Android).
My Android ROM patcher is named "UniPatcher" (it's on the play store).
My emulator name: Snes9x EX+ (Android port of Snes9x)

Transfer your clean SMW.SMC ROM to your computer. Then, use Floating IPS to apply the patch. A patched duplicate of SMW.SMC will be made. Transfer the duplicate patched SMC and your clean ROM back to your device and try to load the duplicate.

I hope I've been helpful.

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Originally posted by Jesse
I guess you are not really the type to make a game but whatever.

About SMW hacking, I already tried but I'm just too lazy to make a proper hack and I keep cancelling it after a few weeks.
I like coding, I just don't like to worry about ASM/machine level opcodes, abstract memory sections and so on. I find more pleasurable "set thing = red" than "set red 0xDF36B red: db $FF0000 RTS" or "0110 1000 0110 0101"

Originally posted by Jesse
Also with "Hello engine" you mean a Template for the game maker Engine?

About the engine part. Hello Engine is in fact an engine, not directly like C++ or ASM, but written in the GML language as it uses it's own code written in GML and GM:S is just a base game making engine. A game based on an engine of an engine, something alike. About the template part, try imagining that it's the counterpart of something like Visual Studio, but much less complex.

GML -> C/C++/C#/CD/etc... -> ASM -> Binary Machine Code

Originally posted by Jesse

Futhermore I noticed a little grammatical error I suppose?

Sorry about grammar. I'm a Spanish speaker and my English is far from perfect, because I still lack skill to handle some grammar level situations. Well, at least I try to make it understandable.

Originally posted by Jesse
Gamemaker is an engine and not a tool, I am pretty sure about that.

Yeah, Game Maker is an engine, but I refer to workspaces as tools, think something like:
Game Maker -> GML tool and Visual C# -> C# tool.

Originally posted by Jesse
but I guess all those things I just mentioned are not really important knowing this is your first project. I hope you'll learn a lot from doing this, I personally did and still do.

Oh, thanks. I'm sure I learned a lot of things, like what is a 2D array and how to execute external DLLs (Final product might not be cross platform after all).

Originally posted by Jesse
Why am I so butthurt about gamemaker templates being called engines?

IDK. A question of personal likings, I guess.

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There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Originally posted by K3fka
I've got to say the background in that desert area really clashes with the style of the foreground. The foreground is cartoony in the traditional Mario style, while the background is much more photorealistic. The title screen background, however, looks great. I'd want to see some more level screenshots and/or videos to really give feedback though.

That area was a tutorial level prototype, and it was scrapped in favor of a better SMW-themed alternative with graphics that don't clash. (screenies coming soon, will fix broken HUD)

Originally posted by K3fka
Now on the features, I personally think you should ditch SPC support. OGG or MP3 music is going to be much more flexible, although it will drive the size of your game up due to the files being larger than SPCs. Since this is a PC game, though, that shouldn't be a huge concern really.

I won't ditch SPC support. If all the music were to be in MP3/WAV/OGG format, it would be too heavy and take time to load, see Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (you know you want to avoid that). At least it won't take that much time this way. Also, when you have SPC support you can access a gigantic library of cool songs that sound good with SMW instruments, and converting them to OGG/MP3/WAV would be a waste of space, while SPC files just take a few kilobytes. Another reason, I like SMW custom music. I know this defeats the cross-platform idea because of .DLLs but I'm sure Linux/Mac users might be able to play using Wine, albeit losing some speed.

Originally posted by K3fka
Aside from that, make sure you include options to remap keys because some people (like myself) don't like the default controls that are shown in your screenshot, and some people might like to use a controller so that should be supported as well.

Yeah! Will work on them soon. I don't like these controls, but I'm just researching for a proper method like replacing controller calls with a global variable or script, it's matter of time, but later because I'm busy working on the map engine. Thanks for the feedback ;)

EDIT: Mappable controls almost ready.

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There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
That's why you must not trust anyone's patches lol

unknown one's patch:
;Patch this to make Mario have super powers
LDA $19

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker

Not necessarily. You can always just stream those files instead of loading them into memory completely, which isn't recommended, anyways (just a single decoded music file in memory can easily take a few tens if not hundreds of MB of RAM). Streaming, when done right, won't have any noticable delay at all. If you really want to stick to light-weight formats, though, I recommend using a tracker format (like MOD, IT, XM etc.) instead. Those are easier to edit, since good tools for them are more widely available, and good libs already exist for them (like DUMB). Also you avoid the problem of potentially using some copyrighted/protected material via the SPCs in your game. Now I'm not too familiar with the specifics of SPC files, but from what I know, they always contain a dump of the whole SPC code of a game, so basically each SPC file contains a small (probably copyrighted) portion of a game's ROM. Although I guess that probably doesn't matter to begin with, since in those cases, the songs themselves would already be copyrighted, anyways.

Originally posted by K3fka
It's also a Mario fangame. I wouldn't stress out too much about copyright issues with this one.

Oh thanks! I am not streaming the file because of the reason you pointed out, that's why I prefer to compress and uncompress on load, and hence that's why the Kilobyte-sized SPC comes to utility, and if you take a look at a .TXT music file, you can tell the SPC700 is a tracker itself, being a sequence of commands that trigger samples and warping effects, like Famitracker. About containing a copyrighted part of the ROM, I can guess you refer to the SMW instruments, but otherwise it's purely SMW custom music, made by SMW Central users and Copyright would be not necessary. Although this is just a small fangame so it would be a waste for Nintendo. And avoiding the 'Super Mario' prefix will decrease the chance of being hunted down, that's why SMBX has been killed. Thanks for the feedback, your suggestions will make my game better. Will resume after I get my new laptop, and will update with new screenshots and fixed menus.

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There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Hello, SMWC users. I am here to present you my new level Kalhar Valley (world 1-3). It's a sunset/grassland themed "vanilla" level (the HDMA gradient already counts as custom ASM) and I worked on it the whole day. It's easy, as it's meant to be the very first level of a mysterious hack project. the third level of Legacy of the Stars. You can see screenshots and I also posted a video if that's not enough. I hope you like it, and don't mind my sloppy nervous gameplay.


I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Originally posted by Nao
This is looking pretty nice so far! I really like the gradient and the palette, although I think the grey ground could be a little bit lighter. The level design is pretty simplistic, which is nice.

Do you already have a name for this hack?

Thanks for pointing it out, I will tweak the palette in the level to fit the lighting, although it won't look very different, and I think dark grey fits good in the selection as it's a sunset level, albeit in the OW it can be a lighter grey. Currently I don't have a name for my hack, nor I have a story but I'm looking forward to complete and release it.

EDIT: It's called Legacy of the Stars, and it's undergoing active development!

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There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Originally posted by MaxodeX
I really liked that level #tb{'U'} I think the palette looks pretty neat, because the FG did give a cold-ish afternoon vibe.

I also enjoyed the little details in the level such as that little arrow-coin that made you turn back and hit the block with the vine inside, and I especially liked the final segment with the 5-ish tile wide pieces of land with concrete blocks in the middle, for some reason.

Maybe the level can feel a little empty from a visual standpoint, you could try adding a few bushes for decoration or more color pipes. I also think you could use different colored koopas besides blue ones, though by seeing you used a lot of blue [!] blocks maybe that was intentional.

Oveall looking neat #tb{:D} Hope you can bring us a few more things soon.

On a side note, the [video] tag doesn't exist in this forum. You'll have to use the [url] one instead. #tb{>:(}

E: holy shit wena compare

Thanks for commenting my thread. Your suggestions will help me to make my levels better, and hopefully stop running into the issues you pointed out, like the lack of visuals.

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There is a story behind every pair of eyes.

Satan's incarnation...

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
¿Alguien escucha los artistas de (que suben a) Monstercat?

Mis favoritos son:
Grant Bowtie
Nitro Fun
Danyka Nadeau

Escucho lo siguiente:
Future Bass
Glitch Hop

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
This hack looks incredible. I am also working on a hack, but I don't want to show it yet (the only things done are the title screen, the first submap and level 3) I really hope to see your hack finished.

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
#1: Lakitu: I always liked the Sonic minigame, and it's also a technical marvel. (Oh, and the facial ) ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°( delicious... )

#2: Spikey: Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!

#3: Shadow: Very fun game, I like it.

#4: Jester: Very fun and original

#5: Croco: Very very fun!!

#6: Boomer: Same as #4, but a little too much cluttered. Still very fun and it makes to the top 5.

#7: Terrapin: Way too confusing, but overall good.

#8: Booster: YAY ARKANOID!

#9: Axem: Good memory game, but a bit too hard (or i just suck lol)

#10: Troopa: Good idea, not my cup of tea. The dispenser is awesome though! I dislike cluttering a level with those cards though.

#11: Birdo: Too boring (for me). Well made!

#12: Snifit: DDR madness! Not for my liking, just me obviously. Well made.

#13: Pulsar: Too boring (for me). Well made!

#14: Ninja: Another technical marvel, but it's boring and looks like it's straight ripped from Sonic with no Marioification.

#15: Dodo: No. Just no.

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Dead thread. This hack has been cancelled will be reborn.

PROGRESS: World 1 100%
LATEST FIX: Dialogs corrected

Hello, fellow centralites! I am here to show my upcoming romhack. It's name is Legacy of the Stars (short SMLS/LoTS/SMLoTS)

It's a fun WIP hack that features the Mario characters in a different plot. An alternate universe where roles are changed, and that replaces the typical "Bowser again kidnapped Peach for the 500th time and you must rescue her again" storyline.


Mario & Luigi: The protagonists of the hack. They are two peasants that live in the Kalhar Village. Mario is a gardener, and Luigi has a geology hobby. They suddenly feel an urge to go outside their natal valley to free the world.

Jose: A blue Toad, one of the first inhabitants of the Kalhar Village. He knows a lot of things about the outside world, and he helps the Mario brothers at the beginning, reappearing in late game.

Yoshi: Kidnapped by the Koopa Liberation Army, rescued by the Mario Brothers. He appears to be just a regular dinosaur, but in reality he is an important figure in the story... His home is the Thickwood Forest.

Peach: Peach is a gardener that lives in the arid Starfall village. She joins the heroes after a conflict happens in midgame.

Daisy: A professional geologist that escaped from Bowser's
laboratory in late game and helps the heroes at the Silver Highland.

Bowser: The tyrant overlord of the world. He rules everything and everyone from his palace in the Cyrelia Citadel, far away in the Silver Highland. He has a ludicrous plan to control the universe, and that's a good thing...

King Viridius: An authoritarian king that isolated the Kalhar Valley from the rest of the world. Some people view him as a hero, and others view him as a tyrant. His real role is unknown.

There are more coming!


World 1: Kalhar Valley: A hole in the ground. A deep just-above-ground valley located at the bottom of the world. Mario and Luigi's birthplace and location of an isolated village.

World 2: Netherland Valley

World 3: Gemstone Cavern: The birthplace of the Koopa Liberation Army. A great mining facility that provides the world with metals and stones.

World 4: Starlight Desert: A desert, self explanatory. Location of the Starlight Village and a point of interest.

World 5: Midland: A fertile plain located in a median height. Location of the Midland East and Midland West villages.

World 6: Thickwood Forest: A thick forest area with uncharted zones and lots of secrets.

World 7: Silver Highland: The altiplane, a clash of cold and hot. Location of the great Cyrelia waterfall, which drains into the volcano, where the water is purified and flows all the way back to Midland.

World 8: Cyrelia Citadel: Capital of the Koopa empire, and a futuristic walled megacity. Location of Bowser's palace. The border security is extremely strong. Bowser commands the world from here.

World 9: Inner Cosmos: The space inside your mind, and the reflection of yourself. Harness it's power and you will ASCEND. There are devices scattered around the world that will lead you there.

World 10: The Higher Dimension: The Universe was created inside this dimension. This place might be the location of God?...Bowser wants to conquer it and become the supreme ruler of existence.


-Choconilla style
-Play as Luigi or Mario!
-10 worlds
-VWF dialogues for game messages, cutscenes and NPC dialogues.
-Minimalist status bar
-Widescreen overworld with 2-line level names


If you want to help with game development (it can be dialogs, ExGFX, sprites & ASM or just ideas) feel free to send me a PM anytime!

If you want to support me, I made this userbar for you.

Development notes:
Jun 19, 2016: World 1-3 ready.
Development paused
Development resumed
Dec 20, 2016: Ported to new base ROM.
Dec 20, 2016: First submap 100% ready.
Jan 4, 2017:  World 1-2 ready
Jan 5, 2017:  Overworld Layer 3 ready.
Jan 6, 2017:  Patch base ready.
Jan 7, 2017:  World 1-1 ready
Switch palace ready
Jan 13, 2017: Porting to third base ROM due to some obscure FreeRAM clash...

Patch base:
Minimalist status bar: Ladida
VWF Dialogues Patch: RPG Hacker
Wait Replace: p4plus2
Widescreen Overworld Patch: Medic
Tolerance Timer: RPG Hacker
Separate Luigi Graphics v2: DiscoTheBat & Smallhacker
Sumo Brother Flame Fix (NMSTL compatible): Roy & worldpeace
100 exit fix: Alcaro

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Your hack looks awesome. The bland OW, however... IKR WIP. Well, I like what you did there. The palettes look nice to the eyes, especially Yoshi's New House. The Overworld gives a SMB3 vibe on it's current state.

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Your hack looks nice and polished. I can't wait to see it completed! Ok, too much hype is bad. But seriously, you are doing an excellent work and you should continue to do so.

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Your hack looks cool. Back to the classical times. I also see that you did give a good usage to the OW split patch.

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
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