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Tip: After editing your overworld, make sure to use an EMPTY save file, as save files with progress may load Mario's position based on previous versions of the overworld. Note that altered level flags will also only take effect on new save files.
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All right, thanks for the help! #smw{:TUP:}
Yup, ever since Vinny played that one bootleg, no one can get enough.

Can someone help me rewrite the code that controls Mario? I want to make him control and act like his Smash bros counterpart, but I can't figure out how to make the controls different. I want to make a Super Smash Bros style hack, including items like the home run bat, the spicy curry, and Mr. Saturn, but I don't have much experience with ASM. I only need the controls worked with, and then I can do the rest by myself. Can someone help me out?
Can anyone help me rewrite the code that controls Mario so I can remap the buttons? I want to make him control like his Smash Bros counterpart.
Here it is! Sadly, no download link.
ZSNES won't let me play any downloaded SMW rom hacks! Whether it be an ASM-filled adventure or a vanilla ride, it won't run anything! What am I doing wrong?! #smw{-_-2}
Well, I can't even get SNES9x to run.
I'm currently making a SMW hack where you go through the levels in a completely new way. For say, an upsidedown castle or an empty lake. A sunset or a speed run. Hardcore or lava floor. The Special World will have all the original levels merged to one and then the rest would be extremely hard custom levels. Does this sound like a good idea or no?
I'm thinking that each level has its own gimmick. I don't know how to post snapshots, though, as SMWC will only allow me to post existing pics from the web.
Alright, thanks PuzzleBreaker!#smw{:TUP:}
Ohhhhhh jeez, a Sans fight in SMW, possibly even harder?

Let's do this.
I have no idea how to clean a ROM.
Edit to the hack plot: Now the hack, instead of being just SMW with the original levels being made to play differently, I'm going to do a hack similar to EVW, only there won't be any custom enemies or tiles. I have several levels done already.
One is Pinball Machine, a pinball machine where you get as many lives as you can and fall into the bottom right corner to continue.
Another is A Bad Time, a dodging and presision level similar to the Sans fight in Undertale.
Finally, I have Castle In The Stars, where you bounce from small planet to planet to get inside a castle and unlock the way home.
A WIP is a treetop level. Don't know what the objective would be, though.
In order to beat the game, you would have to reach 100 Star Points and gain access to the secret area in the void, where you will have to defeat Bowser. I just need to figure out how to edit the Bowser fight without ASM.
It has been a few months since I last requested a song, but I was never done, so, can someone port Megalovania for me? That would be a great help to me for my most current hack!#smw{:TUP:}
I'm actually getting ready to make a Romhack for NAMCOMUSEUM for the GameCube, but I have no idea how to access the code of the rom. Can someone help me out with getting into the rom's code? It would be a great help!#smw{:TUP:}
Does anyone know how to access the code if NAMCOMUSEUM for the GameCube? I haven't found any tools or tutorials anywhere.
Alright then. I guess all I really need to ask now is if there's a way to port music to GameCube games, and then I'll be golden. #smw{:peace:}
I've been searching all over the internet for this: Is there an easy way to hack Namco Museum for the GameCube in any way? I really can't figure out how to access the rom's code, so it would be a great help if someone could tell me how to do this.
Not a single post in 3 months.
Oh well...
I like how that last post I made started an entire debate about the fight with Sans. At the moment, though, I'm working on a SMB style hack.
Wait, how about a Gaster fight in SMW? Glitched graphics could actually fit in for it.

On the other hand, I'll post a video showing what each tile set specific does in each tile set. Some make sprites float and others work like a oneway block downwards.
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