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...I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse, but I can say I am that kind of person that hardly cries for something that doesn't have real consequences in the real life. But there are some moments that genuinely made my skin chill. I also have noticed a patron: these moments belongs to series/videogames that I deeply care about, so we can say that's the key for making me feel such emotions. The list is:

-Adventure Time's I remember you: Not only the melody and the song in general is good to hear, but also all the context and meaning behind it makes this one of the most relatable and understandable moment in the whole show.

-Ad. Time's Astral plane and The comet: the funny thing is that I can't genuinely say why I love so much those episodes, but I just consider they beautiful.

-Steven Universe's Bismuth: The final climax, begin more presice. The funny thing is: 1-No other scene in the whole show has made me chills and 2- The reasons why this scene did are totally diferent of the typical "my feelz": The whole context of the situation, the moral conversation that the show was doing with us, and the general meaning of the scene made me think "Is this REALLY a 11-min childreens cartoon? If it is, we're got pretty far. I'm proud. I'm really proud".

-Super Mario World's ending: Ahhh those trumpets... really,I can't finish this game and hear this song without feeling so confortable... But in a way that makes me -almost- cry. It makes me feel so greateful with life...
I remember being scared by a pink paint with a tigger's face in the house of a neighbor. I also remember asking my mother if the paint would someway being alive and attack me...
The mad piano from Super Mario 64 so I can fool my family/friends with that evil litle bastard.
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