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What makes the camera snap to a plataform?
It depends of the level or of an specific platform?
Or maybe it has something to do with what are above...?
Can someone that really understand the camera in SMW help me?
So originally there's no way to make an section that has platform snap and another that don't, right?
Not really want to change the behaviour, I just want to understand it.
There's not much about how these things work on the internet...

I've already recreated the horizontal scrolling, now I'm trying to remake the vertical scrolling, but, make it better too, so it will not depend of a manual setting "allow vertical scrolling" for each map.

I'm planning to recreate Super Mario World, with HD hand-drawn graphics, co-op, map editing tools and mod support.
Something like Super Mario Maker, but closer to the original feel and with a lot more features.

So, if you guys know something that could help me, leave a reply!
leod, I don't think SMW camera works this way...
Because of this video:

I shows that the camera has multiple behaviours, but don't tell if it depends of the level or something else.
(as you said, I already thought in detect if there's something above that you can reach to snap to the plataform if you land in it, but maybe there's a better way)
ninja boy, when you jump at full speed, the camera follows you vertically, BUT, when you stand on top of a platform after full speed jump, unleashing the snap to the bottom of the screen, you enter in "snap to platform" mode, and you can see it clearly when you jump at maximum height, some pixels above the platform, and the camera doesn't move until you hit the ground. Entering this mode, you won't exit it until you get closer to the bottom of the screen to snap to the bottom.

So, it looks like when you start a level in this mode, and not locked to the bottom, it means the behaviour is defined by some config for the specific level.
You can see clearly how differently stage 1 and 2 behaves.

To prove it, I've added some platforms to the first level to look like something from the second level, it should behave the same way if you're corrent, but... (Links fixed, had a problem with youtube)

Another way to prove, is to make Mario jump higher, look:

Both levels has the same height, but a lot move things are in the top of the level 2, so, it could means that the player don't start "snapped to the bottom" but in "snap to platform" when the level starts IF the top of the level has a lot of things, but I don't think that they thought of this back then...
So, it's problably every level has the camera configured diferently. OR EVEN, it CAN be defined by the background / theme of the level, I've just thought of this.
Yeah yeah, as I said, it's a config.
Look at the videos in my previous reply, I've fixed the links.
As you see in the second video, I've make Mario jumps higher, and the camera doesn't move until he hits the platform, so it's proved that EXISTS some "snap to platform" IF vertical scrolling is on or if you fast jump on a platform to release the camera from the bottom.

But you see, that's the awnser I was expecting, TheBiob, you said what makes the camera start free from the bottom lock: Vertical Scroll ON.
Now I know that there's 3 vertical scrolling modes (excluding auto scroll) that is set by the level configs.
Yeah, I see, testing with the higher jump, it really doesn't snap to the platform itself, but the camera moviment is triggered by the hit in the platform and if you jump right after you hit it, the camera still follows Mario bypassing the platform.

It could explain the camera bug in level 118, that is set to "unless Flying/Climbing/Etc", so if you hit the lowest part of the level, the camera doesn't follow you back to the top of the slope.

So, looks like I've learned something today :D
Hi, I'm trying to recreate Super Mario World engine as close as possible, I found out how the collision detectors layout from SMW looks with an LUA Script ("SMW-TAS"), now I'm curious:
How exactly it detects slopes and it's angles and how it manages to position the player in the right place?

Hi, I hope I can post this here...

I'm developing a full remake of SMW (basically an easier way to make "rom hacks" for people that don't know anything about coding), but I also have plans on adding everything from YI, since YI is basically a SMW updated engine, I would like to know how the slopes work in it...

I found that it has references to slope angles, so what's exactly the math to find the Y position on a slope?
Also, does it need slope corners to not fall through like SMW?

I also read some years ago that SMW had all slope tiles pre-calculated, like a table where it can find the Y position for each X position on a slope tile, and the corner is important to not fall through pushing it to the top (I suppose it only works when you are coming from ground or slope, because jumping through it doesn't do anything... So probably "future position" to check it..?)
Is this true? How does it compare with YI?

Could someone please help me figure out how slopes work so I can recreate it in a faithful way?
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FuurioBR's Profile - Posts by FuurioBR

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