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I tend to balance myself between socializing online to real life. My personality is not so different from real-life.

I'm more honest to other people online and that I'm less shy to socialize with other people.

Overall, I'm a nice, creative, weird person in both online and real life.


For me, it all started when I was browsing YouTube videos for current movie reviews and gaming news.

I got bored and searched for some let's plays to watch for awhile, then I stumbled upon some users who were showing some game-play of custom-made Super Mario World games. I watched a few videos then I thought "They look cool, I should play those games"

Soon, I saw the SMWCentral site link from a user's detailed comment on how he likes the let's play videos of a popular YouTuber who plays and reviews SMW hacks.

I followed the link and now here I am!


I'm kinda excited about this game. I don't know what to expect when it does come out for the NX console.

I like that fact that you can speedrun this game, Link can finally jump independently with a press of a button, and that the ruined world of Hyrule is massive meaning lots of places to explore!


Since I somehow like snakes, I would want to be a Snake.

A non-venomous snake because people would see me more likable if I have no venom built in me. #tb{:)}


Here's some random facts about me:

-I have Autism and within the "Mild" spectrum.
-I'm surprisingly an expert at playing Tetris, I don't know how I'm good at that game but I think Autism got me good at Tetris.
-My favorite animals are Snakes, I saw videos on how snakes are not all that bad and some can be cute.
-I do like some good old-fashioned Anime but I try to avoid the "weird anime"
-I like Steam, and I don't like UPlay or Origin.
-I really like to customize how my computer looks. From Cursors to Icons to any other stuff, I love to make things unique!
-I used to have a girlfriend but we mutually broke up because we both prefer to be best friends instead of getting to far in.
-I'm not good at math or even mental math, but I like science and history.
-Currently, I'm learning how to code, so far I figured out how to customize the post header and footer for this site.
-I use SNESGT, ZNES, SNES9x so I can see which hacks I play work in any of them.
-The first game I ever played was "Super Mario World"#smw{:peace:}


I'm usually around in SMW Central for about 1-2 hours.


I wouldn't be surprised if the reason "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!" was pulled from TV and YouTube videos was because of that one super weird Tiff scene.

I saw that episode scene before in live TV and I was like "Is this okay for kids to watch?! That's messed up bro!"


My birthday is on November 2nd and that I'm 23 yrs old #tb{:D}




I have eaten boiled and deviled eggs before. When I do smell them, they do smell kinda weird but I never knew they could smell like sulfur.

Honestly, I don't think it smells like sulfur but I do use pepper to add flavor when eating eggs, so maybe they do smell like that if you don't use seasoning on them.


I used to use Firefox as my main browser but after a few issues with it, I decided to move to Chrome, which somehow it feels a better browser to me.

I did came across Vivaldi, the new browser that's starting to make a mark in being one of the big browsers. I used it for a bit and it was okay but still felt weird, at the same time cool to use.

Right now, I'm using Chrome and Vivaldi.


What is the very first video game and/or console that you ever have played in your lifetime?

I'll start with my post:

My parents bought me the Super Nintendo when I was 6 years old, thus making it my first video game console I've gotten.

My first video game I've played was "Super Mario World" since it came with the console and I was amazed when I first played it!#tb{^V^}


Since I like to customize a lot, I would want to be a Web Designer or something like that.


When I first heard of the new reboot of the Powerpuff Girls, I thought they were gonna bring back the good-old days when it first air a long time ago.

I'm gonna rant so bare with me, this is my opinion:

When I watched a few episodes and saw memes, live-TV graphic mistakes, political correctness episodes, and lack of the classic super villains that the girls fight, I got angry.

I calmed down to give it a chance at being a "modern-type" of the show but when I heard/saw these two I listed, I just quit watching it:

-Ms. Bellum being permanently cut-out of the show after one episode announcing her 1000-days vacation thing, I think.

-Seeing Blossom and Bubbles and a pseudo-version of Panda twerking their butts off.

This show got way to "modern" with the world, it should stayed with it's classic roots many years ago.

This rebooted show sucks bad and making the girls and Panda twerk is horrible too.


When I was little, finding out that video games can also have TV shows too!#tb{:D}


I think the game "Notrium" is an indie game, on top of that I even heard it's scary too. I've seen comments on Steam saying that it's the first game ever to define what a "Rouge-Survival-Horror" game is all about.

A new game called "StarBreak" is an indie game on Steam too that's inspired by the Metal Slug and Contra games. I don't know much about that game but I heard it's fun, tough and you shoot a lot.#tb{:D}


Originally posted by Leomon
Can I slap you two across the face over the internet or would that be considered "infringing your ~free speech~"

I figured something like this would happen if I mentioned the sentence "Political Correctness". Gotta be careful what you type these days.

I'm not mad and I'm not gonna complain about it but I'll say this:

Leomon, to answer the first part, yes you can slap me for saying that because yeah I'm honestly sorry, I should of kept that part to myself and I guess I was being "insensitive" at the time.

Now, to answer your second part Leomon, no your not infringing my ~free speech~.

Originally posted by Leomon
Reboot's still garbage tho

I totally agree, the reboot is garbage.


If Nintendo didn't existed, the video game market would be dying or something like that and other future video games wouldn't be as good since they don't have to compete against Nintendo games.

On top of all that, my view of video gaming would been very different.#tb{:(}


My question is:

"Is the maximum amount of userbars you can place up is still three?"

People told me that it's okay to add up to five userbars these days, as long as they are not very distracting or violate other rules.

I'm sticking with three or four userbars for now, just in case.


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Atomicatoms' Profile - Posts by Atomicatoms

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