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Alright, I've been working on a hack (which is actually going quite smoothly, and I might even finish it) and I wanted to add some custom backgrounds for extra visual flair and themes. However, I am confused on how to load those into a level using Super GFX Bypass. There are three slots that I could fill in: BG1, BG2, and BG3. For my level, BG1 is currently set to 19. BG2 and BG3 however are set to 7F. I can assume that 7F means to skip since in the same window it states (set to 0x7F to skip). I have already inserted the ExGFX into my rom, and inserting the palette completely destroys my level (as in destroy, I mean that my foreground becomes a McDonald color scheme and every other color is mismatched.)

Here is the background:

It also came with two ExGFX files, but im not sure if that means anything.

PS: I've tested if changing the BG2 and BG3 to the respective ExGFX file label (AKA the ExGFX file was named ExGFX100, and the other one was named ExGFX101. Changing BG2 and BG3 to these numbers did nothing.)

So, I was able to move the palette for the sky down to the bottom row which I think is used for Dino-Rinos (None of which are in my level thankfully.)

However, the palette for the background takes up the entire row. How should I write the X and Y axis?

Row: 15

(EDIT: I think I did it backwards. welp. I re-did everything and I've done all that you have told me to do, except the final step because it seemed vague. Which box do I type it in? Because every attempt ends in a parse error with differing values. If anyone can help me here, I would cry tears of joy.)

Sorry, I was so confused earlier. Thanks for the video, It cleared everything up.

And now everything works! Besides the line guided platforms, as the palette I choose for the sky overwrote those. But that's alright, I'll come up with a better gimmick for this level!

Thank you so much, Berkay!

Once again, i'm asking for help. I wanted to add the classic piranha plant in one of my stages, and I have done all the steps needed. I made the ExGFX that replaced the flopping cheep cheep with the vine, and added the needed colors to the piranha palette, but something is wrong...

In Lunar Magic, it displays correctly:

But in-game, it appears like a rope is attached instead of a vine:

I think it should be a simple fix, but it kinda baffles me how Lunar Magic is reading it normally while the ROM is messed up.

I used this tutorial:

But, I also patched it with PPFPF (Piranha Plant Fix Patch Fix)

Also, my palette is different than in the video. I shifted it slightly to the left as one of the ExGFX files i'm using on the stage which I want to add Piranha Plants uses the right side of that row. However, the palette has nothing to do with this issue, If i'm correct, because its not the colors that are incorrect, rather the tiles.

If anyone can help, I will be eternally grateful.

(PS: I'm sure I played a SMW hack with this same problem...)

Two steps forward, one step back. I changed those two values to the value you told me to change them to.

Well, It's a vine now. But NOW the palette messes up on me. Its completely black. I've been looking in YY CHR and the colors are fine in the ExGFX file. And as always it shows up perfectly fine in Lunar Magic. No need to show you the screenshot, its the same as the last.

Here it is:

I'm out of leads. Here's a picture of my palette, it might be important:

The part of the row that is circled in red are the colors that should be in use.

Thanks Erik! All is well now.

Another noob question from Simsam. Well, at least I haven't given up already.

Alright, I want to replace turn blocks with an SMB1/3 Brick Block. I'm not looking to have both at the same time, but I'd still like to be able to break brick blocks from above with a spin jump (With a super-mushroom)

So, I've already replaced the graphics for the turnblocks:

And now I just need to apply this thing with GPS:

However, I am extremely lost on how to insert my block--
While making this thread (I was testing stuff to see if it worked or something I guess) I put my .asm patch for the block in the routines folder. Apperently, it... Worked? Is that what i'm supposed to do?--

Another update-- a bad checksum. Looks like that WASN'T what I was supposed to do. If someone could explain to me how GPS works, that would save my life. I know it has something to do with the list.txt and not the routines folder, but otherwise, I need help.

Are you saying that I shouldn't use the brickv13.asm block patch or use both the brickv13.asm and the Custom Bounce Blocks patch? I'll edit this post with the stuff I've been doing-- a video of it, which should allow you to discover my terrible mistakes.

EDIT: Also, isn't the first number where you want it to appear on your roms Map16? Like, I want the brickv13.asm to appear on tile 292, but its not working. I listed it like this:

292:025 brickv13.asm

I think what would actually help me here would be some kind of video to guide me. I've looked for some but they all used BTSD which I know is outdated.

Sorry, I did read your post. It seems like everything is actually working now. I was so dim-witted that I didn't notice that the tile in the 292 slot actually did have different properties. Forgive me. All I need to do now is just change the graphics.

Thanks for your help. If I seemed ignorant, sorry, I was just trying everything and lost track of what I was supposed to do.

EDIT: While Inserting the SMB3Brick.asm, this error appeared:

An error has been detected:
blocks/SMB3Brick.asm:337: error: Unknown macro [%shatter_block_1()]

I read over the instructions in the readme for the Custom Bounce Blocks, but I'm pretty sure i've done everything. This is also the version of the ROM I backed up, so everything should be fine.

Image of error:

*just noticed that my name was in there lol*

Outstanding! It all works now! You're the best! Sorry for acting so dumb earlier, I think I'm starting to understand all of this now.

The Koopa graphics in the snow level are from that canceled Mario game which I have now forgotten its name, but they were ripped/sprited(?) by Dan and Link901. The link to the GFX? Got it right 'ere:

(And it's called Super Mario's Wacky World apparently.)


Just a teaser screen shot of World 5. Its going to based around different types of weather and every level will have a different type, such as cloudiness, rain, extreme heat, and extreme cold just to name a few. As you can see, the screen shot is of a level themed around clouds. The entire level is complete, but I'll just leave you with this one screen shot for now.

Heyo! I've got a bit of a problem. I applied this sprite to my ROM using Sprite Tool 1.41 in order to use lightning in one of my stormy levels. The sound plays fine, and plays multiple times and sounds completely normal, but the background does not display any animation whatsoever. My level uses layer 2 for rain, and layer 3 for clouds. The background is pure black (because I was testing to see what would work), although I had it as a very dark blue before. I have a status bar patch as well, but I dont think that would affect that.

Here's the sprite:

I inserted it correctly, and it all went smoothly. Perhaps my tool was out-dated (as far as I know) but the patch was released in 2007, so that shouldn't be a big deal. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I can send screenshots and video if I have to.

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Simsam's Profile - Posts by Simsam

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