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I want to create a good romhack for SMW, but I can't seem to get my mp3 music into the game using AddMusicK. Either I'm not typing my rom name correctly, or AddMusicK just doesn't work with Super Mario World (USA).srm. #smw{-_-} It just keeps saying,"ERROR: File not found".
Thanks for the help, Lucas and Pedro! Now I (sorta) know what I'm doing wrong #smw{^_^;}
I have a question: Is there an easy way to turn mp3 files into text that SMW can recognise and turn into music? I have several tracks from Predestined Fate Remix to music from Pacman, DigDug, and Galaga Arrangement, and Super Mario Galaxy music.Do I have to recreate them in text form myself?
Are we still submitting songs? If so, I'd like it if there were SMW custom songs for Predestined Fate (Official) Remix, Pacman Arrangement World 1 (NOT World 0), Galata Arrangement Galaspark battle, and DigDug Arrangement Ancient Temple. I hope it's not too much to ask. #smw{:|}
Well then, never mind. #smw{^_^;}
Name: Pacman Arrangement World 1 (NOT World 0!)
Youtube: "World 1 BGM - Original Pacman World - Pacman Arrangement" by Outdated Otaku
MIDI: I can't figure out how to put files on here, so...
AddMusic: K
Sampled: Really, I don't know what this means.

Edit: Can I also have the MKDD Sherbert Land music? Thanks!
Oh, sorry about that! I'll just take the Pacman Arrangement song then. #smw{^_^;}
This is a thread where you can post links or other info about custom enemies, bosses, or obstacles you have created for SMW. Currently, I am trying to create Cosmic Clones, but I can't figure out how to code their movements. If somebody could help me out with this, I'd be very thankful.
I want to figure out a way to put Cosmic Clones in SMW.
All I've come up with so far are reskinned Monty Moles.

Another cool idea would be to turn SMW into its own form of Mario Kart. The Yoshis would be reskinned to look like the standard karts, the OW would be the various menus, the "Karts" would not do anything if you didn't have anything in your item reserve, but if you did, it would look like you were throwing an item onto the track. Other racers would be goombas and koopas also riding "Karts. The green shell would slow enemies down, the yellow shell would be instead a banana, and would also slow a racer down, a mushroom could speed up the racer (How to do that, I'm not sure), the star would act like a star, and the a bob-omb, acting as it could collect coins, and when the race was over, the background would fade to black, as would happen if Mario won a level, and this ( would play if you won, this ( if you lost. The soundtrack would consist almost completely of MKDD music, because it's a very good game in the series. How's that sound? #smw{:peace:}
I am looking for a hack that allows simultaneous multiplayer. I have seen someone play a beta version of a hack that uses this, but in the vanilla world. Can someone hop me find this hack?
I was actually thinking of doing something like that. I would call him Sen. You'd have to go through the world 1 of SMB, fighting him, only the stages would be twisted around, run down and full of traps and pitfalls. While you and Sen run around, trying to jump on each others' heads, Cosmic Clones could mimic both of your actions, 3 following you, and another 3 with Sen. I'd program him to act like a human player, maneuvering around obstacles and jumping around, trying to pound Mario's head, all while playing Metal Mario Bros music.
So, I started out with a one-screen level that I made. I had put down some ordinary turn blocks. I hit them from below once, they turned like normal. When I hit them while spinning, they turned into note blocks. Can someone help me out with this?

Edit: Never mind, I have now incorporated this weird mechanic into my romhack as a special block. Hit it twice, it becomes a note block for a short amount of time. You can spinjump on top to break it. Hit it enough times rapidly and it forever stays a note block.
We should make a version of Lunar Magic for Android tablets and/or iPhones. How's that sound?#smw{:peace:}
These are both pretty cool. I shouldve been more specific, sorry. I mean, a hack where one player is Mario and another is Luigi and they both play simultaneously. There's a video of the hack being played on YouTube. Here's the link. It's been around for almost 5 years, so I think the bugs are ironed out.
Another idea:
Make SSBM into a SMW ROM.
Because why not?
It wouldn't have trophies, though. Too many of those to fit on an SNES ROM. It would have all the characters and powerups and stuff, but how will we do the intro...
Listen to some uptempo music or gradually watch a play through of a game that has the same kind of mood as your game. For example, if you were making an intense hack, you could listen to some of Jonny Atma's heavy metal covers of video game music or if your hack is a puzzle, you could watch a LOZ video of sorts. Personally, I listen to M&L PJ Final Boss phase 2 music sometimes.
I have come up with a great idea for a SMW hack, albeit very pointless, but still impressive, that is the original Super Smash Bros. Ported onto SNES via means of custom tiles, sprites, coding, music, and lots of work. I would be very thankful if anyone could help me make this a reality.
Maybe we could get the Game Grumps to play it, I don't know...
I could make all the sprites for it as well as audio files and menus as well as levels and the intro! Who's with me?#smw{:TUP:}
I don't think that I'll be able to implement multiplayer into the game.
I actually don't have much experience with ASM, but as long as it's similar to Python, I'm good. As for the whole programming thing, I guess you're right, it is a pretty high goal! I was going to remake Melee into SMW, but leave out the unnecessarily complicated stuff such as bonuses in Classic or Adventure mode and forgetting the trophies. Doing all that would be too much work to program. I'm just asking if someone could help me program the controls and menus. After that, I'll make the music, graphics, levels and anything else that needs to be done.
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