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Hello. I converted my midi to mml and then converted it to text, and then turned it into spc with Addmusick. But the spc does not play at all!
Nevermind. I already did it on my own. I forgot to number the channels in the text.
How do I find the hex size of my music file? I don't know how to find it.
Nice, Hazel :)

First off, it's impressive how the Thunder SFX can be used as clapping when the pitch is really high.

In Oil Ocean Zone, I hear a wrong note around 0:07~0:08, it's supposed to be F+ and not F natural.

I'm not really hearing the triplet-y shuffle beat in Mystic Cave Zone (more specifically in the bass), but I'm not exactly hearing a straight beat either. If that's the case, what numbers did you use to organise the rhythm? Definitely doesn't look like 12 24 to me...
Nicely done. I really like Metal Hills.

As we enter the Metal Hills... *cues bad future version of the SMW ground music... or more like 8th VLDC factory level music*
Few suggestions or things I want to point out:

I think Metropolis Zone's tom-toms should have a lower pitch than the snare.

When the "harmonica" does the pitch-bend at the beginning, I think it could land on E as the highest point instead of D+? Edit: I meant Hill Top Zone, sorry for not mentioning it sooner.

Let me know what you think after trying these suggestions.

I think the bass in Emerald Hill Zone is very slightly behind the beat because I feel like they're not syncing with the hi-hats.

In Robotnik, I hear the drums in the beginning portion being higher-pitched and clearer than Death Egg Zone's. Are the differences supposed to be intentional?
Glad to see you back in this site Harumi!

Awesome music composer :)
I recommend you guys to listen to Equilibrium, by Various Artists of Ubiktune, from start to finish. (i.e. PF's Dark Side of the Moon). It's so relaxing but also felt like I was going through a range of different emotions.

SiameseTwins: I feel the same way!

Samantha: Just listened to John Zorn's Masada - Beeroth. I like it, and ahh, I'm somehow feeling their very clear chant and call.
I'm not super expert with FM music, but I'd say experiment with DefleMask's FM instruments. You could take a look at DefleMask's default module files and study their waveforms too.

Volume/Arpeggio Macro: When each note plays, each note is assigned to play these values in a short time.

FM Operators: Experiment with those to find various timbres.

Attack: A time where the sound fades in.
Decay: A time where the sounds fades out just right after the attack is finished.
Sustain: A time where the sound holds the volume after the decay time.
Release: A time where the sound fades out after the note is released.
I think so 2 mice walk in to a bar might be a good choice. Extremely organized level design. Difficulty might be a bit of a pain, though.

New Super Mario World 2: Around the World may be another good choice too, I love the variety.
I honestly don't have a big ambition for my life. I get tired of things easily and want to move onto new things (my mother understands that's how I was even as a little kid). I love music composition, so that's a thing I want to keep in my life.

When I was young I had thoughts about being virtuosic with a music instrument in my life, but as time got by, I started to love the creative aspects of music composition and because of how you can do many different things with it, that's what I started to enjoy even more.

I just want to have fun with my life, live in a basic way, and help people if I can.
Make sure "File name extensions" is checked in File Explorer, if you're using Windows.
Changing it from .er to .brstm or vice versa will do - it won't affect the file in any bad way. .er files are .brstm files in disguise.
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