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I was making a level, and I had just about finished so I was testing it, and I received an error: The ROM crashed. Technical information: 706. I tried running it in ZSNES, it wouldn't start. I tried Snes9x and it wouldn't start. So I don't know what to do now, and I don't want to start my hack over again. Someone please help!
I was building a level. It had yoshi's island cave graphics, and the waterfall cave background. The background was animated and I used the exanimation thing in lunar magic to make it work and it worked fine.

I added a few patches to the rom before I edited anything:

I added Quickrom, the classic piranha plant patch, a custom fade in, and the CustomBounceBlocks (I put brick blocks into my hack)

The custom sprite I added was a Venus plant. That's about it.

Also I'm trying to test it in lunar magic, and now I'm getting a new error. "Technical error 636"
So should I just export my stuff to a new rom?
Alright. Thanks! That is weird though, It just stopped working out of nowhere. But I guess these things can happen.

Creeple Steeple V3
Originally posted by Hobz

GammaSlap - Creeple Steeple
is it fun? 1/2
is it pretty? 1/2
is it memorable? 0/1
total: 2/5

Honestly, I'd remove the entire first section, the one outside. It's the least interesting part of the entire thing and the level would feel a lot more enjoyable if it just started in the steeple. But that was a really nice level. Had a nice spooky atmosphere (tho occasionally there were moments that took me out of it). The palette in the creeple steeple is very lovely. I love the brown on blue. Showing the p-switch through the wall at the exit pipe is a cool way to show people what they missed in that corner.

Don't start Mario where we cant see him. The layer 1 clouds look really weird (because they're so close to the ground we can see they have the same scroll rate as the foreground, so they're clearly a part of the foreground). Try to avoid using boo rings. They are so boring and slow and pose no threat to the player besides running down the clock. I'm not sure I'm following the logic behind entering a sublevel to grab a p-switch to use said p-switch immediately outside the sublevel. Why not just leave it in the main area? Why are the grey enemies tinted blue if the orange enemies keep their original palette? Clashes pretty bad. Don't require a p-switch for a yoshi coin if you then have to block the player with a wall immediately after. Just wastes time. The mushroom platforms at the very end look pretty bad and out of place. I'd keep the goal tied to the steeple.

[L to R: It isn't immediately clear what you want me to do here; and i just took the hit to grab the coin, You cant see this podobo until you jump up here because of the way the screen scrolls. Could risk getting hit]

Thanks for the Feedback, I really appreciate it. The part where you got confused is explainable. There is supposed to be a Thwimp that spawns there and you use that to get the Dragon coin. But I'll definitely take your criticisms and build upon them.

Mod edit: fixed post
I'm actually curious bc I've been watching in the background for years now, is there one large reason that Production 2 isn't finished? Or are there multiple things here and there?
Originally posted by Blind Devil

User: GammaSlap
Playthrough date: 2019-04-01

Design: Very good! The level is athletic and challenging, filled with action from start to end. The theme was nice, and the sprite usage, as well as Yoshi Coin placement, were great. Everything was fair and balanced difficulty-wise, despite me dying once near the end due to a surprise Wooden Spike which blocked my jump. I know it was mostly my fault due to rushing a bit, but there could be some kind of prior warning when it come to this jump... or getting rid of the Wooden Spike. But this is my only complaint. Well done!

Design points: 55/60


Creativity: Even though the level plays safe in that regards, all setups were varied enough to make the whole level a satisfying experience. But the most memorable part when it comes to creativity is the path to get the last Yoshi Coin, which revolves around moving shelless yellow Koopas to a shell so they can hit a vine block and unblock paths. It's also simple, but it was executed well. You've used a consistent set of sprites and made a great job with them.

Creativity points: 27/30


Aesthetics: Simple but sweet. Good palettes, a nice mix of Cave and Ghost House elements, as well as a good distribution of decoration. It doesn't go into fancy territory but it's still nice. No cutoffs or glitches that I could have spotted. All elements are spot-on.

Aesthetics points: 8/10


Total score: 90/100


Dude thank you, this means so much. After my past two submissions receiving mediocre reviews, to see that someone liked my level and said it was very well made, means a lot. Makes me realize my growth as a designer over the years. Very fair review too!
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GammaSlap's Profile - Posts by GammaSlap

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