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yay I did badly

at least I wasn't disqualified
My hack Ultra HE THICC Realms is pretty much one huge Vinesauce reference compilation turned into a game.
-Tons of references to corruption streams, including things such as Flesh Trumpets, Dry Yoshies, and the Fruit of Destruction.
-Contains references to almost every single Vinesauce brother, including Quario and Bruno.
-Enemies are based on different memes and games, like the Eyebrowless Galoombas, Cookie Grandmas, Swole Chickens, Wheel Pigs, Pant Walkers, Restraint Arms, Coin Boos...
-Bosses also based on memes and games, such as David, Captain Gooper Blooper, Reznor (but upside down), UGC Mk XVI (The Gameboy Color with a CD taped to its cord), the Brothers, the Terminal 8...
-Powerups such as Robobot Armor, Bubble Shield, Breadward, Lazer Gun, and Monkey Marble.
-Levels designed with themes and elements based on Super Toad 67, Funny Pizza Land, Carnival Night Zone, SSBM, Stardust Speedway, all kinds of crap lemme tell ya
-Tips that appear on the File Select screen that give nods to different streams and such, such as "I just found my first toilet, Michael Jackson will be so proud of me.", "Forget cocaine, I’m high on cheeseburger vaporwave.", "RIP Willoughby", and "Translator’s note: Hi Vinny", as well as some genuine hints that aren't just memes.

There's of course elements that are referenced later on in the game that I can't mention yet, but damn even I didn't think there'd be this many
There's not a single song from the Pac-Man World series on the site, nor any of the songs from the 6 Namco Arrangement titles.

I also can't find many Mario & Luigi tracks on here. Not even a single Dream Team track, it seems.
Originally posted by ModernKiwi
Request name: Mario's "Black and White" alt from Smash Bros Ultimate
Type: Original
Purpose: Reskin
Style: SMW-ish
Here is a reference image (Image)

Couldn't you just change Mario's palette instead? Just change the red to black and the blue to white?
Are we editing only one OW map, or are we completely reworking the entire map system for entries?
Originally posted by DPBOX

Wow, I didn't even know this area was accessible to people who weren't admins and moderators. Neat! Thank you.

Also, kinda surprised that we only seem to have 1 JoJo port. I expected at least Bloody Streams or Roundabout, but we only have Vanilla Ice's theme. Same thing for Smash songs. We only have Ness' victory fanfare rather than Bramble Blast, SMW Title Screen/Credits Medley, Target Test, and so on...
You can just go into each level's settings #lm{owlevel} on the OW editor and enable moving left, right, up, and down on all stages. That way, you can walk freely across all the stages. You can still have beating levels cause an OW event if you wanted, though, but it's not necessary for making all levels accessible.
Name: Cuckoo & Punchy Pipes
Type: Sprites
GFX: Here
Description: These sprites are made so that if the player tries to enter the pipe it's set in, the player will enter the pipe, then get blasted out by the Cuckoo / Punchy, throwing them out of the pipe and stunning them until they stop moving entirely. After launching the player, it slowly retracts back into the pipe. It doesn't do any damage, but the stun should be annoying enough to punish the player with. Plus, it's pretty funny.

The Cuckoos are meant to be placed on Horizontal Pipes, while the Punchies are meant to be placed on Vertical Pipes. The sprites use the vanilla sprite palette, green for Cuckoo and red for Punchy. It shouldn't be possible to kill these sprites, as that could possibly cause problems with entering the pipes after they are killed.

I liked seeing something very similar to these in Super Mario Sunshine, so I thought they'd be fun to have in SMW as well.
I have that in my rom somehow, but I can't remember at all where or how I got it. Maybe it's still in the hack's folder somewhere...
Originally posted by squawks64
somebody see the loud house i hope
that someone did this characters as enemies
but not the mayn characters but the secondary characters kids boy and girls girl jordan kat sweater qt shy qt etc ...

could you repeat that in english please
Maybe you should wait until you are home so you can look into it a bit further before making a whole new thread for it. It's most likely just a problem with the Map16, but your description is vague and just sounds like you're talking about the normal ground tiles in the level, which are supposed to be solid. If you mean the decorational grass around the level, then check the Map16 to see if the grass is set to act like 130. You can fix this by importing the first Map16 page from a clean rom. I hope this helps.
I think the closest you could get to this is making the sprites smaller and move slower, giving the illusion that the levels are larger.
If you're remaking the Boohemoth, don't forget that after looking left for awhile the autoscroll continues at half speed until looking away again.
Something that I think would help out tremendously: Allow the OW Level options to make level spaces that can take the player to any level from 0 to 1FF. We only have levels 0-24 and 101-13F, which really lowers how many individual levels we can actually have in a hack.
Instead of a Bad Time

Waluigi Time

I wanna see a Megalovania based around Waluigi Pinball, if you wouldn't mind.
Could you draw my character Felicia for me?
Cuckoos and Punchy Pipes

They work similarly to Piranha Plants (Cuckoo as horizontal and Punchy as vertical), but only do anything when Mario enters the pipe they're in. He'll enter inside fully, then be launched outwards and into the air a bit by the corresponding sprite, then the sprite will slowly retract into the pipe. Maybe they could play a launching sfx when they launch Mario, like SM Sunshine had.

They use the default Green and Red sprite palettes.
This SMWC Maker looks pretty neat, but there's one part of it that I'm still confused about...

Is it a SMM-themed SMW level editor or is it a Lunar Magic-themed SMM level editor?
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