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Very nice #smw{:TUP:} i love publish your games when your done im working on little hack nothing much
ROM HACKER Googie might be able to know pacnsacdave? join us
Id love publish your game if interested prolly be after new year
Pile of information left behind about the inner workings of the ROM. Game Boy- Super Mario Land 1
Looks good! retrostage has GB flash boards coming soon ... yea with there own programmer #w{=P} simply hook programmer up to PC stick board into programmer an flash any GB game ROM to it (depending on size of game) you can publish your own games! also have them for gens,nes,snes,n64 ....anyways keep up flow good work
I would love test this game out on a real cart an possibly publish it if i where make them think i could get permission carts are on me heres spoiler dont tell anybody #wario{>:|}
I Was going test out some N64 hacks on real PCB'S in month or so #tb{:p} Was wondering if anybody be interesting in myby helping if they wanted too
Thanks for info extra ram that is 4MB not 8MB (the N64 has 4MB to start with so the Expansion adds another 4MB making the console use a total of 8MB) the extra Ram is only accessed if instructed to do so, while alot of hacks work anyway on the N64 some don't because the rom was expanded and the console can't load all the data even with the extra ram
BPS ...patch USA version SFC file ifs its IPS patch USA version SMC file if patch IPS to SFC wont work
I didt know you but i know you had people who care for you Happy Birthday eXcavator RIP
Is there link or tutorial for them files
Sorry thought ment archive i thought had install GFX an tilemap manually in LM thank you so much sorry bout that
Will hit you up later an tell you how can make you own :P
Retrostage has flash PCB for NES,SNES,GAMEBOY,N64,SEGA coming soon with programmer so can program boards :) now dont have to have any skills to make you own game :)
Memory address remapping is needed. i got new PCB/programmer where gonna test some games out these PCB are 512mb 64mb boards also have smaller PCB's anyone want help? first game will be 64mb zelda
Does use SA=1 Chip? might be it i can take look at it see i can get to work on real system
Blind Devil says above EDIT2: After extensive testing, it's been brought up that VWF Dialogues isn't compatible with the SNES console at all. And as I'm unable to spot the problem to fix it myself, plus I have no console for quick testing purposes, the planned update is unlikely to happen.
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