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Hey guys, I've created a series of six levels of Captain Toad, where you should not jump because Toad's backpack is too heavy. I appreciate and return the stars to those who can play. All levels, excepting the boss fight, are "one-screeners". Follow the codes below:

Level 1: 6484-0000-01C7-6C72
Level 2: 7BC6-0000-01C8-5078
Level 3: E766-0000-01C8-50DE
Level 4: DBD5-0000-01C8-5B2B
Level 5: 57CE-0000-01CB-4D84
Boss: DB4C-0000-01CD-95EE

Or if you prefer my bookmark:


Hey guys,

Here's a Captain Toad Level where you must not Jump.


Check my 1-Screen Captain Toad series with 6 levels too:

Level 1: 6484-0000-01C7-6C72
Level 2: 7BC6-0000-01C8-5078
Level 3: E766-0000-01C8-50DE
Level 4: DBD5-0000-01C8-5B2B
Level 5: 57CE-0000-01CB-4D84
Boss: DB4C-0000-01CD-95EE
Originally posted by Faxanadu
This is an excellent, fully realized concept. By changing the rules of Mario into Captain Toad you´ve created six very clever puzzle-platform levels. I really like that you´ve chosen different themes for every level, it keeps the feeling fresh. And they feel like playing a classic one-screen platformer and not a Super Mario-game, which is a feat in itself.

I only had one hiccup along the way: level 2 & 3 actually requires you to jump. In order to release a Bomb-Omb from the ?-block you must press the jump-button. I got stuck in those levels since they were named (No Jumps). Perhaps you should add a comment on those levels to avoid misunderstandings. Anyway, I completed the levels in the end and enjoyed them a lot!

The boss battle is a true masterpiece! Every one of the 3 floors have their own means of releasing the Bomb-Ombs, you really stretched the mechanics on this one! I spent a lot of lives on the boss, and it felt great to beat it! These levels are superb and I´ll definitely try some of your others too.

Thanks for your feedback man, I'm really glad you enjoyed this. I admit that those little jumps that are required were a little mistake, I could've thinked something else to do.
Now I hope Nintendo releases new making tools, so I can make a Season 2 of this series #tb{^V^}
Hi guys, this level is named after The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds game. Like in the game you will change between two worlds with Link too. I intend to extend the level in the future, so I can say this is a "Beta Version" 😁. So as a bonus I introduced a Zelda's music in the end.

Thanks for those who can play and let me know here, so I can play one of your levels too.

Thanks for your feedback.

I noticed that that window really annoys a bit, but I intend to change its design in next update.
Hope you all enjoy this level. There's a Zelda music in the end too.

Other player warned me about this lol.
Unfortunately it passed unnoticed by me =/
The Riddler (from Batman series) has locked you inside a Puzzle House. You need to solve his 4 Puzzles to unlock the 4 locks and defeat Edward Nigma once and for all !!!

Nice level, very classic.

In two or three occasions I was very lucky #tb{^V^}
Captain Toad Coin Tracker. In this level you must collect all 5 coins to open the door and finish it. Due to Toad's Backpack being so heavy, you can't Jump during the course. Just a tip: Checkpoint doesn't work after collecting all coins.Tks for playing =)

Originally posted by SuperLeaf
Why base your level off a game that sucks.

So people must only base their levels on games """YOU""" like ?
Link and The Chamber of Secrets.

Version 1.1
Bugs and issues corrected and level slightly extended. Help Link unveil the mystery Chamber of Secrets and explore its challenges.
Bonus: Zelda's Theme Song.

Thanks for playing and praising guys
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