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I'm going to go ahead and assume it's because it took four weeks to go through said 'half the list'.
What about that bit in one of the Mario Infinities where you 'fall' so far in the sky that everything becomes glitched, like a parody of what happens if you make your level too tall. I though that was pretty nifty, and it looks really odd, except it was a good 'odd', and it worked in context.
Originally posted by shdwdrgnix
in luigi'adventure

there is a red dotted level in world 9 that I can't find the secret exit

and how do I pass the baloon area in the level before bowser's front door.

I don't know which one of the two exits you don't have so...

How to get to the rope part

Beating the rope part, and the other path

Hope this helps!
Originally posted by shdwdrgnix
I need the exit that takes me to the fortress and avideo will not help me because of my internet speed,it takes forever to load.

You see, it's kinda hard to explain using words.

Essentially, what you have to do is.... You know that bit with all the little rooms and a whole lot of on/off switches? There's a whole lot super koopas flying around? There are three 'corridors' out of that section on the right: the bottom one leads to the exit that goes to the airships, the middle one leads to a mushroom, and the top one leads to the exit that goes to the fortress.

This is where you want to end up, essentially.
Originally posted by D. Engrish

sorry i don't agree: vip mario 4 has too many bad palettes ans is kaizoish D:

Having played the game extensively, I don't really know what you're talking about in either accounts. There ARE levels that are pretty hard in the endgame, but it's more on part with Super Mario Infinity 2 then Kaizo.

edit - HOWEVER, I think, from my understanding, that Vipper and crew don't want the VIPs to be rehosted other then on their site? There's a big red tag on the latter hack's download page about not redistributing the ISP.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Hey raocow!

Actually, Vipper uploaded them here a while ago (November or something?) and then vanished, so I'm assuming he didn't have a problem with them being here. When the hacks were wiped in May, they were reuploaded shortly after.

Ah, I did not know that!

Well then, I just wanted to make sure everything was fine!
At least Vip4 has a unique 'thing' to every level, unlike a lot of hacks. You have to admit the creativity is mostly pretty freaking high!
I know Anikiti worked on some levels in VIP1 and/or 2 (saw his name in the credits).

Otherwise, a lot of the levels are by 2ch users, and thus 'anonymous'.
Originally posted by shdwdrgnix

@ Raocow when you get to the poison ghost house in vip 2
(in your youtube videos), will you try and do it without cheats this time?

Probably, yeah.

I think part of the problem is that the hack removal log is seen as this big old 'lookit here there be the stuff you don't want to do!'

As such it is seen as a comprehensive list of stuff you should avoid to do while making a hack - fair enough.

Now, I'm all for picking out little faults and joking around, but the way these are presented the faults and jokes are shown at the same 'level' of error as genuine faults, and I do believe this leads to confusion. Like I said, humour is good, but at the same time it makes it harder for people too seperate what is important and what is not! The last few Riko guest removal log all egged against Iggy - you have to admit it's easy for someone not used to the place to think 'Oh, so I'm not allowed to have Iggy in my hack at all'.

Just a few more cents thrown in the pot, but yeah.
Originally posted by shdwdrgnix
Get the secret exits you are missing in world 1 and world 2

And it's not obvious to find or know, but the star zone exit in world 2 is contained in the storage room with the falling yoshi and crazy timer.
Let it be known that I have "quit forever" for... I think this is the fifth time?

Just sayin' :D
Originally posted by jesus

@ raocow, are we still on for the custom level thing? i made a LM tutorial for you like i said i would, but i am having some major desync problems. mabey you could help me out with that seeing as you record this kind of stuff all the time :P.

You'll have to tell me what you use / what are your recording settings for me to be able to help you there!
Let it be known that the level made was for the 'hard level compilation' -- if I where to make an actual hack I'd be a little more leniant! I tried to make it fun too, and I think I successed for the most part, but, well, yeah.
Woah, where did you see of my level?

And also: Honestly I don't know... I'm really minded in going through the whole VIP series, but that will take a while - I don't know if it'd be too jarring to switch between the two or what.
Originally posted by Dagx
Y'know raocow I don't think this would work so well for you to LP. These levels are very time consuming and precise. You can if you want but honestly I don't feel like watching you hit the load state button over and over again.

You're way too classy for LPs like this ;)

Tell that to jesus! He keeps trying to egg me on into LPing this thing!
Once the thing is released, I'll probably put a link to the hack in the 'Challenge' thread in the Let's Play subforum on Something Awful.
Originally posted by Sind
Sorry for not having done anything in a while.

It's just that I've been extremely busy lately. I'm not even sure if I can continue with this D=

I might be going to work on it again once Jesus sends me the final compiled version of the hack, and maybe a bit in the meantime.


Okay, I don't want to be rude or anything, and I don't know how you guys work here in SMWCentral, but if you don't think you'll be able to work on this, why not upfront say it so we can work out an alternative?

I mean, how long must we wait to know if you MIGHT have worked on it?
Question: how many of you are familiar with 'Super Mario Tabarnak'
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