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Because it's common knowledge that the hack is unfinished and even raocow didn't enjoy it all that much

I mean it got picked up in 2016 and now it's finished more or less.

Is it on SMW Central or another website?

Version released last C3. There's also link to Talkhause thread where you probably can find newer versions (again I can't check, talkhause doesn't works for me)

She's sweet. Not literally, i tried to lick her, she didn't like it. Me neither. - Russ, 2019

Originally posted by Deeke
• Pseudo-powerup Block: Waterwalking Boots
I'd like to make all water in my hack act like this tile: the gist is that if a certain bonus level isn't beaten, it is normal water. However, beating this level will make the player "equip" these boots, and make the water act like tile 105 when ran on at top speed.
Optionally, the water can create smoke/splashes and make a sound effect while running (the Swooper sfx, $26 1DFC, seems to work very well)

Your request sounds too specific, remember - all fulfilled requests will be available for everyone, it should be something for general use, not something for just your hack.
Nothing prevents you from replacing code that makes block acts like X with custom block code, assuming you have what you need, specifically, replace these lines:

LDY.b #!BlockNum>>8	;\ 
LDA.b #!BlockNum	;| Make this block act like another block
STA $1693|!addr		;/

With some custom block code.

Originally posted by Hamtaro126
Request name: SMW Key Disassembly or Replica

Type: PIXI sprite

Description: Disassembly of Sprite $80, the Key, for carrying to a Lock sprite to activate a alternate goal event,

Should also include proper Graphics routine for easier editing.

Resources: SMWDisC, Tiles are already in the ROM...

Here you go!

She's sweet. Not literally, i tried to lick her, she didn't like it. Me neither. - Russ, 2019

I won the most underrated trophy again... though I didn't expected that. But that's fine for me. Congratulations to other winners as well!!!
I'll make a salad and after that stay lazy untill it's the end of the day.

She's sweet. Not literally, i tried to lick her, she didn't like it. Me neither. - Russ, 2019

File Name: Customizable Reznor
Submitted: by KKevinM
Authors: KKevinM
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: This is a custom Reznor sprite based on yoshicookiezeus's disassembly (original credit goes to him). I modified it to allow easy customizations of the Reznor boss fight, which include:
1) Edit the number of Reznors (up to 8);
2) Edit the position and radius of the circle;
3) Edit their rotation speed and direction;
4) Edit their fireball shooting behaviour (or remove it altogether);
5) Set that you can stop them from moving while a certain switch is active;
6) Set that the circle radius changes back and forth between two values;
7) Set the HP of each Reznor, so that they have to be hit more than once to be killed;
8) Set that Reznors can be damaged by thrown sprites (shells, keys, throw blocks...);
9) Set that when every Reznor is killed, a door spawns instead of the level ending (for a boss rush?);
10) Other miscellaneous stuff such as skipping the bridge breaking routine or the death animation.

All information can be found in the asm file. To customize Reznor you can change the defines at the beginning of the code, and each of them includes a detailed description of what it does.

- Update: now it spawns a puff of smoke when killed with !QuickKill = 1 (to have a visual effect).
- Update: now you can set that when Mario kills a Reznor, the rotating platform below him disappears.
- Update: added the stuff described in 8) and 9) and added a screenshot to show them.