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No way I could remember my messiaen account password, so created this one.

Nice that you are interested in the music format, it was the very first thing I did on SM64. Keep in mind that my initial knowledge of programming was "hello word" when I started this, and basically I only learned what was needed at each time, so be careful with all my notes, they are only the work of an enthusiastic amateur.

I first tried mml2m64, starting from the source of one of SMW's addmusic, I think that may still be available on my site but it barely works AFAIR. The option to do XML was because I was interested in the format at the moment and wanted to learn XML, more than anything else.

I still think the better format would be straight MIDI conversion, with some sort of quantization setting (tripplets might still be a problem though), so you can get pitch bends and other controls. Loops aren't needed anymore, because the memory allocation code for custom sequences has been changed using extended memory (first by me then I think Skelux fixed the code).

Keep up the work, sometimes I get nostalgic and check out how SM64 Hacking, nice to see some improvements happening on the music side.
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