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I'd like the samples from the Pac Man Arrangement OST if possible.

Here's the whole ost
How about just a Kadabra w/ glasses T-posing or some shit

"Now, I know what you're thinking."

I did make a demo of this awhile back, but that thing was an ungodly mess. So many things didn't work at all. So, I decided to make a fixed demo version of this hack for Vinesauce as a Christmas present. Since he streamed it, I decided to let the public try out the demo as well.

Ultra HE THICC Realms aims to be the hack that kills off Vinesauce's most hated meme, HE THICC. Your goal in this game is to stop an RTCorrupted demon from removing THICC Land from existence. You need to find the 4 Bap Switches to make your way to the final castle. Along the way, you'll see many familiar faces, including Waluigi, Quario, Mario, Wallio, Bruno, and Sponge, as well as other non-brothers like the Terminal 8, Pedro, Sans, Joel, Woodman, and more.

There are sections that Vinny hadn't gotten to, so there's a little more than shown for you to check out.
You can also corrupt it if you want, you might find some of the other levels hidden in there.

Once the full game comes out, it will have:

-More than 40 fun-filled levels
-3 different game modes for you to enjoy
-tons of custom bosses and gimmicks
-L O R E
-Jukebox for listening to the soundtrack
-Interactive cutscenes
-Far too many Vinesauce references to list
-A handy Tips section at the file select screen
-And far more!

This demo comes with
-A broken-ass title screen
-A BRB screen
-Releasio Road
-Speedway Luigi
-V A P O R W O R L D
-Dig to China
-Dark Factory
-Dark Office Tower
-What to Expect

Watch the stream here!

Download here!
I only really want 2 things

SNES Composer

A MIDI tool that allows you to make midis using .brr files so you can instantly transfer it to a .txt and/or a .spc file. It would have extra options for things like instrument swapping, echos, and such.

Mario Manager

A tool that easily lets you edit and create player animations by adding or removing frames, selecting the graphics used, the size of the animation, and such. It could also allow you to test the animations in a simulated SMW rom.

I feel that these could make a huge difference here.
Welcome to Industrial Desert, a place full of machinery and broken pipes, shooting out steam and making some parts of the sand a form of air-fluidous quicksand. You can also explore the inside of the mechanized pyramids here, however the lights seem to be a bit faulty. Also, something might change if you come back after getting all the Yoshi Coins...


Here's your Lunar Express ticket.
Industrial Desert, now available. And this time, my submission isn't completely unplayable! Fixed and updated, it doesn't suck anymore (probably)!

Here's your Lunar Express ticket.
Would you want to try my entry Industrial Desert? I'd like to see what you think of it.

just so you know i wont have time to fix it before the deadline so ehhh
Originally posted by Emerald Shell
. And I'm still wondering if it has too much variety of gimmicks at once.

Well hey, at least it isn't Cloudtop Castle.
Thanks for reviewing my earlier version of my level. If you want, I fixed up the problems the level had, and you can try out the updated version and tell me how well it works now.

Ha, this seems very neat

too bad I can't see any of the images at all
I think my device just can't see anything from :<
Originally posted by Hobz
IronFoxGaming - Industrial Desert: bad

I love the idea of a game where you play as mushrooms stacking together to traverse the levels.

How high can the stack rise?
I'm gonna try and make an abstract level based on a mechanic that I've never seen any kind of SMW level use before, really.
turning layers on and off to reveal secrets and stuff
you could probably just do what the NES Mega Man games did and have one palette's colors on one sprite, the other palette on another, and then stick them together to make them look like one single sprite with 32 colors on it

not sure why you need that many colors tho
You could make a special emulator that takes a SMW rom, creates and runs 3 instances of the rom, and has them layered together to give it a kind of widescreen effect. It would need to change how sprites spawn relative to the screen for all 3 hacks, as well as status bar placement and how the camera moves in relation to the player. It might just be too complicated to want to do, honestly,
I remember the first thing I tried to do was insert an MP3 using AddMusicK.

I also mostly made remixes of classic Mario levels, and I had no idea how to use ExGFX. If I wanted to put Purple Marios over top of Monty Moles, then the moles would never appear in the hack.

also muncher swarms lol
Furries are okay I guess

I really liked two Mario Kart clones that came out on the Gamecube, being Crash Nitro Kart and Pac-Man World Rally. I have some fond memories of playing those games for hours on end. I of course also enjoyed MK: DD.

I also enjoyed the DIC Super Mario cartoons, sue me
really reminds me mostly of the Purple Coin Challenges from Super Mario Galaxy
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