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Well, I could just use YYCHR to make some Wing Dings text for the battles. This fight could be chosen opposite to another battle with Uboa, maybe. In the final boss, they'd merge, if I decide that I'm not too lazy to do that.

Anyway, I could also hide bonus mini games in each world where (I'd use SMW Customizer to make the Splitting Chucks make more Splitting Chucks) you would go against an endless onslaught of Chucks in varying locations, getting as many points as you can. You automatically get a 1up every time you enter the level, since you can't beat it, and would in turn take the 1up back.

I'd would help me out a ton if someone could port over Dark Yet Darker for my hack.
What would you guys think about an Uboa fight?
I'm thinking of creating SMW-themed levels, each with its own gimmick or mechanic, and I'll call the series "Superstar Marathon." Each level would have a name similar to how the levels were named in the special world of SMW. I'll have "Fresh," "Heavy," "Far-out," "Radical," "Super-fly," "Wicked..."
All you'd need to do is change Mario's graphics.
I was trying to make a crash room (Including the fabled Dog), but for some reason, the ExGFX animation won't load correctly when emulated. It looks normal in Lunar Magic...
...but in ZSNES it looks like a garbled mess.
For some reason, the palette doesn't seem to be working, either. Can someone help me out with this?#smw{-_-}

modedit: don't stretch tables
You could change the sprite that shows instead of Yoshi's tongue so it looks normal, just don't use the entity that you got the graphics from in your hack at all.
Could someone port over this for me? It would work perfectly for the final boss...
Name: Dr. Plietha
Current job: Community service
Favorite things: Destruction of humanity, murder, socks and sandals

Mario has to deal with a spam-filled Mario Maker level
Can someone help me out with my Annoying Dog problem? I used ExAnimations to make a dancing dog crash room in my hack. In Lunar Magic, the dog looked perfect, but sun emulated, it looked like feet and Missingno had a baby, plus the palette wasn't working correctly. Can someone help me out with this?
1) You get to live as Touko, but you do such a crappy job at moderating your website that it becomes a cesspool of memes and dirty jokes.
2) You get to see her, but only while stalking her or in court for the way you stalked them for a whole week straight.
3) Okay, but everyone just posts spam and talks a freaking "MLG Swagster Gangster" the entire time the website stays intact.

1) I wish for the power to shapeshift into anything I want, for as long as I want, whenever I want.
2) I wish that I didn't need glasses anymore.
3) I wish that people would stop making sub-par levels all over the entirety of Super Mario Maker.

Can't wait to see what's going to happen to these..
The long-forgotten Gaster. Suddenly, everything around Dan is black and cold. No friends, no StayTrumpt, no pirates or Mettatons... or world. It's all gone. Dan then questions all his life choices, including the stale potato he had for lunch. Gaster then attacks at the protagonist with glitched-out...
So, what do we do now?
Personally, I'd think of making the levels in the final world gradually get more morbid and creepy as you progress, ending the game with a horrific boss...

Either that, or an out-of-bounds world where everything is glitched qnd you have to face against [email protected],?,!,'-$:&;@@)£~*][•|!|>~£_¥_•|¥|€£****************
1) Granted, but the levels get poorly rated and shot down by the entire community of SMWCentral.
2) Granted, but it's a cheater. Great job!
3) Granted, but only because they were the only two people to enter, and worldpeace had had one too many drinks while hacking.

1) I wish that we could use custom music in Super Mario Maker (without music note blocks!)
2) I wish that I knew the entirety of how to use ASM in SMW ROM hacks.
3) I wish that I was human.
Originally posted by the person above
(Oh and to whoever said Touko Lumina is male, she's female)

Sorry about that, but I got it fixed.

1) Granted, but Firefox crashes every time you try to use it.
2) Granted, but all the text is in Comic Sans.
3) Granted, but the bus is destroyed in the process and Microsoft sues the driver.

1) I wish that Windows Movie Maker had better options for editing MP4s.
2) I wish that I could never get full, food-wise.
3) I wish for an infinite amount of food.
1) Granted, but Kieran gets banned, too.
2) Sure, but they immediately make new accounts and resume with their crap.
3) Okay, but they fight with memes. Hope dos bois can stand overlods of Lennys and noscopes.

1) I wish you could insert straight-up MP3s into SMW. They've already done it with Sonic!
2) I wish for outstanding skills in working with Unity. I'm using it for an upcoming hack, as the final boss will be too big to fit into the actual game.
3) I wish that I could eat an infinite amount of food without any bodily modifications or addons or get any diseases and that I don't gain size, mass, or weight.
Here's a tip may people will be happy to hear:
If you want a certain Amiibo costume in your level but don't own the Amiibo, find a level online that uses the costume(s) you want. Download it and delete everything but the costume(s). Once this is done, you can build your level and use the mystery mushroom however you want! I'm not sure yet if you can upload levels that use this technique, so it's up to you guys to find out, unless I try to upload my level first. #smw{:peace:}
Well then, never mind about the tip, it's pretty much useless.
How do I insert code into SMW? I want to use the ASM for OW dividers, but I don't know how to insert the code. Any suggestions?
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